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After receiving a litigation hold notice by Abbe Lowell, one of Hunter Biden's lawyers & fully cooperating with them, I was engaged by Aaron Seroka, who also goes by the name, Stefan Serafini, claiming to be working with another Biden lawyer, Kevin Morris. These are the documents I've just...
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The American Awakening Podcast on – 2023-03-23: 7-9PM EDT! 

On Monday, March 3rd, 2023, PFC Bergy received certified mail a request from Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, to preserve all records relating to Hunter Biden, going all the way back to January, 2008.

This letter was based on a letter I mailed to Director of National Security and Hunter Biden’s attorney offering my testimony and evidence to provide more context to the laptop data chain of custody, if you could call it that. Regardless of the authenticity of the data, which is what Rudy Giuliani asked me to verify, once Tore the “time-traveling” 212 MENSA got her chubby little nubs on it, NO RESPONSIBLE news outlet would have published anything they couldn’t verify independently of the data physically on the drive. Tore was a “poison pill” and all I did was force their hand early. I’m assuming they wanted to let some fabricated information into the congressional hearings as we’re getting further into the 2024 election season, and then exposing it and the “time-traveler” they got the data from, which would have been exposed in Hunter’s lawsuit, regardless of my actions. Just like Rudy held the data as an October surprise, democrats would do the same with Tore the Hutt at a time and location of their choosing. 

Tonight’s show features:

  • Hunter Biden Lawsuit (PFC Bergy Served)
  • Tore – Trimarco Interview
  • Lev Parnas Twitter Space With Millie Weaver & Tore


On or near February 28, 2023, PFC Bergy e-mailed and sent by USPS to one, a memorandum for record (MFR) in Re: Hunter Biden’s Request for Investigation of Various Individuals, to provide my statement of events I participated in that helped provide the Assistant Attorney General for National Security, Matthew G. Olsen, Esq., more context in the request for investigation of various individuals submitted by Mr. Lowell – a LOT more!

It is my understanding that from this document to DoJ and Lowell, a discrepancy with Garrett Ziegler’s time-line of receiving the laptop and my affidavit, and that Garrett has been notified of this. You’ll hear audio clips between Tore and Trimarco a bit later to support my claims of Tore Maras’ possession of the data, and who she gave it to, including, I was told, Don Trump Jr., whom Tore invited me to join her in meeting as an attempt to get me to stay in New York, but I declined her offer. I’m glad I did, but also want to know if Tore did in fact meet with Don Jr. right after her next meeting with Rudy about Hunter’s laptop.

I believe Tore is a “poison pill” time-traveler with a deliverable to get close to anyone they want to discredit or destroy, and there’s a long list of her victims than me. As you will see, Tore had her hands on Hunter’s junk since at least January, likely before. I believe, but don’t have evidence yet, that Millie, Tore, and Gavin were involved with Hunter’s laptop and Giuliani prior to Millie Weaver’s arrest while uploading ShadowGate on August 14, 2020, just 3 months before the 2020 Presidential election.

Bergy Leaving Tore at Marriott


PFC Bergy received a certified letter from Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, in Re: “Litigation Hold Notice for Records Relating to Robert Hunter Biden”

I’ve been asked to preserve all documents as stated in the letter on right, and EXHIBIT #1: Hunter’s poop! Yes, a picture Hunter took of his poop, which I posted on social media, unlike those posting him having sex. I’ve seen the sex video’s and I ain’t going to lie, Hunter is hung like a horse!

The way I see it, post pictures of Hunter having sex and he’s going to become the next Paris Hilton. Hell, Trump would lose a large percentage of his housewife vote. LoL

After frankly admiring some of his work in the sex video’s for a while privately, I decided it was best to only post the pictures Hunter took of his poo, and because children could be exposed, and in homage to South Park, I used an image of Mr. Hanky waiving and saying, “Hi di ho” overtop of Hunter’s actual loaf. I would like to just say on a personal note, wouldn’t it be freaking hilarious if South Park did a Mr. Hanky Christmas Special this year, featuring his cousin, Hunter Hanky! They can all hang out, Mr. Hanky, Hunter and Towelie walking around the West Wing saying, “getting high!”

