New Fake News Low – WAPO & Pasco Times “Journalists” Cover-Up Federal Investigation of Pedophile with Top-Secret Clearance.

Ironic picture of Russian snowflake tattoo on Patrick Bergy’s arm since 2013. Can’t get anything past those WAPO journalists. LoL

Written by Patrick Bergy – September 30, 2018.

If you weren’t sure the fake news media had infected the once honor and integrity of your local community content, you should read this.

After working for the military and as a defense contractor for the last decade, a guy comes to the local press in New Port Richey, and other larger media outlets throughout the Tampa Bay region. This guy has well documented evidence claiming he pioneered social media psychological warfare for the Department of Defense from 2007-2010. His claims included the fact he was working for a small, family owned military contracting company that was owned by Gen. James Jones, the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, and Obama’s National Security Advisor.

Patrick Bergy; Yes, this guy is claiming he developed, and battlefield tested, pioneering steps in defense department social media psychological warfare applications – for Obama, while Obama’s National Security Advisor was profiting millions from this and other department of defense contracts.

This guy (me) then goes on to tell all the media, both nationally and local, that the company he developed this technology for was made commercially available. The technology was easily capable of altering the outcome of any size country’s presidential or even local elections, for a fraction of the cost of traditional, ethical campaigns.

Patrick Bergy; Keep in mind, the “ShadowNet”, as it was named, provided the same information operations capabilities as those (actually better and likely more covert) the FBI just indicted the 13 Russian’s for. Fake persona’s, complete anonymity and the ability to make yourself look like you were coming from anywhere – anywhere (yes, anywhere would include the Kremlin) you want.

Google “Way-Back Machine” screen capture of Paul Manafort corporate site; 2008.

This is an un-paralleled capability I can only assume the Russian’s have only perfected. Oh, and did I mention the company I did this for, Dynology, was listed on Paul Manafort’s corporate website, 3EDC in 2008 as his #1 preferred partner? Did I mention the ShadowNet was perfectly designed to do EXACTLY what Paul Manafort is accused of doing in the 2010 Ukrainian elections? 

With all of what I just told you, are you a little surprised that every media outlet in the country, from FOX News, Washington Post, all Tampa Newspapers (including the Pasco Times), WMNF public radio… The list is likely over 100 journalists that were completely aware of my claims, but almost nobody would report a thing. The one local media outlet I’ve somehow failed to tell my story is our local CBS affiliate, 10 News @10newswtsp. I’m sending them my information but doubt I will have any better luck breaking through the fake news firewall on social media. 

One person that did listen to me was Capt. Matt, a local AM radio broadcaster in Tampa Bay. In my interview with Capt. Matt, 3 months before the 2016 presidential elections, I was warning everyone about what Russia, China, and threat actors within the U.S. at the highest levels of our government were actively using clandestine, social media psychological warfare to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential elections. I believe I also mentioned it was used to influence the Michael Brown riots in the interview, but if I hadn’t then, I had since I detected it and wrote about it in 2014 during the riots. I believe the goal of the clandestine Michael Brown PSYOP information operation was to launch the Black Lives Matters movement. Everything I claimed in 2014 was verified and fully supported in congressional testimony in 2017 by Facebook, so before you try to label this guy as a conspiracy nut, please explain the documented evidence of his claims, and the fact EVERYTHING he was trying to warn America about, has been all anyone in the media has written about for the last two years. My interview begins at 3 hours, 22 minutes into the link provided here.  Capt. Matt Interview 

So how do you think this guy (me) that tried to warn everyone but was silenced by the MSM, views their actions since the 2016 election? You can only imagine the level of hypocrisy I feel. These so called “journalists”, many as president Trump has publicly stated were on the payroll of private military contracting companies – WHICH I FULLY BELIEVE WHEN HE SAYS THAT, AND SO SHOULD YOU!!! control everything your see and hear. We have collectively agreed as these people to be authoritative sources of information. Sadly, the time of journalism, even at the local level, of the highest honor and integrity, like those I witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been irreparably damaged by these fake news scoundrels, often paid, placing their company before country. Please explain to me how a guy with all this information, well documented and wearing a tattoo of a Russian snowflake on his shoulder, for goodness sake, is not news worthy of public dissemination at even the community level?

That wasn’t enough to show these guys are fake news? Please explain to me how a guy that ran for Supervisor of Elections office for Pasco County in 2004, enlists in the Army at the age of 39 in 2005, goes into military contracting after that and writes a book.  A chapter in this book that claims an official report submitted by the information assurance security officer that uncovered an older male contractor, with a Top-Secret security clearance downloading porn of underage boys having sex with old men on a government laptop.

Patrick Bergy; This chapter in my book was then read by someone and reported to federal investigators. The federal investigators open an investigation into this claim, and I made an official, under oath, go to jail if you lie report.

