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Anyone that purchased a copy of Victim of the Swamp or OPERATION: SHADOW-GATE can use the link here. Just go to the Order-Notes page, enter your name and order number as it appeared, and you can add up to 140 characters of your thoughts/feelings on the Shadow-Gate cover-up. 

UPDATE TO SHIPPING: I’ll be able to take submissions up to JULY 18th, but after that I need to get to the printers for shipping. I apologize for the delay, but I can’t publish a book if it isn’t ready based on a date I really wanted to hit, and many events, including but not limited to the demand letter for defamation lawsuit sent by my attorney for $150 million to Alex Jones/Infowars was a big one that had to be included. 

I’ve been sending this link in emails and posted to social media, but those don’t always reach the intended recipient. 

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Ali Abdul Akbar Congressional Subpoena Request To Bilirakis

Today I submitted a memorandum to Congressman Gus Bilirakis at his office in the government center in New Port Richey, FL.

I’ve attached below a copy of the stamped documents I submitted to his office. I also provided the receptionist with a copy of my new book, OPERATION SHADOW-GATE: The Hacking of Mankind’s Shadow,” as well as my first book, “Victim of the Swamp.” Both are critical to the story and are factually accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also provided a copy of my Dynology hire letter and our IIA proposal as evidence to support my claims as a whistle-blower.

It is critical that Millie Weaver, myself, Tore, Gavin and Chuck are all allowed to testify to provide context to the evidence the J6 Congressional Committee is seeking in the testimony of Akbar and others. Hopefully, this may even for the subpoena’s of others not yet compelled to provide testimony, such as Sidney Powell, whom provided aid and comfort to Ali Abdul Akbar, while throwing me, and Afghanistan Veteran and verified DoD whistle-blower under the bus. We MUST get answers to why/how these things were allowed to happen, and get to the bottom of Millie Weaver’s arrest while uploading the documentary, Shadow-Gate.

This picture was taken on January 5th, 2021, in DC at the Women’s March with Dustin, Millie, Gavin, Tore, Patrick Byrne and others. In this picture I was walking next to Akbar asking him to, “hey, Akbar, call me a junkie veteran to my face like you did on social media you fucking terrorist piece of shit” is what I believe my exact words were. I was there as a VIP guest and had promised Dustin I would behave, so I didn’t take things any further. I was the ONLY person at that event calling out Akbar as an IIA asset.

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In this episode I discuss the recent Joe Rogan broadcast where he was  warning about the potential constitutional implications of weaponizing social media, MSM and using it to circumvent our democratic republic.

I then played of clip of his friend, Alex Jones, confessing to those very crimes. 

It is important to understand this is bigger than any of us can really fully understand, even me. We’re playing with weapons and technology we don’t even understand. American, as a Christian nation, is truly under attack by evil, and the threat is both foreign and domestic.

This evil is attempting to weaponize humanities “shadow” and whatever or whomever that connects to doesn’t seem to like what we’re doing. That just my prediction on the last part, but there’s more than ample evidence to support everything else. 


The BERGY BITS are previews taken from The BERGY-BIT broadcast and are available to view without a subscription. If you’d like to view the full episode and help support our mission, please consider subscribing to The American Awakening. 

You can watch the full episode on FreedomStream.TV with you American Awakening subscription. 

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Origins of an Awakening

We Need Everyone!

I put this together pretty quick today between setting up a new video production server. It’s my hope to begin having a daily conversation to keep people engaged in these critical issues from tech giants and the deep-state cabal’s running them.

Russell Brand touched on how this all happened and what the core of the problem really is; security versus privacy.

And what would be an Awakening if it didn’t include everyone… even aliens?


Thank-you very much for watching and your support!

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Scott Bennett Interviews Bergy on Infowars Lawsuit


Scott Bennett Interview!

Scott sent me this audio file from our interview last week and said post away, so I did. I think you’ll enjoy it. A different perspective of what happened in DC post-election from two people that were there with Patrick Byrne, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn and a cast of MIC contractors, spies and journalists. Hard to tell them apart at times.