I had to release something as credible evidence of my claims as a journalist, and however obtained, as an author, the public interest far outweighed any perceived privacy by Hunter based on the public claims of the Mac Shop owner, Mac Isaac. As in IASO [Information Assurance Security Officer] with the Department of Defense for a decade, I never considered releasing anything potentially classified or PII [Personally Identifiable Information] of Hunter or anyone he communicated. At least to the best of my knowledge as I sit here.

Why are they requesting documents related to Hunter Biden from me going back to January, 2008? Are they concerned about something related to Dynology, the company I was working for back in 2008, and something Hunter was involved with, like the ShadowNet?

It’s a legitimate question. Dynology was owned by Gen. James Jones, the National Security Advisor under President Obama and Vice President Biden. Perhaps something related to the ShadowNet and the Obama campaign emails? Election influence? Selling data?



On or near April 6, 2022, Tore Maras did in interview with Mike Trimarco on her Tore Says podcast. In this interview Tore made many claims publicly, she had previously not disclosed outside of my private conversations with her since ShadowGate.


Here are clips from this episode of The American Awakening where I break down the show into smaller segments to share and reference easily. This takes a lot of time and effort, so as always, if you find this useful and would like to help support my efforts, it will be greatly appreciated.

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PFC Bergy Served By Hunter Biden

I will start by saying that I fully intend to comply with this request, as I had previously volunteered any and all information they requested in the affidavit I filed earlier.


I’ll be discussing this more on my Thursday IRN podcast, and will be updating more in my Patreon soon. They are, after all, how I was able to get this far.

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Bari Weiss Refuses to Report on Arrest of American Journalist Tied to Twitter 8 Files

What's The Difference Between a Journalist Paid to Control Narratives and a Government Spy?

A journalist has the right to report on whatever stories they chose, but when they refuse to report or answer questions directly involving stories like the “Twitter Files” she’s reported on for Matt Taibbi and its connections to the arrest of an American journalist, it makes me question their motives. You should as well.

After Lee Fang, an asset of Greg Greenwald, responded to me after his release of Twitter #8 and how it completely exonerated my claims in ShadowGate & qui tam ghosted me, I find Bari Weiss’ refusal to discuss with me further or to report on this to be extremely suspicious at best, and at worst an outright betrayal of journalism. 

The behavior of Bari Weiss and these other so called “independent journalists” seems to be much more in line with my claims of journalists being on the take for DC Lobby firms and the military industrial complex, than simply not finding this story worthy of her time.

I’ve put the email I sent to her, along with her response here so you can read and decide for yourself if what I was exposing to her was not directly related to the release of the Twitter #8 files and the arrest of another so called “American journalist” that worked for Infowars and is connected to many of the IIA assets like Tim Pool, Viva Frei, Gen. Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Lara Logan and others that are so directly connected to Millie Weaver, the “journalist” arrested WHILE she was uploading ShadowGate and livestreamed her arrest to boot.

I’m not a journalist, I’m a whistle-blower wonder what the hell is going on with this Mockingbird Indy media? These questions WILL someday be answered. I will speak before The Congress and there WILL be an investigation into the arrest of the journalist while she was uploading a documentary based on my claims as a DoD whistle-blower.

When that day comes, so called “journalists” like Fang, Weiss, Greenwald and Taibbi will answer for why they buried this story, and the optics publicly won’t be good. 

Is This Why Fang, Taibbi, Greenwald and Weiss are Covering Up ShadowGate & Arrest of an American Journalist?

"Help me! Prove to me they haven’t corrupted every one of you in independent journalism too… or become another corrupt statistic for me to add to a very large list of corrupt journalist. I’m NOT going away and will fight to expose this in testimony before congress, and when that day does come, all of you that could have done something and chose another path, can explain it to your subscribers"

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FTC Demands Internal Twitter Docs on Journalists – Ignored 2019 Bergy Complaint

FTC Report Number: 108755297

In 2019, DoD whistle-blower Patrick Bergy filed a whistle-blower complaint, but it was denied and dropped.

