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‘Boots on the Ground, Bikers for Trump’ Social Experiment

Photo courtesy of George Colella

By Patrick Bergy

This past Saturday and Sunday I performed an unscientific, yet very interesting, experiment on racism and Trump Derangement Syndrome. I was at no time going to allow the experiment to get out of control, and NEVER had any intention of doing this to be mean or otherwise act without honor, and the result supported my efforts. Honestly, I was a little worried. I guess the closest thing I had in mind was a little like the guy that does the online video’s, “change my mind”. The main difference would have been more accurately titled, “I’m NOT a racist, change my mind”. No liberals were harmed in the making of this experiment.

Disclaimer: Although I am a member of Boots on the Ground, Bikers for Trump member, bought a shirt and like what George Colella and the rest of the folks are doing, I don’t work for the organization, and this is just me sharing a personal experience which I enjoyed. I like that their organization defends our president and those that support him, and share their absolute patriotism to our nation. Like any group, the members are diverse in their politics, social and personal opinions; I don’t speak for them, nor they for me. My politics are largely split down the middle between liberal and conservative, with just a little more to the conservative side, but I also have an electric bike parked next to my Harley. Guess which one upsets the neighbors more.

There is an active, organized information operation going on right now to make me, and anyone that looks or thinks like me, a racist. Well, I’ll be damned if I’m going to be painted with such BS, and this experiment was to determine if the racists trying to do this to us are succeeding. The results of this highly non-scientific experiment have surprised everyone I have told thus far.

If you go by what social media says, Trump supporting, race-haters are everywhere, worse than in the days of slavery, and our country is totally divided. Even more concerning, social media says that a Trump supporting, 52-year-old white male, raised on a farm in Michigan, likely wearing an Afghanistan war veteran hat backwards and riding a Harley, is almost certainly a racist. This is, however, the very definition of racism, and it is my sincere hope to show this hypocrisy because it pisses me off.

An incident on, I think, last Thursday or Friday, which I wrote about in a Facebook post this past weekend, resulted in me thinking maybe social media was right, when a dumb-ass white kid said something racist to me as he walked by, like I was some sort of “brother” of his, as I was getting onto my Harley. My response to him; “do I look like a fucking racist to you?’ I wasn’t wearing a Boots on the Ground shirt when this happened. I was just dressed as I usually am.

After meeting up with the Boots on the Ground, Biker’s for Trump group for a ride to a second amendment rally in Sarasota this past weekend, I decide (after making a wrong turn and ending up on the causeway to Tampa) to visit the most left-leaning Starbucks I know of in Florida, which is over on South Howard Ave., (SoHo) in Tampa. I was on my Harley, with my Harley boots and a big ole’ “Biker’s for Trump” logo on my back and front. If this wasn’t enough to trigger the left, nothing would. Again, triggering someone was my concern and something I wanted to avoid, not what I wanted to happen. What happened took me totally by surprise, but I’m guessing the other Boot’s on the Ground members likely already know.

When I first walked in several people looked at me in concern, but that’s not all that unusual. I generally like to keep an image that says “do not disturb” on his door, metaphorically speaking. I also have a good sense of humor and have always had the ability to talk with people I don’t agree with. I didn’t come there to start a problem or offend anyone of color, I just went there seeking the truth.

Within minutes of me sitting down, right out front and smack dab on the main thruway for pedestrian traffic, several people, black, white, Hispanic… didn’t matter, they stopped to compliment me on my Boot’s on the Ground, Biker’s for Trump shirt (it is pretty cool, George). A black kid hit me up to buy cookies for the organization he said he volunteered for helping to keep kids off drugs. I bought some and shared with all the people, liberal and conservative, stopping to talk. Best guess is it was a scam, and used my $5 cookie purchase to buy weed. I don’t say that to be racist or stereotype, on the contrary, I say it because it would have been something me and my friends would have done at his age. Several people that stopped to talk were not at all Trump supporters, but were totally cool, and I was respectful of their opinions. I can’t ever remember another time in my life when so many complete strangers just came up to me and started talking.

I think the strangest thing in SoHo was when this old black guy just comes up and sits down next to me, looks at me for a minute, then asks me for a cigarette. I gave it to him, he didn’t say anything. I said a few nice things like beautiful day out, and typical conversation starting stuff, but he just smoked the cigarette, got up and walked away. I think maybe he was hoping I would react differently, but I didn’t, and in doing so likely took any potential fuel away from that fire. Or, he could have just been coming down from liquor/crack/meth, which would have been more likely judging by his physical condition.

So, I washed my one-size-too-small shirt Sunday morning to see what more this day would hold by doing my homework at my usual local café haunts. It was largely uneventful until I got stranded at a bar from the rain on my way home from Tarpon Springs, and several people (Trump supporters) started talking to me about Trump. Then this black man comes out and starts talking to me, which I found out later was a setup by another guy I was talking to a few minutes earlier and was friends with the black guy. So, this black gentleman is talking to me, but notices my Afghanistan Veteran hat, not the Trump shield on the front of my shirt and hasn’t yet realized I was the Trump guy his friend sent him out to meet. He’s was very professional man that I will not insult by saying he was “well spoken”, which is often tagged as a “dog whistle” by many on the left… And because he had clearly been drinking. He’s an accountant and we were discussing my algebra struggles, when he noticed the Trump patch, and I could see in his eye’s things changed, which he totally acknowledged later, and we laughed about it.

So, an hour goes by and I’m talking to the black gentleman, whose name is Priest, and his republican friend that I had first spoken with that told him to come out and talk with me. At this time, having explained the ShadowNet I built for Obama and his National Security Advisor, and all the other stuff I have documented, which even ties the ShadowNet to the 2016 presidential election. They are both blown away about the knowledge they now have, and ask how it can be stopped, how can we fix it? I said the best idea I have to fix it, is the same way we brought the Sunni and Shia together for the first time in 1000 years to fight with us, and against AQI. We stop it by showing both democrats and republican’s a common enemy.

Priest already knew who the common enemy was, and already had his own theory of chaos and control, which I fully conspire with. And then I said to Priest that the very fact you and I are having this conversation proves what is being spread on social media was a lie. I told Priest how I first saw it during the Michael Brown riots when I saw signs of the social media psychological warfare applications I developed for the Department of Defense, being used to influence and incite more violence. This was knowledge which, irrespective of Priest’s feelings about Trump or the Michael Brown riots, upset him deeply, as he does not like being a pawn in other people’s games. He also agreed that even though he wants to beat Trump, he wants to do it ethically, and understands how the short-term gains Obama might make for democrats if he continues to use the ShadowNet, will eventually be lost by someone else using their version of a ShadowNet against them. It’s a cycle we need to stop now, or stop later after even more damage is done, but eventually it will need to be stopped, or it will threaten the very core of our democracy; the integrity of our elections.