This report was verified by investigators, but federal investigators won’t release any information regarding the case, not even to me, after over a year. So, I ask the same reporter in Pasco County if he’ll look into this last week, and even gave him a copy of my book, but I get nothing but crickets. WAPO has covered up this story for over a year!

I figured out why the crickets when the “journalist” from the Pasco Times, C.T. Bowen @ctbowen2 referred me to his colleague to do a story about the ShadowNet. His colleague , Rowan Scarborough @RoScarborough was from the Washington Post, and a couple “journalists” from WAPO wasted a couple weeks of my time. Although they verified my claims and didn’t question any of the documentation I provided, WAPO’s @washingtonpost Craig Timburg, claimed they didn’t have the time or resources to commit to my story. That same day the headline on WAPO was of completely unsubstantiated claims made by a woman that apparently was offended by Trump 40 years ago, but never reported it. This filth of humanity will print completely unsubstantiated claims by a woman from 40 years ago, but won’t cover a story involving the cover-up of a pedophile working for Petraeus in Iraq with a Top-Secret clearance? A claim made under oath and penalty of perjury!

With all of the Russian social media warfare hysteria in the media for the last two years, a tattoo of a Russian snowflake on the shoulder of the guy that pioneered social media psychological warfare for Obama’s department of defense, it simply adds mindboggling irony to this story even I can’t explain. Timburg flat out asked me how this tied president Trump to Russian collusion, but all I could show was a direct connection to never Trump republican’s and the “ShadowNet” which was massively expanded by Obama, and likely being used commercially by the DNC and Obama today. This is why I have started a campaign to get all candidates, from any political flavor, to take the #BanTheShadowNet pledge. When president Obama claimed he had no idea the Russians would have used social media information operations, I consider him as being dishonest, at best. I don’t have direct evidence showing Obama used a “ShadowNet” type PSYOP tool to influence democrats, but the fact he massively expanded the program is enough for me to know he understands its power, and at relatively a fraction of the cost for a traditional campaign. Such temptation is too powerful for me not to assume they are using it. Again, this was somehow not considered newsworthy by the Washington Post. I haven’t met a single person I’ve told this story to that agrees with the Washington Posts decision not to let the public know. Don’t get me wrong, FOX News is no better, only difference is that FOX News never replied, or simply told me to get lost when I showed up at their walled-off fourth estate in Tampa. I would consider FOX less complicit and more incompetent in their ability to hear from the public. 

Think of these low-life journalists that would protect a child molester because it doesn’t fit with their anti-Trump narrative, most of which is tearing our country apart for profit, and likely a smidgen of Trump Derangement Syndrome thrown in for good measure. What has broken in them to so quickly discard their honor and integrity. I bet not one of these cowards will even respond, oh, unless they got a bunch of negative feedback from others reading this. If they question anything I’m saying, I will provide immediate evidence of their actions. They will continue to hide behind the walls surrounding their little “fourth estate” to effectively silence any truth that doesn’t fit their narrative, while at the same time scolding president Trump for wanting to protect our country with a border wall. 

I have many more examples that should infuriate what journalists may possibly still exist with any morals, honor or integrity, but will save one of my favorites for a future post. I truly believe one of these days enough people will read my claims, share them, and be so fed up they demand answers from these “journalists” (cowards). Until then, they will own you and the content your community is exposed to. My friends on the left, whom in the past were against anything that jeopardizes the integrity of our elections, remain largely silent. My friends on the right that support Trump are the only people giving me a voice, and asking tough questions. They are beginning to understand that the ShadowNet is how globalists, lobbyists and campaigns are able to push their narrative globally, for relatively no cost compared to past “ethical” means they used.

Don’t get me wrong, with the exception of potential ethical violations with Obama’s National Security Advisor making millions of dollars in defense department contracts while serving both as Obama’s NSA, and while he was NATO Supreme Allied Commander, nothing about the ShadowNet is illegal. There are now several private companies that offer the most current capabilities, and even Dynology has incorporated portions of the ShadowNet into a new company, ClearForce, which as named after the application, ClearForce.  

This new company is owned by Gen. Jones and former CIA director, Gen. Michael Hayden. The ClearForce application uses artificial intelligence to “predictively” determine someone likely to leak classified documents, or steal from your company. The ClearForce application provides compliance (for a nominal fee) to regulations both Jones and Hayden would have most likely contributed to, at the very least, in making this compliance requirement in the first place. Let that sink in…

Now, let this sink in… They offer this same predictive AI that offers rea-time monitoring of social media, financial and criminal records for companies in the private sector. How long until this application will be letting your boss at WalMart or the Washington Post know that based on your social media and other personal records, you’re likely to be someone that steals from them. How long until the filter is changed from someone that steals, to someone likely to bring a sexual harassment claim, or to filter by political beliefs. It’s all fun & games until it’s your political beliefs that are being filtered and your no longer able to work! I bet then WAPO “journalists” will report my story – but it’ll be too late by then.


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