“The American Awakening” Reboot on Patreon!

My friend Jaybird and I began doing videos on YouTube last April as a way to get my story out to the public. It never got any traction, but I believe now is the right time.

The American Awakening is based on our work in Iraq back in 2008, where we helping in keeping the Sunni & Shia together in what was known as the Sahawa, or Awakening. Known as the ‘Sons of Iraq’ this was the first time in a thousand years the Sunni and Shia had come together to fight with us; against Al Qaeda in Iraq [AQI].

If two factions locked in war for a millennia can come together and fight as one against a common enemy, then Democrats & Republicans can as well. Our common enemy is the Military Industrial Complex and its relationship between our government and military. Failure cannot be an option; Together we Stand, Divided we Fall! 

Lets try to keep focused on facts, and not personal attacks. Social media doesn’t always make this easy, but nothing worth fighting for has ever been easy. 

I’ll be making some new content available early to subscribers, [Thank-you!] 

Schedule to come!

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