Bottom line, after going out and really having a chance to speak with and listen to people and let them open up, I understand how we will defeat the people that are using our nation and democracy as a tool for their political benefit – on both sides of the isle. I’ll be speaking at the Tampa Bay Trump Club in October, and will be telling my story, in person, to a lot of people. If I get the same, or even a fraction of the response from speaking to people in public that I had tonight with Priest, then the deep state better start worrying!

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Obama’s Clandestine ShadowNet

Obama’s “ShadowNet” – Social Media Psychological Warfare for Clandestine Information Operation.

By Patrick Bergy – Tampa, FL. 

Originally Published August 3rd, 2018. (updated August 21, 2018)

If you look at all the information on Russian social media influence of American elections, you might come to the conclusion Putin was taking things personal, maybe even stepping things up a bit more than usual? My personal story may go a long way towards explaining why?

The “ShadowNet” program I developed while working for a small, family military contracting company, was owned by Obama’s National Security Advisor, Gen. James Jones.  That company, Dynology, made millions in defense contracts with Gen. Jones’ son at the wheel as the president, while “Big Jim” was Obama’s National Security Advisor. Connected to all of this was Paul Manafort, John McCain, Gen. James Jones and President Obama. It would not be hard to conclude Hillary Clinton knew about this as well being Secretary of State; I can’t see how she couldn’t have known?

Did you read the attached marketing slick thinking it sounds like the company is promoting the exact same tactical, social media psychological warfare the FBI just indicted 13 Russians for? If that is what it sounds like to you, you’re right. Complete with fake persona’s, fake news and completely anonymized browsing allowing an analyst to appear as anyone, coming from absolutely anywhere on the planet… For the right price. 

Feeling a bit shocked and concerned something so potentially damaging to the integrity of our election process, which is the core of our democracy, was available commercially? Good, you’re not alone. Oh, and did I mention this project was started by Bush in 2007, then massively expanded by Obama from 2008-2010? And I would be remiss to mention the company that was awarded this contract was a family owned private military contracting company owned by Obama’s National Security Advisor and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, retired Gen. James Jones. 

Forget the fact Gen. Jones and his family was making millions in defense contracts while serving as Obama’s National Security Advisor. What would the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander be doing owning a company that’s profiting millions making tactical, military grade, battlefield tested, clandestine social media psychological warfare applications? I can think of several countries, both allies and enemies, that should find this relationship troubling and worthy of further scrutiny. Irregardless of your political affiliation, you should demand answers. If you’re upset that Putin is hiring contractors to do his cyber warfare, what do we say to them when Obama’s NSA is running ShadowNet, a taxpayer appropriated, clandestine cyber information operations from his family business?

Dynology ShadowNet Marketing Slick from 2008 when it was first made available to the public and private sector consumer. 

Wait, it gets better. Gen. Jones is a lifelong friend of John McCain, and Dynology provided IT security and communications for McCain’s 08’ campaign during the primary. After the primary, Paul Manafort’s company took over IT for the McCain campaign. At that same time, Google Way-Back Machines shows Dynology as a preferred partner of Manafort’s company. Gen. Jones made millions in DoD contracts while serving as Obama’s NSA developing the same capabilities the Russians that were recently indicted used.

In 2010 Paul Manafort was accused by Ukrainian officials of an Information Operations targeting social media. In 2008 the RNC paid Paul Manafort’s IT company over a million dollars for “targeted social media” services. I wonder if Facebook’s investigation into social media influence operations will go back to the 2008 McCain primary and general election for a sign of tactical IIA information operations? Knowing what I know, I will not consider McCain’s primary win using an IT service with likely the only battle-tested IIA social media psychological warfare application that existed until Facebook or law enforcement looks into it and clears McCain. There are far too many similarities to what the FBI just indicted the 13 Russian’s for and what I know to say John McCain didn’t cheat during the 2008 primary. I also can’t say Paul Manafort and Obama’s NSA didn’t use Dynology’s ShadowNet and iPsy to influence the 2010 Ukrainian elections.    

The attached marketing slick is from Dynology to promote an Interactive Internet Activity (IIA) project I led for Dynology from 2007-2010. The slick was to promote Dynology’s “ShadowNet” and iPsy Information Operation project management tool. This military grade tactical social media psychological warfare application provides the same, or even more, clandestine capabilities as what the Russian’s were accused of in 2016. If you don’t think this is a big deal, this application and database was capable of bringing together the Sunni and Shia to fight with the American’s and against AQI in over 1000 years. If it could help in keeping the Sunni and Shia together for the first time in 1000 years, instigating violence at the Michael Brown riots or getting liberal’s to hate President Trump is a no-brainer (pun intended haters 🙂

How do I know all of this, I pioneered it on a contract support mission for the 4th Psychological Operations Group (4th POG) in Iraq from 07′-08′.

Obama massively expanded the program and I returned to Tampa from 08′-10′ for CENTCOM. I’m not violating my TS/SCI clearance by telling you what this IIA application was designed to do or capable of.  I was given this official DoD memorandum by the IIA Chief in 08′ as evidence to support my claims. What I will not speak about is the dissemination process or anything we worked on that was classified. I’m deeply concerned with the recent FBI indictment of the 13 Russian’s knowing what I know, and hope myself or my team are not targeted by an international tribunal. Nice work throwing us under the bus in an obvious attempt to make President Trump look bad just before his meeting with Putin. 

IIA is just as capable of covert, anonymized tactical social media targets as it is using overtly with an organization like the PAO. If you want to know what we did, you’ll have to submit a FOIA request. Good luck with that. The Dynology promotional slick made after we took the application from the battlefield to commercial clients. The difference between commercial clients and the military is where you will find some of the deepest, darkest depths of the DC swamp.

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2014 Warnings Of Social Media Election Influence Went Ignored

My 2014 Warnings of Social Media Election Influence by Hostile Nations Went Ignored!

By Patrick Bergy

4 November 2017, Tampa – In late 2014, myself, a three-time Purple Heart recipient, a NASA engineer, and another IT guy, all set out to provide out troops overseas with a safe way to feel that “Touch of Home.”  We launched, MOPS Networks, a veteran based non-profit as a free way to provide video on demand and social media services to our troops overseas. I originally published this article on our MOPS Networks website (now shutdown) back in late 2014 or early 2015. The next few paragraphs will help to setup the original article, ‘Targeting US Military Families through Social Media,’ which I included below. Here is a quote from my 2014 article:

“Right now, as you are reading this article, there are literally thousands of people in Russia, China, Iran and the U.S. that are paid by their government (or by a company or terrorist organization), pretending to be someone that they are not, posting comments on every major (and even smaller) social media sites, blogs and even online media sites. Their mission, to push a narrative that favors their employer, product or country, and you will never know it.”