Now, several years later, on the same day Twitter was whining about FTC, Twitter denied Patrick Bergy’s request to restore his @PFC40book account after he flew to Twitter and spoke to executives and explained how he lost his Twitter account on J6 with no explanation, and I was actually exposing Ali Alexander (aka Ali Akbar) and others now considered key figures in the incitement of J6. Akbar has had his Twitter account restored. 

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Time-Traveler Tore Maras Election Fraud Affidavit for Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell's "Time-Traveler" is Tore Maras!

This is the affidavit of Tore Maras that was submitted by Sidney Powell. Tore’s name has been redacted in the filing, which makes me wonder if Sidney Powell didn’t submit it under another name?

Sure reads like Sidney’s time-traveler…

Remember, Patrick Byrne had investigators interview Tore and found she lied all the time and couldn’t be trusted with anything.

Why was Tore’s affidavit submitted to a court knowing she “couldn’t be trusted with anything”?

Tore Maras, Scott Bennett, Patrick Bergy DC Election Fraud Affidavit for Byrne, Powell & Flynn

The following is the combined affidavit’s of Tore Maras, Scott Bennett and Patrick Bergy, submitted or or around late November, early December to Sidney Powell, Patrick Byrne, Joe & Michael Flynn. Millie Weaver and Gavin Wince also contributed to the document.

To the best of Mr. Bergy’s knowledge, only the affidavit of Tore Maras (the one listed above with case number) was submitted in a court filing by Sidney Powell. One way to find out would be to compare the contents of this to the recent Dominion filings, specifically as it relates to “flipping votes” and backdoors.

As you can see, this was basically everything used to falsely  claim the voter fraud used to draw patriots to DC, all put together in one nice package.

I’m not sure if I’d shared this before publicly or if I’d given a copy to Dominion already? 

Notice how Tore made sure Bergy’s affidavit wasn’t included in Sidney Powell’s court filing, and how she literally stole his whistle-blower claims related to Dynology, Cambridge Analytica… 

Nothing Tore included in her affidavit was even remotely verifiable. It was filled with bogus claims of meetings she had in the late 90’s? This woman is an absolute lying grifter that is one of the key people responsible for the abject destruction of Trump’s legacy, and the attempted coup d’état of the United States… by a self-proclaimed time-traveler.

Couldn’t make this stuff up my friends…


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Bergy Request for Investigation to DoJ

MAILED: 02/28/2023

USPS TRACKING: 9410 8361 0602 5503 8650 66

Here is the exact document I’ve just mailed to the Department of Justice. As you will see, it is nearly exactly the same as the one filed by Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, requesting an investigation into EVERYONE that touched and disseminated contents of the Hunter Biden Laptop.

I’ve listed the key figures I was involved with or that engaged me that were involved with the laptop. 

After I left NYC, Tore began an orchestrated attack on me, just not publicly. You are seeing it play out right now between Tore, Millie and Gavin on social media. The “X” Millie is referring to is Nathanial Westveer, and is also listed in this affidavit. Right now Millie, Nathan, Tore and Gavin are making claims about who got paid what, but because of how they attacked me and threw me under the bus, I’d say you can’t believe ANY of them; especially when Gavin says, “I’ve got the receipts.” 

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Understanding PSYOP Partnerships w/ Corporate, Non-Governmental (NGO), non-military organizations and the U.S. Military PSYOP community.

Watch Live: http://Twitch.TV/PFC_Bergy

SUPPORT: http://FreedomStream.TV/Contribute




In part 4 of our 10 part series, “What is PSYOP”, one of the topics discussed was the relationship between the military PSYOP community and major social media platforms.

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Below is a sneak peek of this content!

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Tonight in Part 3 of our 10-Part series, I’d like to do a “reaction” video to the 1st Special Forces Command online discussion on Military Civil Affairs and its impact on our Constitution and and the damage we’re causing to the freedom of press, which they’re tasked to protect and defend from all threats, foreign and domestic. 

