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Celeste Wallander’s Connection to Fabricated Russian Dossier and ShadowNet!

In his podcast on March 21, 2019 Dan Bongino asked why McCain confidant David Kramer passed off the unverified Russian to Obama State Department and National Security officials? Once again, I’m pretty sure this is why; The ShadowNet!

Here is the link to the complete episode:

Contrary to common belief, the dissemination of fabricated, Russian made propaganda to the media in such a way that it is not attributable to you is not a simple thing just anyone can do. It requires that a system is in place with people at the top-level of pretty much every major news outlet, as well as key journalists usually seeking promotions or profit willing to legitimize the narrative.

Here is yet another updated chart with our newest member of the ShadowNet family, Celeste Wallander. Seriously people, I’m running out of space on my PowerPoint chart.

That is exactly what the ShadowNet was built for. It’s a project management tool for the unattributable dissemination of fabricated content to build a narrative.

Celeste Wallander worked closely with Gen. James Jones both at the Obama White House National Security Council and at the Atlantic Council while Gen. James Jones was the Chairman of that organization.

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