Our veteran based non-profit project failed after the Director of TV for the Armed Forces Network started contacting our mutual vendors, like FOX Entertainment and others, telling them not to do business with us. We discovered a short time after that AFN had secured a multi-million dollar video on demand agreement with Comcast, and they didn’t want to compete with a veteran based non-profit that was offering content providers a tax deduction for content they were otherwise donating to AFN, but without the tax deduction.

A report from an investigation by the Inspector General acknowledged the collusion between AFN, FOX Entertainment, and others, but lawyer’s from the major networks blocked the investigation, according the the IG’s final report. I go into much greater detail on this in my book, Victim of the Swamp: How the “Deep State” Destroyed the 40-Year-Old-Private.

One of the major issues our veteran based non-profit was trying to address, was the threat to our troops overseas, and their families back home, from terrorists and hostile nations using social media. Sound familiar? Notice in my article, Russia wasn’t the only threat I mention. In watching the recent Senate “Hearing on Social Media Influence in the 2016 United States Election,” I wanted to again be at least one voice of reason that points out Russia is not our only threat. It’s great our Senator’s are looking into this, but it was in so many instances seen as a partisan, political opportunity for Senators, and less about addressing a problem ALL OF THESE SENATORS have known about for a very long time.

It seems to me they haven’t learned that their decades of complaining, but not fixing, did not result in any lessons learned from the 2016 election. I hope voters are again paying attention in 2018. I would bet at least half of the Senators in that room, both Republican and Democrat, had knowledge of, or participated in, some sort of covert, social media election influence in 2016 and likely previous elections.

Targeting US Military Families through Social Media

By Patrick Bergy

(December, 2014?) Seoul, South Korea – It seems like every day there is another article in the news reporting on how a company’s website was hacked and thousands of customers lost personal information. Recently, a group out of Austria filed a lawsuit against Facebook for collecting their information and using it in ways we will likely never fully understand.

During the 2010 and 2012 elections, Facebook conducted a “randomized controlled trial of political mobilization messages delivered to 61 million Facebook users during the 2010 US congressional elections.”   Why should this worry Republicans, just look at this screenshot from Facebook’s own website for that answer. Seems like they favor supporting Democrats? Just wait until the Republican’s catch on and start paying more. Do you think Facebook cares about politics more than profit?

Although Republicans should be immediately concerned about the above screenshot, it is only a matter of time until everyone with the right amount of money is using social media to control our moods, voting habits, diets, and yes, even wars – and you will likely never even know that it happened, or what company, country or political party was responsible. This isn’t some sort of fringe, radical conspiracy theory – it is already happening.

Right now, as you are reading this article, there are literally thousands of people in Russia, China, Iran and the U.S. that are paid by their government (or by a company or terrorist organization), pretending to be someone that they are not, posting comments on every major (and even smaller) social media sites, blogs and even online media sites. Their mission, to push a narrative that favors their employer, product or country, and you will never know it.

Here is just a 2 minute search.

Special Forces get Social in New Psychological Operation Plan

Is the Islamic State Propaganda a Psyop? Calls To Shut Down Social Media “Extremism” Intensify.

PsyOps and Socialbots

Every major country, corporation and extremist group is getting in on the action. Think that person you are arguing with online in that forum you are in, or in the comments section below that article you just read on CNN is a real person? You shouldn’t be so sure about that. Sometimes, they are pretty easy to spot, but the more sophisticated organizations are so well coordinated and organized in documenting everything they do, and instructed on everything they say, you will never, ever even know you have just been socially played.

Recent events involving over 100 military and their families should be a real wake-up call though.

CNN – As ISIS threats online persist, military families rethink online lives.

From 2007 to 2009, the U.S. government understood this threat and acted to protect military families by blocking most of the major social media networks on all bases. Although their intentions were good, without another viable, commercial option for service members to communicate safely with their families back home, or any real enforcement of the regulations available off base, they again made social media available to our troops on base. What we should learn from this failed experiment is that you cannot take something away from someone, without offering them an even greater experience without expecting less than positive results. MilTube would be a great example of that.

This threat is very real to everyone in the military. Family members, friends, battle buddies – everyone. That is why MOPS Networks is building our MOPS verified secure social media platform, strictly for verified active and prior military, their families and civilian assets that support them. With membership thoroughly vetted and verified by and strong account security measures, all service members, both active and prior, will have a safe and secure means by which to communicate with their families and battle buddies. Eventually, even certain friends can be sponsored by members once their ID has been verified, but access to profiles outside of their sponsors will be restricted. Encrypted chat and VOIP phone capabilities will be brought online shortly after our official launch. The MOPS social network will also be linked to FreedomStream.TV, our members only, online VOD service that will allow you to share your favorite movies and watch what is trending. A truly first of its kind integration of social media and home entertainment!

This is a new, digital world we are living in. There are people (criminals, governments, terrorists) everywhere that seek to do you, your family and your country harm. Even with the most secure social media site, you should always keep yourself informed of new scams, and understand all the tools and knowledge bases out there that can help you to prevent, or at least limit the likelihood of something happening to you.

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Manafort, McCain, and The Military Industrial Complex

Did Paul Manafort, John McCain and The RNC Pay $4 Million for Covert, Military Grade, Social Media Psychological Warfare in 2008?

With Paul Manafort’s political baggage, why did anyone ever recommend Manafort to work for the Trump campaign?

By Patrick Bergy

31 October, 2017 – Tampa, FL. –  Having both served in the U.S. Army, and worked as a private contractor in the military industrial complex for over a decade combined, I’m not a big believer in coincidence as it relates to politics and the DC Swamp, and this story from the Washington Post back in June, 2008, didn’t help.

Full disclosure:

I worked for the defense contracting company, Dynology, for over 8 years.  It was a small company owned by General James L. Jones, and I answered directly to his son, Dynology’s president, Jim Jones.  I spent over 6 of those years deployed overseas in Iraq and South Korea providing contract support for Dynology in support of the Department of Defense.  My career was ended in May, 2015, after filing an official report of fraud, waste, and abuse.  within 24 hours of filing that report, the contract I had been supporting for over 5 years, was modified by the very people I profiled in my official report.

Within a few days of me leaving the contract, it was magically modified back to its original requirements, and my position was replaced.  I was denied whistleblower protection by the Inspector General, not based on any merits of my official reports, but because I was a contractor, and told I wasn’t covered under whistleblower protection, even though the IG’s very own website stated that contractors had been added under whistleblower protection since 2013.  I tried every legal means within the system to find justice, and when all other means failed, I took to social media to try and get support, and have my story heard.  I recently published my first book, ‘Victim of the Swamp: How the “Deep State” Destroyed the 40-Year-Old Private’ as yet another attempt to expose the decade of systemic fraud, waste, and abuse I experienced between our government, military, and the military industrial complex.