This is a short clip from my live studio interview with Alex Jones (Infowars) on August 14th, 2020, following the arrest of American journalist, Millie Weaver.


I’ve identified connections to Infowars and the Military Industrial Complex are everywhere, beginning with my arrival at the Infowars studio in Austin, TX. where the studio sits in the middle of Austin’s MIC district near the airport.

Leading up to and following the events of J6, I noticed a very deep, almost competition for influence and money being spread around in DC post-2020 Presidential election with the “Stop the Steal” movement. An incident at an event around Dec. 12th went viral, showing what appeared to be Alex Jones threatening a cowering and fearful retired Gen. Flynn. It was embarrassing to say the least, and within a day, Flynn appeared to have “blinked”, doing an interview with Alex Jones in a room at Trump International Hotel. 

Numerous “conspiracy theories” surround the death of journalist Michael Hastings, some of which I think have merit, but lack actionable evidence. Joe Bigg’s, a friend of Hastings from the Sandbox, initially spoke out publicly about Michael’s death, but later seemed to quiet down after joining team Infowars, later to be arrested for his actions on J6.


As you will see in the email later between myself and the incoming IOTF commander, Maj. Brad Burris, I found myself on a contract working for Leonie Industries in Kabul surrounded by fraud, waste and abuse. Not knowing who to turn to for advice, I reached out to Maj. Burris, who was previously the IIA chief for the JPOTF (Joint Psychological Operations Task Force, Baghdad).


Lara Logan

  • Discuss how I was introduced to Lara and her involvement post-ShadowGate in the incitement of the events on J6
  • Discuss Logan’s work in PSYOP and the Egypt IIA operation that seemingly went south.

Sara Carter

  • Discuss how I was first introduced to Sara and how her betrayal impacted me as a whistle-blower at the time.

Judge Jeanine Pirro

  • Discuss Pirro’s betrayal of me as a whistle-blower and her text message stating she was reaching out to Congressman Devin Nunes. 

Gillian Turner

  • Discuss how I reached out to Gillian and her response.
  • Discuss nepatism in White House with emails from Garrett Ziegler, staffer for Peter Navarro brought into the J6 hearings for his involvement in the December 18th meeting at the White House with Patrick Byrne, Giuliani, Flynn, Powell and Trump


Civil Affairs

6:00 – The rule of primacy

7:15 – Voting

    • Resilient networks and unconventional warfare
    • Using OVERT civil structures and framework to increase cost to adversary.

16:00 – Understanding Competition Space

  • Who is the competition
  • Open source research
  •  How to target & influence

18:20 – Multiple Networks

  • Enemy
  • Friendly
  • Neutral
  • NGO’s
  • CIV/MIL Convergence


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In part 1 of our 10 part series, I touched a bit at first on a more archetypal, origin’s story and then showed a few clips from the U.S. Army 4th Psychological Operations Group (4th POG) out of Fort Bragg, and some of its surrounding organizational structure, like the 8th POG, which the 4th now falls under, as I understand.

I also touched a bit on my personal experience providing contract support to the 4th POG, Baghdad, Iraq, 2007-08′. During that time I worked for Maj. Brad Burris, the IIA Chief on the PSYOP program I was providing contract support for. Brad later went on to be the commander of 8th POG. Altogether I spent from 2007-2010 largely supporting contracts under 4th POG, with the exception of a contract I worked for IOTF (Information Operations Task Force) Kabul, providing many of the same IT services.

I respect the sacred oath I swore with my clearance, and have no intentions of violating that. What I speak about is what’s happening right here, right now, in the USA, and I’m not even sure the Army understands what they are doing or the problem. That is what we will continue to explore in Ghosts in the Machine: PSYWAR – Part 2

Patrick Bergy, 2008 - Baghdad, Iraq (Camp Victory) JPOTF (4th Psychological Operations Group - [4th POG])


Why is misinformation is more important to some than facts? It’s all about IDENTITY & MEANING, and what roles they play in telling the story.