Your data privacy, election integrity, job… You have an opportunity to help expose this and stop it. I can’t do this alone. My information is fact-based/fact-witness and forensically verifiable. If you have any questions, I do my best to answer.

Thank-you ALL for your support!

PFC Patrick Bergy

For More Information...

Please follow the link below to view the demand letter, my sworn affidavit and how you can help support the most important trial in our nation.

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Infowars Lawsuit – Is America In A Psychological War of Psychopaths?

Steve Pieczenik & Alex Jones Discussing U.S. Coup D’etat?

One question former PFC Patrick Bergy has for Infowars and Alex Jones, “were you and Steve Pieczenik telling the truth when you literally both said you’re telling the truth in the attached video?”

There are several points connecting their comments to my case against Alex Jones.

1. “who were the USSOCOM Generals and staff officer’s you were talking about?” I worked at CENTCOM and supported SOCOM/JMISC! The potentially treasonous activities I was exposing in Shadow-Gate is plausibly someone connected and could have been the reason Alex Jones & Co. attacked Shadow-Gate? We’ll find this out in discovery!

2. “Did Trump really know about what you and Steve were doing?”

Evidence I have suggests no, and I have a lot; forensically verifiable. Mueller said Psy-Group had offered the same IIA services ShadowNet provided and Mueller stated Trump turned them down. My guess is they did ask Trump, he rejected, then these retired generals just told Jones & Co. Trump was on board and worked it into their PSYOP. Alex Jones would have been an easy target with his admitted substance abuse and claims of blackmail. Trump would have taken a hard pass on working with that crew. Seriously!

3. “Were you, Steve and others either active duty, prior service or private military contractors, running an influence operation feeding emails to Wikileaks (Julian Assange) as Steve said?”

This is important because as I’ve stated, I believe Wikistrat was Wikileaks. Wikistrat has on its board retired generals James Jones, Obama’s NSA & NATO SACEUR, and Obama’s former CIA Director, Gen. Michael Hayden, both subjects in my Qui Tam federal whistle-blower lawsuit filed in January, 2020. If true, this would be a stupid move tactically that demonstrates ZERO understanding of IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) Influence Operations, as Bergy was exposing in Shadow-Gate. You lost the moment you hijacked good Patriot movements and turned a cyber war into a virtual soup-sandwich between Antifa/Proud Boys in the world’s biggest LARP war. Seriously, people, you win an IIA war with FAITH – TRUTH – KNOWLEDGE! – NOT KINETICS! Does Assange’s attorney know about this?

If discovery and sworn testimony proves what Steve and Alex Jones said was true, that’s treason my friends. I say that with over a decade with the Department of Defense as an IASO (Information Assurance Security Officer) and know the regulations well. I help write some of them.

Hillary doesn’t get out of this conversation either. Their claims that Hillary’s people were also pulling the same IIA operation I’m pretty sure they used in Egypt during the Arab Spring, (to less that positive results I would add.) You should have used the The Sunni Awakening as your model, and brought people together, not LARP in the streets while you rake in millions in financial contributions of good American patriots.

If true, and it looks like it is, PFC Bergy will push for the highest penalties the law will allow and will recommend JAG and DoJ follow closely. He will provide them ANY assistance they request.

If it was some sort of counter-intel operation to prevent a coup d’etat, it was the dumbest one in the history of the world, not the first 😉

You can find out more and help support our lawsuit to take back America’s Independence, Election integrity, protect patriotic movements and data privacy here?

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Emails Show FOX Journalist John Roberts Solicited Trump White House On Behalf Of Obama NSA DC Lobby Firm

Nepotism Running Thick At FOX News Between White House Correspondents & DC Lobby Firm Seeking 5G & Visa For Albanian Government Official.