So, back to the Washington Post story. According to the report,

“the RNC and 3eDC have apparently been negotiating a larger contract for the firm to oversee microtargeting, a deal that could be worth $2 million or $3 million.

Here are some facts The Washington Post didn’t know when they wrote the article in 2008, and I’ll let you decide if it’s all just a coincidence.  Just as the Washington Post, I am not accusing anyone of anything, I am merely pointing out facts.  It is up to American’s that read this to make their own conclusions.

Fact #1 – 3eDC was an internet firm owned by Richard “Rick” Davis, then McCain 08′ campaign manager, and Paul Manafort, whom I think can best be described as a political “fixer,” and international man of mystery.  Many news organizations felt it was inappropriate for McCain to be paying Paul Davis through his company, 3eDC, when his campaign was struggling financially, and Davis had said he would “forego” his campaign salary.  I would also be in that camp.

NEWSWEEK. Federal campaign records show the McCain campaign paid Davis Manafort $90,000 through July 2007, when a cash crunch prompted Davis and other top campaign officials to forgo their salaries and work as volunteers. Separately, another entity created and partly owned by Davis– an Internet firm called 3eDC, whose address was the same office building as Davis Manafort’s–received payments from the McCain campaign for Web services, collecting $971,860 through March 2008.”

Fact #2 – What was 3eDC?  According to a Google “Wayback Machine” capture of 3eDC’s website from 2008, “3eDC was established to develop cutting edge web and data tools… designed to connect people and to affect the results in the political, social, and commercial worlds.

When I saw the Washington Post report the RNC was in negotiations to pay 3eDC for “Microtargeting,” and then saw the company, Dynology,  everything started to fall in place for me.  I had spent from 2007-2010 pioneering microtargeting, social media psychological warfare application for on a DoD contract in Iraq, and also back in Tampa, at McDill, and it made me wonder… Notice Dynology is listed as 3eDC’s top Strategic Partner – forgoing alphabetical order.

According to the Washington Post, “the RNC and 3eDC have apparently been negotiating a larger contract for the firm to oversee microtargeting, a deal that could be worth $2 million or $3 million…”



Fact #3 – Dynology Strategic Partnership.  A couple quick facts: Dynology is owned by the 4 Star General, James Jones. To understand Gen. Jones’ moral compass, it was a family owned business that was making millions of dollars from Department of Defense contracts, both while Gen. Jones was in uniform serving as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, and while also serving as Obama’s National Security Advisor from 2009-2010.  I’m sorry, but in what world is it honorable, or even legal for that matter, for someone in uniform, or sitting at the right-hand of a U.S. president as his National Security Advisor, while at the same time your family owned and run defense contracting company is profiting millions in Department of Defense contracts.

Perhaps it explains how he can afford this house, as was reported by Angelajean? If you read her post, you will notice in her description of General Jones, there is no mention of his relationship with Dynology, yet he has the largest office in Dynology’s headquarters, on the 15th floor of the Towers Crescent building, one of the most premier high rise buildings in Tyson’s Corner, VA.  In fact, try doing a Google search looking for any relationship with General James L. Jones and Dynology, and you will find virtually nothing. He founded it early in 2000 or 2001, and has profited millions from its Department of Defense and Marine Corp. contracts for nearly two decades now.  General Jones openly boasts of his membership publicly on many other boards, and his position in many other corporations and non-profits.  Why is there virtually nothing to the fact Dynology was being run by his two sons, and many other family members, as well as his massive private office suite in such a luxurious building?  I think most can make their own conclusions based on the facts.

Fact #4 – Dynology (Gen. Jones) was paid a tremendous amount of taxpayer funds to send me to Iraq on an Interactive Internet Activities (IIA) Defense Department contract to build social media psychological warfare applications that were capable of covertly “microtargeting” (sound familiar) social network users.  I’m not acknowledging ANYTHING we may or may not have done with it, as any of the dissemination process or actual projects would be classified at the Top Secret level!  Additionally, Dynology maintained the intellectual property rights to the application, and made it commercially available to the public.  Understanding the potential for such an application to be misused, I was personally troubled by this at the time, but never spoke out.  Below is a screenshot of the application, notice the copyright Dynology 2009 at the bottom of the application window.  The only thing I discuss is what the application is capable of when it was made publicly available.

Fact #5 –  Think of iPSY (what I named it for commercial sale at Dynology) as a “Fake News” project management tool.  Let’s say you woke up one day and wanted to alter the outcome of an election, or start riots that spread across the United States, like what we witnessed in Ferguson. (I actually saw this happening in 2014 and spoke out, but nobody listened, until a few weeks ago when Facebook and the FBI acknowledged it.)  If you did decide to go such an unscrupulous route, you would require a project management tool exactly like this.

Fact #6 –  If you think it’s just a coincidence Paul Manafort, John McCain, Richard Davis and the RNC was funneling millions of dollars into a project billed as “microtargeting” using 3eDC, a social media influence company, and a Strategic Partner with Dynology, think about this.  It’s not like you can call up ‘The Geek Squad’ and ask, “do you sell covert, social media PSYOP project management applications capable of microtargeting specific demographics in Facebook, Twitter using multiple fake persona’s?   Projects that “effect the results in the political, social and commercial worlds,” as 3eDC boasted on their website, which is exactly what iPSY was designed to do, are very well funded, covert and tactical. How many U.S. companies in 2007 actually had this capability outside, or within, the military industrial complex?  The answer to that is like one or two, including Dynology in that figure.  I also worked a contract in Afghanistan for another company for a few months on an Interactive Internet Activities project.  I know what I am talking about here.

Fact #7 – Why covert, well, for two reasons. First, when you’re managing a small group of analysts (maybe 10-15) using multiple fake social media “persona’s,” (maybe 10-25 fake persona per analyst,) trained in psychological warfare to disseminate a particular narrative, you might have a problem if your opponent found out and made it public.  You can’t have anyone tracing it back to you.  You must be able to make it look like your anyone you want, coming from anywhere in the world you want to make it look like you’re coming from, and do it in such a way that no intelligence agency on the planet could tell.  Second, many blog sites and social networks have site administrators that look at where you’re internet IP address is located, as well as many other characteristics of you and your computers profile.  Look at what Facebook just admitted to congress about identifying over 250 fake persona’s coming from a single location in Russia.  If a group of fake persona’s all show up using the same software, computer profiles, and are all from the same physical location in Tyson’s Corner, VA., you would busted.  It is for that very reason I strongly question the U.S. intelligence assessments that Russia was actually doing this.