15 Minutes: You want to increase dissonance between the narrative for your adversary, and increase resonance between our friends and those we favor. You need to bring on side together and pull the other apart within the framework of the same story.

20 Minutes: Pathologizing the narrative [victimhood] – Convincing the target they’re a victim. Common recruitment techniques.

35 Minutes: The Meaning Map – the message matters!

38:10 – The MEME’s.

40:00 – Most American’s don’t trust America. That is a statement I agree with, but don’t these PSYOP guys that are known for spreading misinformation and disinformation understand they are part of the problem, as they try to figure out a solution?

47:30 – Counter Messages & Counter Narratives; a bad idea? Offense narrative = putting your own message out instead of theirs. Providing an alternative meaning within your own context is more effective than just saying they are wrong, because there is often enough evidence to support their claims and just countering the message won’t help change their minds. Agree with their narrative, but tell it in a story that shows your way is better for the target.

51:30 – The Outpost

58:00 – “Narratives change over time, much like rivers change their course.”

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ShadowGate 2 – Key’s To The Kingdom

As the New Year fast approaches, I wanted to take a moment to outline FreedomStream.TV and The BERGY-BIT’s focus going forward into 2023 – PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE; aka PSYOP, in military nomenclature. For thousands of years, humans have been perfecting the manipulation of others minds and emotions, but recent emerging technologies over the last few decades has created a new vulnerability on a global scale to humankind like no other that has come before us as a species.

From the advent of the telegram the game was changed. Gone were the days where geographical constraints limited the ability for mass dissemination of information to a limited audience that would then require additional mediums, like newspapers and leaflets to propagate down to its intended target demographics.

Newspapers and leaflets had their own limitations as well being the communication with your target was essentially one way, with a limited ability to generate feedback from the target that would allow you to tailor your message to more effectively expand your overall influence.

Today, social networks provide both a platform to disseminate your message and generate immediate feedback which you can then use to more effectively target masses of people, usually without their knowledge of the planning and often times deception that was used to create the message your target engages. We can build predictive behavioral profiles today pulling in data from hundreds of sources around the world, using artificial intelligence to know exactly what message you need to send to exactly what group or groups of individuals you are targeting. 

For the next two-years leading up to the 2024 Presidential election, The BERGY-BIT will be focused on PSYOP used by our government, corporations, military, lobby firms, politicians and other non-governmental organizations to influence our perceptions of the world around us.

You want to talk about voting machines stealing elections, there are plenty of grifters pushing that false narrative; we will not, because it serves only to distract us from the true threat of psychological warfare and the tactical, coordinated influence operations, which are the one-and-only true threat that faces our species, more so than famine, nuclear weapons or any other form of kinetics.

We need to wake-up quick!  


Drawing from James Carville’s famous line, “it’s the economy, stupid,” I thought we’d try to use what has worked in the past here by some of the pioneer’s of “dirty tricks” and influence. Why reinvent the wheel, right? 



This is part 1 of a 10 part series where I will be providing commentary, criticism and reporting on the use of PSYOP by our government and military.

For 3-years (2007-2010) I provided contract support for the 4th Psychological Operations Group, primarily on contracts in Iraq, and CENTCOM in Tampa, where my military unit, JCSE, just so happened to be headquartered. 

While in Iraq, I spent nearly 8-months providing contract support to then Maj. Brad Burris (see attached DoD memo by Burris), who was the in-country IIA chief for the 4th POG’s IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) operations out of Camp Victory, Baghdad.

Although I will NOT violate National Security by discussing anything classified, the decision by the 8th PSYOP to use YouTube as a means of dissemination, whatever their intentions, has compelled me to provide a voice in opposition of this new, bold PSYOP on American’s to justify their use of unethical and immoral “weaponization” of facts, using truth with the same impact on your target as a kinetic response, just without the “boom”.

Key’s To The Kingdom
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Dr. Gold is being called out by members of the organization she founded with serious claims of fraud, waste and abuse.

