Shadow-Gate Civil Lawsuit Fund

Please help support the Shadow-Gate Civil Lawsuit Fund above.  We require approximately $50,000 to get our case into the discovery phase of a trial. We will need to do this quickly over the next few months. This case will change the course of American history and will be recorded in American history books, but we can’t do it without your help!

Texas Attorney Kellye Sorelle has sent a defamation demand letter to Alex Jones, Inforwars for $150 million dollars in damages to Mr. Bergy. He will be seeking a jury trial in Texas. This trial will be to prove if the information provided in Shadow-Gate was true, and if true, what was the reason for them to use fabricated stories, fake personas and other means exposed in Shadow-Gate to discredit the documentary? Maybe, in the process, we can get to the bottom of the arrest of Millie Weaver.

Please help by contributing what you can to this lawsuit. I put together the video below to help explain more.

Shadow-Gate Infowars Lawsuit

Bottom line is I can’t do this without your financial support.

Our nation is under attack, and the people we’re trusting to protect us, are betraying us. Please take a look at the video here and the affidavit listed below. That affidavit will be cleaned up and submitted as evidence, so I wanted to put it out there now.

Please visit our transparency site to see funds raised, who we are and how everything is being managed. 

The Case

Patrick Bergy’s case is based on the information he has provided in the demand letter / affidavit on the right. 

The information is all forensically verifiable and based off a DoD whistle-blower and fact-witness.

We are filing a civil defamation lawsuit against Alex Jones/Inforwars, but it will quickly call for discovery on USA Today, Politifact, Facebook, Twitter, Atlantic Council, Ali Alexander (aka Ali Akbar) and Kaitlyn Bennett, Roger Stone…. More may be added.

Millie, Gavin and Tore are not listed in this lawsuit. Mr. Bergy wanted to keep this strictly based on proving the claims Mr. Bergy made in Shadow-Gate were true, and that in discrediting and attacking Shadow-Gate, Mr. Bergy was defamed. It is of Mr. Bergy’s opinion that Tore, Millie and Gavin all have very serious and legitimate claims, and how their personal grievences are handled is up to them. 

Mr. Bergy intends to show that the above conspired to lie and defame Patrick Bergy, Tore, Millie Weaver and Gavin Wince immediately following the release of Shadow-Gate and the arrest of journalist Millie Weaver as she was uploading it. Mr. Bergy believes this was done to hide other crimes, potentially to include treason.

This was all done as part of a organized, tactical conspiracy that the release of Shadow-Gate threatened to expose, which may have prevented the violence in DC on January 6th had this tactical, coordinated attack not have occurred. This can be assumed based on the fact key assets that attacked Shadow-Gate with fabricated articles, personas and other sources, are now being investigated by the Department of Justice for the incitement of January 6th, and are being accused of the very same things Shadow-Gate was exposing. Evidence as such is presented in this affidavit as well as additional sources and witness testimony. 

Links to Shadow-Gate, Shadow-Gate 2 and PSYOP The Steal are included below. An American journalist was arrested here, and more are being arrested every day.

Please support the Shadow-Gate legal fund and help fix a problem that is threatening to destroy our country. 

Order Patrick Bergy’s true story of fraud, waste and abuse between our government, military, social media, MSM and the Military Industrial Complex, ‘Victim of the Swamp: How the Deep-State Destroyed the 40-Year-Old Private’ today!

Pre-Order his forthcoming book, OPERATION: SHADOW-GATE and get a behind the scene view of the DC swamp post-Shadow-Gate and 2020 Presidential elections, “Stop the Steal” efforts by Patrick Byrne, Sidney Powell, Gen. Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, Mayor Rudy Guiliani and a host of DC swamp creatures/social media influencers in a race to the bottom.

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