Firstly, you wouldn’t have a team of 250 people, that would be ridiculous to manage and maintain anonymity.  You would use a small, 10-15 person group of highly skilled analysts, and project managers that had years of experience in Psychological Warfare.  Second, the only “breadcrumbs” the program would leave that could trace back to anyone, would be what they wanted you to find.  Having Facebook and U.S. intelligence agencies so quickly and easily find a group of 250 Russians, on a project they claim was budgeted at close to $100 million, makes me think it is more likely someone in the U.K., like GCHQ, which would seemingly love to bring us to war with Russia based on their recent actions.

After going to war in Iraq based on false intelligence, I’m sorry, but I need to see more evidence before I get on board with the Russia scandal.  I openly acknowledge Russia uses social media to influence the U.S., but the actual stuff they are doing, we wouldn’t know about, and won’t for years, if ever.  They’re some of the best, if not the best, on the planet at this stuff (after me, of course.)

Fact #8 – On March 22, 2017, the Associated Press reported,

“Manafort was paid $10 million from 2006 to 2009 to lobby on behalf of the Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, using a strategic “model” that the AP said Manafort wrote would “greatly benefit the Putin Government if employed at the correct levels with the appropriate commitment to success.”

It deeply concerns me that the timing of 3eDC’s reported payments by McCain and the RNC, as well as descriptions like “microtargeting,” and “affect the results in the political, social, and commercial worlds,” is used by a company that was seemingly propped up overnight as a front under suspicious circumstances.  If Dynology did license military grade, social media psychological warfare technology it was contracted to build by the Department of Defense, commercially, what steps would have been taken to prevent it falling into the hands of our foreign adversaries?  Especially given the report by AP listed above describing Paul Manafort’s talks with close allies of the Russian President Vladimir Putin around 2006.

Fact #9 – Even if the Strategic Relationship between Dynology and 3eDC, as well as the descriptions of services, was all just a coincidence, I don’t believe it should just be ignored.  It should be investigated!  Paul Manafort was just indicted on multiple charges relating to money laundering, and numerous accusations by news outlets and foreign leaders for interfering with elections well before he got involved with the Trump campaign.  Manafort’s moral piggy bank seems to have a few “IOU’s” in it?  Then you have, in my personal opinion, a morally bankrupt, 4 star General owning a defense contracting company making millions on Defense Department contracts, both while in uniform, and while serving as National Security Advisor.  You have Rick Davis owning a business, 3eDC, that is taking in money from the very campaign (John McCain’s Straight Talk Express) he is managing, as well as the RNC reportedly giving him many millions more through that very same company.   McCain’s Straight Talk Express seems less like an “Express,” and more like a commuter service, making stops at every lobbying firm and donor kickback it sees, in my personal opinion.

finally, what was the RNC and others around Trump supposedly tasked with protecting him thinking when they recommended Paul Manafort work for the Trump campaign?  I get it, Trump hasn’t been in politics like the rest of these folks, how was it ever a good idea in anyone’s mind to allow this to happen?  Something here smells very “swamp like” and fishy, if you ask me.

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Interactive Internet Activities (IIA); The U.S. Governments Nomenclature for “Fake News.”

The Military Has A Name For “Fake News,” And It’s Called ‘Interactive Internet Activities’ (IIA)

By Patrick Bergy

Tampa, Florida – Since virtually days after the U.S. Presidential election, when the Clinton campaign covertly released the now infamous British “Dossier” on Donald Trump, all you hear in the news is how the Russian’s were trying to alter the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election.  We now know it was a multi-million dollar “fake news” work of IIA fiction by the Clinton campaign to bring down, or weaken, a democratically elected U.S. President, while destroying any hope of better U.S. relations with Russia.

The military uses Interactive Internet Activities, or IIA, as the Psychological Operations nomenclature for a tactical social media warfare program like this (left.)   IIA can also both covertly and overtly support other PSYOP components, such as Information Operations (IO) and Computer Network Operations (CNO.)  Many countries do it, most have their own name for it.  I use IIA, because when I was contracted by the U.S. Government from 2007 – 2010 to pioneer this technology, this was what we called it.

The image on the right is of Patrick Bergy at the 4th Psychological Operations Group, Psychological Operations Task Force in Baghdad, Iraq, where I provided IIA contract support for from 2007-2008.

We were basically tasked with moving Psychological Operations (PSYOP) from airplane dropped leaflets, to tactically targeting social networks, blogs, and online news feeds.  It was truly a challenge, as the Department of Defense was strictly prohibited from EVER targeting or influencing American citizens. Other such government agencies with three letter acronyms did not have such restrictions.

It was 2007, and the true potential of Information Operations using social media was just being understood.  Apple had just announced the release of their “iPhone,” and the smartphone revolution had begun.  Personally, I had been using the HP iPac smartphone since around 2001, but it was mostly a market for nerds until Apple made it “cool.”

Having pioneered this weapon you know as social media “fake news,” I was able to recognize when other countries or organizations were using it to tactically target and influence.  It took me all of a few seconds to recognize it was being use by whom I believe was either North Korea or Russia (Ukraine) to influence social chaos during the Michael Brown riots, and I published this in my blog online in 2014 when I was working on a Defense Department contract in South Korea.  I warned about IIA being used to alter the outcome of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election – in 2015.  I also believe I recognized it being used in March, 2017, by the British intelligence agency, GCHQ, using a “journalist” known as Louise Mensch, to harm President Trump.

I spotted Louise on Twitter by her use of IIA nomenclatures.  She used terms that someone not trained in IIA wouldn’t know, and I quickly made her connection with the British intelligence agency, GCHQ from there.  I responded to one of her tweets, asking how she knew so much about IIA, when seemingly nobody else online had any clue.  She responded to me in typical Tory Twitter Trash fashion, calling me “Hitler,” or “Putin.” I can’t remember for sure, as she calls anyone who threatens her narrative that.  I responded with the fact I didn’t think such attacks were warranted, having served in uniform in Afghanistan alongside British soldiers.  At that point even her supporters said she was out of line, but she continued with hateful remarks, rather than addressing my question.

I felt somewhat vindicated today when I saw a WikiLeaks posting of an email between Louise Mensch and the Clinton campaign back in 2016.

“ To:,, Date: 2016-02-14 16:29 Subject: Fwd: Hillary ad


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Is The “Deep State” Blackmailing Our Justice Department?

Events Suggest The Deep State is Blackmailing Our Justice Department!

The “Deep State” is not some mystical, monolithic cabal that exists within our government and bent on world domination.  I would argue it is a handful of former senior intelligence officials which own privately held corporations that profit from government contracts.  Their power is derived from intelligence data they either obtained during their time as heads of intelligence agencies, and from the government contracts which allow them to collect the intelligence data.  It’s about greed, and nothing else.