I met Simone at the premier of Capitol Punishment in LA with Nick Searcy, the producer.  I’ll never forget the look of fear on her face as I introduced myself to her that night, as if she’d been warned about me by Flynn, Searcy of others involved. Looks like my intuition about this “Gold digger” was spot on. Let’s see what comes out in the case.


Grifter’s like Tore Maras and Ali Akbar aren’t time-travelers, they use such claims as a way to attract a very specific demographic of morons they can use as part of their graft. 



I recorded this video on December 2nd, 2020, while in DC with “Team America” running down election interference & influence operations. Unrenowned to me, the key figures pushing the false information being used to stir up what became the event of January 6th.

I thought it was important with all  the lies being told by Millie, Gavin and Tore, to show this video. I believe it was only aired on IRN because my YouTube at the time was restricted. 


#LowPlainsGrifter and failed Ohio Secretary of State/Stolen Valor recipient, Tore Maras, has come out to address the receipt I presented showing I did in fact pay for my room, which Tore had claimed I did not and simply pocketed the money from supporters – a VILE lie from the depths of hell…

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In light of Tore Maras lies, I thought it would be good to show people my journey to expose the fraud, waste and abuse I witnessed and was exposing long before I met Tore Maras, and in fact was likely one of the true whistle-blower’s that Tore stole valor from that she uses for her many grifting scams.

PFC Bergy's 2nd Interview with Ann VanderSteel

I don’t know the exact date of this interview but believe it was likely in early 2019. My first interview with Ann was during the 2018 recount in Broward County.


Within a few hours of doing this interview, Will came back online and seemed visibly shaken and very emotional. He stated that he’d just been offered a job working for Infowars.

In hindsight, looking back at how I was targeted by Millie, Tore and Infowars, I believe it is possible Will’s offer had something to do with my interview?

Will Johnson Full Interview 2019


In 2018 & 2019 I went to events around Florida riding with Biker’s for Trump and was invited to speak at several large meetings. This meeting was with the Tea Party Manatee in Manatee County, FL. Here are a few clips from that event.


Throughout the summer of 2018 I rode thousands of miles across Florida in support of several candidates being endorsed by Biker’s for Trump.



I guess my initial comment would be to ask how seemingly intelligent people that claim to be good, would just blindly believe someone that is telling you they’re lying.

A few days ago, on Veteran’s Day, while I, an Afghanistan veteran was doing an interview with a three-time Purple Heart recipient in Vietnam, Tore Maras, a woman found guilty of fraud, stolen valor and other crimes in North Dakota, was trashing me on her broadcast with easily verifiable lies, all of which I will provide evidence of tonight, not that I should even need to.

Why? Because everything I claim, I support with verifiable documentation and as a fact-witness and her cult followers are too stupid to ask her even the most obvious, basic questions that get the most ridiculous responses from her without ever being supported or verifiable. 


Ain’t no putting lipstick on this pig, as they say, and her “wisdom” is as useful as tit’s on a bull. [You’re welcome for the use of two farm metaphors, I grew up on a farm so it’s pulled from my vast native lexicon]

From her early public record of check forgery, to her dozen or so charges of fraud, stolen valor and stealing from a veterans homeless shelter that she spent on McDonalds, according to North Dakota Attorney General and three judges that have adjudicated her guilty, Tore has forged her skills for grifting to an expert level, culminating into her role in the attempted coup on January 6th, 2021.

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Join us this Veteran’s Day for a conversation with Fred Taylor. I’ve put two songs that have been written about Fred here that are absolutely AMAZING! Fred is a TRUE AMERICAN HERO!

I pulled this from Fred’s bio on his veterans based non-profit website,

Fred is a combat wounded Army veteran who was an infantryman in Vietnam. He served with the First Cavalry Division [Airmobile], was awarded the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and received 3-Purple Hearts for his combat wounds.  Fred’s military service and dedication to veterans were honored by his induction into both the Florida and Indiana Veterans’ Halls of Fame. He says this, “The Voice of Our Veterans, Inc. will fill the huge void in communications for all veterans, military members, and veteran service organizations and help to unite them.”  He has extensive experience in Television, Radio, and Social Media and will lead VOV in its development and growth.


