Progress Update!

I believe very soon, America will begin a discussion about the moral & ethical behavior we’ve allowed to fester within our government. More and more will start to be revealed about corruption with Burisma, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and others. This, in turn, will open the floodgates to others thus far ignored or covered-up. I believe that’s the very reason for this recent surge in supporters. I’m not just talking about new Twitter followers that are reading, learning and sharing, I’m also talking about people now throwing some skin in the game with a few bucks here and there that they can afford. That’s not nothing, that actually means something. 

There is a crack in the damn, and the water is starting to flow. I’ve certainly caught a second wind from it! That’s saying a lot, because this wears on you. Not just personally because of what I experienced, but because I love my country and my children and it has taken a hard toll on all of us; on all American’s for that matter on all sides of the political spectrum. It’s all coming out.

Joe Biden himself said on camera about threatening a Ukrainian official with over a billion dollars in U.S. Aid, to literally fire a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the company Biden’s son is on.  I’m paraphrasing, but just like that., “to just call the president if he didn’t believe him.” When that question is going to be asked to Joe Biden about that?

The only difference between my story and the story of Hunter Biden, is that mine involves profiting from military grade technology at taxpayer expense, and Hunter’s was largely foreign energy profits. And, whatever the hell Hunter was doing with China??? Is Hunter too young to remember China holding our ISR military aircraft hostage from Bush, while they raided and ransacked our above Top Secret hardware? His father was the damn vice-President of the United States. At best it was an absolute dereliction of Joe Biden’s position, and opened all sorts of possible blackmail, extortion and even treasonous acts against our nation. I’m sorry about the death of Joe’s son, but that’s no excuse for such morally and ethically vile actions.

I was disappointed in what I thought was a missed opportunity for Dana Perino. In her interview with Mark Zuckerberg, Perino didn’t ask him anything about his partnership with many key people in the social media psychological warfare and “Minority Reports” business. That said, congress will get another shot next Wednesday. Not that I’m holding my breadth there either. But, our movement is growing exponentially and I’ll be back on the road soon, assuming I can continue to get support, doing more speaking events and working on completing my next book. 

Keep asking any questions you have, and share with as many of those you think can or should be helping. I’ll be doing more interviews soon, but setting up this Patreon page seemed like good advice. Please feel free to reach out to me with any interview requests, I’m not an anonymous whistleblower being shielded by partisan Democrats. I’m right here.


Patrick Bergy 

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