As just one of many examples, the private military contracting company, ClearForce, is under the governance of a former National Security Advisor, his son, and former head of the CIA.  The sole purpose of the ClearForce application is to provide companies that have employees with clearances a predictive behavioral threat assessment.  This automated process combines data collected from employees both at work and off.  It uses data collected from social media posts, credit agencies, law enforcement and other “anonymized” sources according to ClearForce’s own website, whatever that means?  My background in intelligence collection suggests anonymized as generally relating to COVERT, or hidden surveillance.

Whether you believe them to be acting nefariously or not, I believe these people jeopardize the integrity of America’s laws, and do so for the purpose of profit.  What if they found out, whether from their previous positions as heads of America’s most powerful intelligence agencies, or through intelligence contracts with their companies, that a current or former Attorney General, Senator, or member of Congress had done something illegal, and used this information to keep them from ever being investigated?  Did they, I have no idea, but could they, absolutely yes they could if they so desired.

During Jeff Sessions recent testimony, he was asked if the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, could investigate himself, which should be a seemingly very simple answer for anyone, NO!  Instead, AG Sessions defended Rosenstein as being a good and honorable man, and left it up to him.

I don’t care how good and honorable you are, the integrity of our entire Justice Department is jeopardized if you allow the head of an intelligence agency to investigate themselves.

Look at the money now retired general Jones made in defense department contracts while he was the NATO Supreme Allied Commander, and as Obama’s National Security Advisor. His family owned defense contracting company made millions of dollars in defense contracts while in office.  Would someone that would do something like that use information he collected to blackmail a sitting Attorney General or head of the FBI to ensure questions were not asked about his business dealings?  I don’t know, but that is why they shouldn’t be allowed to do it, which is the only way you could be sure they wouldn’t.

Our nations only defense from foreign and domestic threats comes from America’s Department of Justice and FBI.  For the Deep State to exist, they must control these organizations from the top.  My case in point would be the testimony before the Senate of both former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

During the Senate testimony of  AG Lynch in the summer of 2016, she was repeatedly asked under oath if it was illegal to knowing divulge Top Secret classified information to someone without the appropriate clearance.  To anyone that holds a clearance, that answer is very simple, with the apparent exception of  then Attorney General Lynch, whom refused to acknowledge it would be illegal after being repeatedly asked under oath.  She was, of course, protecting Hillary Clinton from an email Hillary sent to a staffer that didn’t want to send a classified email on an unclassified network.   This staffer was instructed by Hillary in her email response to simply remove the SECRET classification header from the top of the classified email, and send it to her that way. In case you’re wondering, if something labeled as classified is no longer classified because you have removed the classified label at the top of the page, it is not, and that is TOTALLY illegal.

So when I ask myself why would such highly educated people – the top attorneys in our country – ignore or defend such obviously unethical or criminal behavior?  The only reason I can think of is that someone has information that could destroy their careers or land them in prison, and they’re being blackmailed.  Nothing else makes any sense, and is it so hard to believe?  Our intelligence agencies are out of control with the illegal collection of phone calls, emails and other data.

They justify the warrantless collection of this data to American’s saying it is all carefully controlled through FISA courts, but everyone knows that’s not true, and has witnessed countless times these protocols have been circumvented.   Even if you ignore the mountains of evidence release by Edward Snowden and how it has been abused by our intelligence agencies, the leaks following the election of President Trump is evidence of massive abuse.  Those of you on the left whom think this is all good, should think very carefully, because it will most likely happen to you next time…

I go into this and much more in my book, Victim of the Swamp: How the “Deep State” Destroyed the 40-Year-Old Private.  It is available now in paperback both on Amazon, and at my GoFundMe campaign:



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Voice of America Pushes Iran Propaganda

Voice of America Pushes Iran Propaganda Using MSNBC Producers; Report Claims Anti-US Narrative – None Spoke Farsi!

So much in the news today are stories about fake news, so I would like to take a moment and help you understand what #FakeNews truly is. As a subject matter expert in social media psychological warfare, this comment caught my eye. In a recent tweet by President Trump he made a very carefully crafted claim;

“…It is very possible that those sources don’t exist but are made up by fake news writers. #FakeNews is the enemy!” 

This was not said by accident! You know the president has access to pretty much everything in the intelligence world at the highest levels of classification. That said, this post is about #FakeNews at the unclassified level called Voice of America. It is a taxpayer funded, self-licking ice cream cone of appropriations which seems to be lacking in oversight. What the president was referring to were state or privately funded IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) tactical social media PSYOP campaigns.  Often these operations will include IO, or Information Operations, which involves more clandestine/anonymized tactical operations, often which tie into a main IIA operation.

The reports surrounding the performance of both VOA TV and Radio broadcast starts out with 2 scathing reports by Senator Tom Coburn to President George W. Bush.

Here is the link to the original NewsMax Story

The report stated, and I quote,

“Undermines U.S. policy on Iran, often even supporting the propaganda of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

You will not believe the examples the report sites, it will make you either laugh until you cry, or just simply cry? A pro American narrative is in VOA’s mission statement, and they reportedly had requested an additional $50 million in taxpayer funding from the Congress just the previous year. Yes, the good old days when money was no object in the Middle East for stuff that doesn’t work. Perhaps this seemingly impossible to believe report will make a little more sense when I tell you that VoA hired MSNBC producers, and they didn’t speak Farsi, the primary language.

For those of you that have never heard of Voice of America (VOA,) it is essentially a crappy version of Russia’s far more popular, RT (Russian TV.) A good analogy would be to compare the ratings of FOX News and MSNBC, as a good example. To keep it simple (and historically accurate) we can use VoA’s to represent MSNBC barrel bottom ratings, and RT’s ratings can be more realistically represented by FOX News. Why anyone would be surprised that by hiring MSNBC producers, you would get the same dismal results in the ratings.

So much of what you hear in the news following the 2016 Presidential election, is how Russia was meddling in our sovereign, democratic election process – again. U.S. officials on both sides of the isle express their feigned outrage,while the U.S. Government run VoA goes plugging right along, messing with the sovereignty of other nations elections. The hypocrisy is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. The real outrage should be that we’re getting our asses kicked by the Russians in social media, broadcast radio, TV PSYOP (Psychological Operations) and IO (Information Operations) like hacking.