As bat-shit crazy candidates running for election offices around the nation, I couldn’t help but speak about the hypocrisy of those like Jesse Watters providing a platform to those advocating draconian election laws to “Stop the Steal” like paper ballots with hand counts, now bitching about how long it takes to get election results from States with “Q” candidates pushing for hand counts.

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Doing a REACTION REVIEW on “Patrick Byrne’s Last Hurrah” video he published last night and will be providing a LOT of missing context to his narcissistic rants.


Tonight I’m going to review this PSYOP campaign video Tore released just 2 days before the election she is almost certain to lose. Why would she do this before the election? Is this a campaign video because it didn’t have a “paid for by” label on it. Was the money raised ALL for her campaign?

These questions and more will be discussed following the YouTube video release she did, right after she released a paid-only version on Locals, which I believe requires you to acknowledge this is the only place it is going to be released at that time if you use their anti-screen recording feature. Humm…

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Tonight I’ll be doing a reading on key parts of Jordan Greene’s Raw Story investigation. 

Say what you want, Jordan has been one of the few journalists that has fairly covered ShadowGate, Byrne and others related to the events of January 6.

I’ll also be reviewing a new Tore Maras for Ohio SoS bat-shit crazy add that just ran on CNN…

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Looking at Stone?


3 Videos


I’ll share my thoughts on this tonight based on my personal experiences with PV journalists.


Regardless of what Hammer & Scorecard is actually capable of doing, and we’ll discuss that more below in Kelly’s report, I think Mike Lindell should come out and tell everyone that he’s going to “destroy” it for any potential commercial or political use ever, and destroy all of the data that was collected, according to Dennis, on American’s.

Again, assuming it isn’t all just a big grift, and that takes a lot of assuming for me at this point knowing the people pushing it are all bought and paid for with “big pillow” money. LoL


Let’s dig into why my former attorney and J6 coup d’attorney for the Oath Keeper’s (among other services she performed for Elmer… eww)

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Below is a sneak peek of this content!

RESTORING ELECTION INTEGRITY WORLDWIDE? Tonight I will be providing commentary on Vice News interview with Katie Harbath! Katie Harbath Vice News Interview Those that have followed my story will recognize Katie as a key figure in the partnership between Atlantic Council and Facebook. Many also didn't know her resume, which...
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"Soup-Sandwich" PSYOP's Are Ruining Election Integrity

There seems to be an internal war within respective members of law enforcement and out intelligence community, and someone needs to get control of the situation before we end up in a self-made Civil Cyber-War that tears us apart… which is ironically there plan, and they are winning battles.

This is a must see to believe report on a Army Major in Civil Affairs (Psychological Warfare) running for office in New York against Congressman Jerry Nadler. 

What I wanted to focus on was the Oct. 18th, 2022 publication of the story which helped in its initial dissemination, which undeniably had an impact on this New York Congressional seat by taking away votes for Nadler. Full disclosure I think Nadler is a corrupt, establishment politician and wouldn’t vote for him, but that doesn’t mean I’ll go along with a “cold coup” d’état on my country which I’ve sworn to defend and protect from all threats, foreign and domestic.

Is this a failure of out intelligence and law enforcement to see, willful blindness to keep their jobs, corruption or just a really big problem that has taken thousands of IC and DoJ years to map out and are now prepared to begin prosecuting? Of those four choices, I don’t see much evidence of the last one, in fact I see a lot of evidence against. I don’t believe this isn’t known, and have a lot of evidence of corruption from retired Generals, active duty and others, many of whom are key figures within mainstream media. 

Why Stop There?