In Patrick Bergy’s first book, ‘Victim of the Swamp‘ he warned about the relationships between the Military Industrial Complex and Main Stream Media, SPECIFICALLY as it related to Jones Group International and General James Jones, Obama’s former National Security Advisor and former NATO SACEUR. This is the smoking gun!

In the first email Gen. Jones thanked John Roberts for, “connecting us.” Roberts, and FOX News White House correspondent works daily with his FOX White House correspondent, Gillian Turner, whom was previously the Vice President of Jones Group International, a DC Lobby owned and founded by Gen. Jones. 

I don’t have the resources to investigate this, but several colleagues I’ve shown this to, including an attorney, felt there could be potential nepotism and even FARA violations for failing to register as soliciting on behalf of a foreign agent.

In December 2018, I spoke with Judge Jeanine Pirro and Sara Carter about my work for General Jones in pioneering the ShadowNet. I posted the threads to our conversation and other details in my post, “Hannity is Right, Journalism is Dead.”

In January 2019, President Trump posted a tweet about Gillian Turner and John Roberts. In it he was wondering how his poll numbers were way up while Turner and Roberts were attacking his border wall policy. 

In the second email you will see Gen. Jones, at the coordination of John Roberts (I am sure Gillian had no idea her colleague was trying to get her former boss into the White House) was seeking to solicit a Visa for a member of the Albanian Parliament, in direct opposition of the Albanian government, it would appear.

This whole thing is wrought with conflicts of interest and the appearance of impropriety, which can be illegal. It’s this very sort of nepotism we have ethics laws, and it doesn’t seem like Obama’s former staff seem to be concerned about it. How do we know that member of Parliament does not have a financial agreement with Jones Group International or one of Jones’ other MIC corporations? We don’t, which is why even the appearance can be illegal. 

Both John Roberts and Gillian Turner are senior White House correspondents that appear to be using that position to favor old colleagues and cover-up stories like ShadowNet. It exists in all News organizations in DC and must be called out wherever found as unacceptable.

Perhaps Trump was right when he made this post just a few days after receiving the request from Gen. Jones and there was a COUP! I will try to update more soon as new information emerges. 

ALL White House journalists should call for the removal of both John Roberts and Gillian Turner as White House correspondents. I also believe Department of Justice should take a very close look. 

The American Awakening FOX News John Roberts Ethics 20210519 YouTube Premier!

Please join me as I discuss the White House emails I received showing “journalist” John Roberts providing a DC Lobby firm owned by Obama’s National Security Advisor ACCESS TO THE WHITE HOUSE!

These emails were EXEMPT from FOIA and had they not been provided to me; you’d have NEVER seen them. Now you have, so what are you going to do? You going to take the “greater good” argument and ignore this blatant nepotism, or are you going to help stop it?

I don’t think the video will play here as a Premier, but posted the link just the same. Just click, “watch on YouTube.”


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Gavin and Bergy Take Call from Tore

Gavin and Bergy Take Call From Tore

Stereo Call with Gavin Wince

This was a great broadcast with Gavin Wince on Stereo. The whole episode is below, but I wanted to share with you this clip when Gavin takes a call from Tore about what she’d uncovered with AOC.

In earlier conversations with Tore and Millie we had discussed AOC and how she was almost certainly an IIA asset, whether knowingly or unwittingly. In defense of my analysis, she did get the job answering to a casting call. My question was always, who funded the casting call? 

Tore apparently had figured that question out and I hadn’t been aware of what she’d discovered and published on her site earlier, so my surprise was very much real.

In her first message Tore points out a connection she had found with a Veteran non-profit that would make a direct connection to Gen. James Jones. I haven’t read what Tore has on it at the time of my posting this, but any connection to the AOC casting call and any of my former colleagues is not good, let alone the boss.

This is what our democratic republic has been reduced to, and it’s being played on both the Democrats and Republicans, and we’re funding the development of these social media psychological warfare applications as taxpayers.