One obvious explanation for VoA having ratings comparable to MSNBC, is that we contracted MSNBC producers to provide propaganda for America’s foreign policy narrative in Iran. One can only assume this liberal infiltration is systemic throughout VOA’s global presence. Going at least as far back as the beginning of George W. Bush’s second term, strange things began to happen with VOA’s political agenda,

The VOA’s Persian services Washington, D.C. office was managed by an Iranian/American Sheila Ganji, and it was her VOA email address published on WikiLeaks that came up in an unrelated search. According to an intra-agency report,  I go into more detail on this in another post, and on our weekly podcast at I pushed to use the public, VoA proxy servers used at that time to help Iranians get outside information, but found out Obama had cut funding for these servers within his first month or so in office.  Looking back over the last 8 years of Obama, I can’t help but see a connection to him with Iran, which we are not party to.

According to the NewsMax article, a U.S. Interagency steering group submitted a report stating, “neither network has been effective at representing the views of the U.S. government, a mission defined in VOA’s charter, let alone at promoting democracy.”

In one broadcast, NewsMax reported the following;

In one April 18, 2006, program devoted to Iran’s nuclear program, for example, VOA News invited two nuclear “experts.” One of them was a Mr. Nakhai.

“VOA News did not describe his academic and/or professional affiliations. As it turns out, Mr. Nakhai was an adviser to the Iranian regime and a defender of its nuclear policy,” the report found.

Another show, broadcast on April 14, 2006, was devoted to U.S. policy toward Iran, inviting guests who were almost uniformly critical of the administration.

Here is what NewsMax quoted as the most “stunning” example;

Perhaps the most stunning comments were made by Hoover Institution scholar Abbas Milani, who recently has been called to testify in Congress as an “expert” on the pro-democracy movement in Iran by Rep. Tom Lantos, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

In a segment devoted to Iranian human rights abuses, Milani was asked how can a country that violates human rights be a defender of international human rights?

“I think that what you are saying is 100% correct, that is why the U.S. is in a problematic position because of this,” Milani replied. “An America that has the Guantanamo Bay jail in it, an America in which minorities, blacks, have suffered from legal deprivations, without a doubt has international issues with regards to this. . . .”

The VOA host thanked Milani for his answer. “Of course, the country I was referring to as the violator of human rights which cannot be a defender of international human rights was the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he added.

My jaw just dropped to the ground when I first read that. I hope all of yours did as well.

Voice of America is a fully attributable U.S. government run news organization, but there are also programs that many governments run that are somewhat less than attributable, if not entirely COVERT.  These project can include building completely legitimate online news organizations, much like, as an educated guess/example? Contract “journalists” will produce their deliverables to support a carefully orchestrated narrative using state of the art, tactical IIA/IO project management tools. On the left, compliments of the UK’s own GCHQ, I strongly suspect this total lunatic, Louise Mensch (@LouiseMensch), and on the right, Mike Cernovich/Jack Posobiac. I use my experience and knowledge as a subject matter expert in this to make these statements. I don’t have the resources to prove anything. I would guess worldwide there are more than a thousand fake journalists, or even real journalists, that are paid contractors.

The application I developed for the DoD while under contract for Dynology, would be a perfect example of tactical IIA/IO you would want use in such an operation. Think of it as a fake news project management application. Dynology was owned by General James Jones, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Obama’s National Security Advisor, and lifelong friend of John McCain. Dynology is a preferred partner with Paul Manafort’s company, whom is also friends with Brietbart’s, Steve Bannon. All of these people are deeply connected to politically motivated social media, top level elections, and the social media PSYOP application I pioneered, which anyone wanting to alter the outcome of an election through the use of social/streaming media would require. Smoking gun? No. Enough for federal investigators to look more closely at, I believe so.


I found a name online in the Vault7 document dump by WikiLeaks. I wasn’t looking for it, but rather it came up in an internet search I was doing. That said, an email address I saw led me to this article about a scathing report that came out in a 2007 NewsMax article regarding the VoA, Iran. I sent an email to the person who’s information had shown up in the online WikiLeaks CIA document dump letting them know what I had found, but did not receive a response.

What makes this article news, is my reporting on the VOA’s use of anonymized proxy servers to help spread American values throughout the world. Proxy servers allow people in countries where access to social media, like FaceBook, and many other sources of information, is blocked. Users can circumvent Geo-location filters by installing free proxy software on your computer. Unlike VOA’s TV and Radio broadcasts which are banned from viewing in Iran, you don’t need to install a large dish or antenna, which makes it easy for Iranian officials to spot. It costs pennies on the dollar compared to over the air broadcasts, and imagine what someone could do installing malware in VOA’s proxy software. Keep reading to discover what the Obama administration did to VOA’s anonymized proxy program in his first few weeks in office.

I go into more detail on this subject in my book, Victim of the Swamp: How the “Deep State” Destroyed the 40-Year-Old Private. I am trying to get a message out on a topic I have been paid heavily to corrupt, social media/fake news. As you can image, I am not getting a lot of support from online journalists. We need your help in retweeting this article to your friends and family.

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Official Book Launch Press Release

October 17, 2017


Announcing an Oct. 28th Book Launch and Signing at Starbucks in Clearwater, FL

Clearwater, FL, October 17, 2017– Independent publisher Patrick Bergy, author of Victim of the Swamp: How the “Deep State” Destroyed the 40-Year-Old Private, is celebrating with an official book launch at the Feather Sound Starbucks in Clearwater, Florida.

Beginning with Mr. Bergy’s non-partisan run for Supervisor of Elections in 2004, his enlistment in the Army at the age of 40, and subsequent years as a private military contractor, he strives to expose the fraud, waste, and abuse between our government, military, and the military industrial complex.

“I was a proud American with a good home, beautiful wife, and four children. I was blessed to serve at the ‘Tip of the Spear’ as a Private First Class in Afghanistan, providing Information Security. While I was taking home less than $2,000 a month after taxes, the private contractors sitting next to me were making $20,000 a month, most of which was tax-free.”

Mr. Bergy pioneered social media psychological warfare for the Defense Department from 2007-2010. He expresses concerns about the dangers of tactical social media warfare’s influence in his book, by those that seek to profit politically and financially, from both foreign and domestic threats. He exposes the dangerous relationships between the highest levels of our government and the military industrial complex, hoping to prove those responsible are also accountable.

“After years of documented retaliation by my employer and government officials for filing multiple official reports of fraud, waste, and abuse, my career was ended. After being threatened for refusing to provide classified network access to a government employee that didn’t have the required documentation, I filed my final report. The very next day they modified the multi-million-dollar contract I had been supporting for the previous 5 years, removing only my position. Within days of my departure, the contract was modified back to its original requirements, and I was replaced.”

You can purchase Patrick Bergy’s new book on Amazon, or by visiting Mr. Bergy’s crowd funding site at: Event Address: 2577 Ulmerton Rd., Clearwater, Florida.

