Why America Needs an “NPR” for the Internet

America needs to decide who’ll control their personal information on the Internet of Things. Will it be our government, with the likes of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar? Or commercially, with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg? Or should we take the same approach we did with Television and Radio, with a veteran based non-profit – administered by a board of directors and volunteers. Personally, I like the idea of a nonprofit, as long as there are NO retired generals on the board. They are busy destroying our country with the Military Industrial Complex anyway and don’t have the time. The fact they are the ones we’re largely protecting America from should be pointed out.

The 1967 Public Broadcasting Act understood the threat posed by undue corporate or government influence on American citizens, and thus created the Corporation for Public Broadcasting & National Public Radio.

Here we are now nearly 40-years since computers began entering our homes and nothing has been done to address what most everyone worldwide recognizes as a very real and present threat to humanity… UNTIL NOW!

We have registered a Florida Corporation and are filing for IRS 501(c)19 (if you’re going to do it, why not do it with cheap liquor?) and are working on our first office, which we hope to have very shortly. I’m holding off for a few more days posting the name or website until we finish a few more forms.

From there we’ll be launching our social media collaboration portal, complete with “virtual posts” setup nationwide and overseas. From these virtual posts we will build physical posts, much like the VFW, only without all the smoke and lottery tickets, because much as I love the VFW, and have been a proud member for several years, I believe a veteran based nonprofit can be more than that.

Physical posts will educate veterans, their families and all qualifying members on how to safely use the internet and computers. What makes our nonprofit so unique is that each post will also be a 5-petabyte, highly secure data center. As our posts and membership grows, we connect each post like the spokes in a wheel, eventually creating the largest, most secure data center on the planet.

To give you an idea, most estimates place the combined data storage of ALL the big data players, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube… and you get about 1200-petabytes of total storage.

To give you an idea of the scope we’re talking about here, if each of the 6000 VFW Posts were to host a 5-petabyte secure data center, you’d have a massive, highly redundant (HA) data center of about 30,000 petabytes. Again, all of the big players have an estimated total of 1200. And when I say secure, remember, it’s largely run by volunteers, and WILL have an armory in each post as just one example of many security protocols.

This is enough storage space for every university, non-commercial media, financial cooperative, church, hospital, local and state government… Many times over!

It is literally the solution to almost every privacy and social network issue that leads every daily headline, and it also has cheap beer! You’re welcome 🙂 There will always be rules that people will have to follow when using social media. Just a few days ago Twitter modified their data use rules for your personal information, for example. Another example is with your first amendment rights of speech, and again, I don’t think YouTube, Facebook or other corporations are looking out for your best interest. A non-profit board solves this, not perfectly, as nothing ever will when it comes to what you can and can’t post, but it’s a hell of a lot better than our current alternative.

More information to come soon. Website is close to production!


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