There was a brief discussion about whether-or-not Tore, much like the Kim’s of North Korea, did in fact have a “bunghole?” Turns out she does, and confirmed that bit of breaking news when she called back leaving a message that she did have a bunghole, and that another prediction I had made just moments after Tore’s first call came true that there would be a connection to Lincoln Group. Surprise, there was. 

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Shadow-Gate Civil Lawsuit Fund

Shadow-Gate Civil Lawsuit Fund

Please help support the Shadow-Gate Civil Lawsuit Fund above.  We require approximately $50,000 to get our case into the discovery phase of a trial. We will need to do this quickly over the next few months. This case will change the course of American history and will be recorded in American history books, but we can’t do it without your help!

Texas Attorney Kellye Sorelle has sent a defamation demand letter to Alex Jones, Inforwars for $150 million dollars in damages to Mr. Bergy. He will be seeking a jury trial in Texas. This trial will be to prove if the information provided in Shadow-Gate was true, and if true, what was the reason for them to use fabricated stories, fake personas and other means exposed in Shadow-Gate to discredit the documentary? Maybe, in the process, we can get to the bottom of the arrest of Millie Weaver.

Please help by contributing what you can to this lawsuit. I put together the video below to help explain more.

Shadow-Gate Infowars Lawsuit

Bottom line is I can’t do this without your financial support.

Our nation is under attack, and the people we’re trusting to protect us, are betraying us. Please take a look at the video here and the affidavit listed below. That affidavit will be cleaned up and submitted as evidence, so I wanted to put it out there now.

Please visit our transparency site to see funds raised, who we are and how everything is being managed. 

The Case

Patrick Bergy’s case is based on the information he has provided in the demand letter / affidavit on the right. 

The information is all forensically verifiable and based off a DoD whistle-blower and fact-witness.

We are filing a civil defamation lawsuit against Alex Jones/Inforwars, but it will quickly call for discovery on USA Today, Politifact, Facebook, Twitter, Atlantic Council, Ali Alexander (aka Ali Akbar) and Kaitlyn Bennett, Roger Stone…. More may be added.

Millie, Gavin and Tore are not listed in this lawsuit. Mr. Bergy wanted to keep this strictly based on proving the claims Mr. Bergy made in Shadow-Gate were true, and that in discrediting and attacking Shadow-Gate, Mr. Bergy was defamed. It is of Mr. Bergy’s opinion that Tore, Millie and Gavin all have very serious and legitimate claims, and how their personal grievences are handled is up to them. 

Mr. Bergy intends to show that the above conspired to lie and defame Patrick Bergy, Tore, Millie Weaver and Gavin Wince immediately following the release of Shadow-Gate and the arrest of journalist Millie Weaver as she was uploading it. Mr. Bergy believes this was done to hide other crimes, potentially to include treason.

This was all done as part of a organized, tactical conspiracy that the release of Shadow-Gate threatened to expose, which may have prevented the violence in DC on January 6th had this tactical, coordinated attack not have occurred. This can be assumed based on the fact key assets that attacked Shadow-Gate with fabricated articles, personas and other sources, are now being investigated by the Department of Justice for the incitement of January 6th, and are being accused of the very same things Shadow-Gate was exposing. Evidence as such is presented in this affidavit as well as additional sources and witness testimony. 

Links to Shadow-Gate, Shadow-Gate 2 and PSYOP The Steal are included below. An American journalist was arrested here, and more are being arrested every day.

Please support the Shadow-Gate legal fund and help fix a problem that is threatening to destroy our country. 

Order Patrick Bergy’s true story of fraud, waste and abuse between our government, military, social media, MSM and the Military Industrial Complex, ‘Victim of the Swamp: How the Deep-State Destroyed the 40-Year-Old Private’ today!

Pre-Order his forthcoming book, OPERATION: SHADOW-GATE and get a behind the scene view of the DC swamp post-Shadow-Gate and 2020 Presidential elections, “Stop the Steal” efforts by Patrick Byrne, Sidney Powell, Gen. Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, Mayor Rudy Guiliani and a host of DC swamp creatures/social media influencers in a race to the bottom.