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McCain Manafort Election Tampering

McCain, Manafort; Connections to 2016 Russian False Flag & 2010 Ukrainian Election Tampering.

by Patrick Bergy

You must assume the words that come from a politician’s mouth is simply BS until proven otherwise. Ignore this rule at your own fate! Understanding this, do you just accept John McCain’s very public anti-Russian persona? It is not my intention to question the integrity of anyone in this post, but it is important to ask direct questions, and expect direct answers. Before dismissing what I am saying, know that I spent the last decade in the deepest depths of the DC swamp. I held an above Top Secret clearance, and provided support at the highest levels of the U.S. Government, both in and out of uniform. I know how these people operate. There is nobody better to fight these people, than someone that has been a part of it. My career and life were destroyed after being let go because of having to much integrity to lie. Read the facts below and decide for yourself.

I went to work for Dynology Corporation in October, 2007.  They sent me to Camp Liberty in Baghdad, Iraq in support of the Joint Psychological Operations Task Force (JOPTF) to develop pioneering technology in social media psychological operations (IIA PSYOP) and information operations (IO.) IIA, which stands for Interactive Internet Activities, was in its infancy at this time. (See IIA DoD definition at bottom of post.)

I cannot discuss what we did with the applications I helped in pioneering for the Department of Defense, or discuss anything to do with the dissemination process. There are 100’s of potential uses for an application like this, both good and bad. Once it became an off the shelf product my company made publicly available, is where my background as an SME in social media psychological warfare begins to theorize potential threats.

I urge everyone to take what I say with the highest of value, based on nearly a decade with the DoD. Dismiss ANYTHING I am telling you at your personal fate, and that of our democracy. 

We lost the Iraq contract the following year in a re-compete, but Dynology was somehow allowed to maintain the intellectual property rights for the application we were paid for developing by the Department of Defense. Appears to be the rule, not the exception but I don’t understand how it would be allowed. “Image #1” above is an unclassified beta version snapshot of the iPSY application. Notice how it is capable of incorporating IO (anonymized, covert) with IIA to support tactical, computer network operations.

The defense department paid for the application to be entirely rebuilt by the company that won the re-bid and replaced us. Strangely, as you will read in my book, Victim of the Swamp, we discovered the new company didn’t know the project had an IT component, required an IIA application or two full time IT guys. They told us this while trying to get us to stay on and help them. No wonder they won as the lowest bidders. Swamp is deep folks and I don’t want to drift into an Off Topic Post. Still, it doesn’t seem like the best use of taxpayer dollars by Obama’s acting National Security advisor. I personally was tasked with producing the marketing slicks for commercial sale of this tactical social media psychological warfare application. This application can do many things. We called the retail beta version of the application iPSY. It can be used to help change the hearts and Minds of two warring factions, or in helping to move milk off the shelf at your local grocery store. The covert and anonymity capability are perfect for a Police Department to catch child Predators online.

Another thing it is capable of is altering the outcome of a presidential election. In fact, if those currently suspected of influencing the 2016 US elections were to have done it, they would require a project management tool with the exact same capabilities as what I developed for Dynology. There is an uncomfortably close relationship to ret. Gen. James Jones, Obama’s National Security Advisor. Think of it as a project management tool for coordination/ dissemination for IO (hacking/malware/covert “false flag” operations,) and IIA, for social media psychological warfare. This would include managing the narrative using fake blogs, websites and the Main stream media that any country or private project would have on their payroll.  Let that sink in for a minute, and continue reading for now.

Here is where it starts to get interesting. Dynology is a family-owned business that was founded by retired 4 star Marine General James Jones. With his son, Jim Jones, at the helm.

Dynology has bid on and won Millions in defense department contracts, many while General Jones was acting in an official capacity as President Obama’s National Security Advisor! 

I bet many other companies that sometimes spend hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more on bidding contracts would not be happy to find out they lost to a company that was owned by Obama’s National Security Advisor. I think most will agree the potential for abuse is unacceptable.

The close, lifelong relationship between General Jones and Senator McCain is well documented. His son, Jim Jones, worked his first job as an intern for John McCain. So we have this very well-documented relationship between John McCain, General Jones and Dynology.

Now enter Paul Manafort, the person listed in several articles, one being an article from The Huffington Post listed below, as a primary suspect in influencing the Ukrainian elections, as well as the 2016 elections here in the US. Paul Manafort’s work with John McCain campaigns go back well over a decade. John McCain has thus far simply denied any knowledge of Paul Manafort and his work with the Ukrainian election in 2010. McCain’s denial did not seem to sit well with the Huffington Post reporter, as McCain and Manafort shared an office during that time.

Could John McCain have potentially organized a tactical IIA/IO that was designed to show collusion between President Trump, his campaign staff and the Russians? McCain’s lifelong relationship with General Jones, Obama’s National Security Advisor and NATO Supreme Allied Commander, and the development of social media psychological warfare applications by Dynology, would suggest this is who John McCain would reach out to.

As Obama’s former National Security advisor, General Jones would make a powerful Ally with strong ties to the intelligence community. Dynology’s technical capabilities and having people in place at the highest level in our intelligence community would be required to accomplish what reports suggest Paul Manafort was involved with. With all the speculation going around regarding the Russian narrative, I’ve never heard anyone ask and answer the question of how they would do it?

This theory goes a long way towards answering that question of how. If true, it would likely provide investigators with a trail to follow the money. You don’t just wake up one day and decide to alter the outcome of the U.S. (or Ukrainian) presidential election by calling The Geek Squad. These are covert, multi-million-dollar operations that require battlefield tested applications, anonymized proxy servers, likely in a server rack in Prague, project managers and analysts. I am not a strong believer in coincidence, and thus far John McCain’s excuse is ignorance – on 3 separate occasions.

Below is a link to the Google Way Back Machine snapshot of Paul Manafort’s corporate website.  

I came across this link in the WikiLeaks, Vault7 CIA files, for those of you keeping score…

If you’re looking for the swamp, look no further than the relationship between our government, the military, and the military industrial complex. Contractors, like me, provide plausible deniability to our clients in the government. This is why military contractors are used so frequently comma and show up so often in situations like Hillary Clinton’s email server, where the contractor was responsible for the server, yet so many emails were destroyed or missing. Clinton’s system administrator plead the 5th during Senate hearings, and there was nothing in the law to go after him and compel him to answer.

Contractors, contrary to popular belief, do not have protection under US whistle-blower laws. If a contractor did speak up, that contractor would ruin his career and his life. Believe me, I know this to be true from first-hand experience. My life in career was destroyed after coming forward with an official report of fraud waste and abuse.

If we are ever to drain the swamp, we need to begin by providing strong whistle-blower protection to those who are willing to speak out, even at their own personal risk. We do not abandon these people or throw them under the bus, they are the only way we will ever drain the swamp.