This Republican candidate in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania, Col. Doug Mastriano, a BIRD COLONEL in the US Army Psychological Warfare Operations and closely aligned with Gen Flynn, as I understand…

Nothing to see here folks, nothing to see… Move along 🙂

Mega Rich Race To Influence Products & Elections

Kanye West (now called Ye?) Buying Epic Hosted Parler Social Media company?

Kanye West, now known by “Ye” is seen here being followed by death without its sickle, (aka Ali Akbar). Clearly targeted by Akbar and Tore as a “Bannon neurotic” to grift, Kanye has no idea what company he is truly keeping. 

Elon Musk Finalizing Purchase of Twitter

I wonder what Musk would think about the claims in my qui tam involving the partnership between Atlantic Council, Facebook and Twitch to “restore election integrity worldwide” which shut down and disappeared almost immediately following the 2020 presidential election?

Are Patrick Byrne & Lin Wood Blackmailed by Terpsewhore Maras?

Why Is Patrick Byrne & Lin Wood So Afraid Of Me?

Out of respect for Tore’s copyright claims, which are total bullshit, I’ve decided to show my respect by doing my best to refer to her from here forward by her proper name, TerpseWhore Maras, I believe based on phonetic spelling.

As TerpseWhore’s lies are quickly unraveling, pressure is being put on those like Patrick Byrne and Lin Wood, whom gave TerpseWhore Maras a platform and credibility she used to grift good patriots, Byrne and Lin Wood double down on misinformation/disinformation about me, such as the post here showing Lin isn’t sure he was even speaking to Patrick Bergy.

Put aside the fact the first time we did speak, he had called me at around 2am after trashing me on Telegram after Tore either fed him a bunch of bullshit about me doing a broadcast saying I had a PTSD break and was armed and coming to harm him, or they came up with the plan together, I have no way to know. The actual video of my broadcast paints a different picture, one where I ask everyone to say a Prayer that I’m able to get the information I have showing Lin was being setup by Tore, JHTH, CodeMonkey and others, and that he could do with the information what he wanted. That’s how sick Tore is and it is when I knew the true extent of what she was capable of. That said, as you can hear in the video I made as I was leaving Tore and Giuliani’s bullshit scam they had running, and that I was sick of Tore’s lies. This was recorded several months before Patrick Byrne responded to my list of interrogatories claiming how his investigators said she “lied all the time” and “couldn’t be trusted with anything.”

Which begs the question why Patrick Byrne would so blindly take the word of TerpseWhore over mine, someone he personally said he and his investigators found to be credible, and that I was “painted with the same brush as Tore.”

Forthcoming "TerpseWhore Maras" DCMA Lawsuit Moving Forward!

As you can see in Byrne’s response to interrogatories for my book, he know only said Tore was a bat-shit crazy liar (paraphrasing) and that my association with her is why nobody trusted me. Odd seeing that he is now begging TerpseWhore to be on her show as a regular that he wouldn’t be concerned about being painted with the same brush (mop) as TerpseWhore. 

Byrne also stated he would come on my show for an interview, but he never did. These people are such lying cowards, I don’t know why people but into their bullshit?

Byrne threatens to turn Lin Wood’s plantation into a pig farm, which I can only assume was code to TerpseWhore Maras moving in. LoL

Lin Wood asks Joe Flynn if he knows of a man named Patrick Bergy?

As far as I could see, the attacks from Byrne and Joe stopped after Lin Wood suggested he was going to have me on his show… and never did. To me, it looks a lot like Lin used my story as a DoD whistle-blower to protect his own ass.

I laugh watching Lin Wood call out the Flynn’s and Byrne, when he’s as dishonorable a shyster as those he’s calling out based on my interactions with Lin. 

I wonder though if it might have something to do with Lin Wood’s initial relationship with Ali Akbar (aka Ali Alexander for Lin and Akbar’s grifter Christian friends. LoL)

I find it very interesting knowing what Ali is capable and accused of that he had engaged Lin Wood going back to the Nick Sandman incident. To then see them on stage together, regardless of Lin’s claim to me while not sworn under oath and that he didn’t even remember Akbar from Sandman referral when he was onstage with Akbar and Sidney Powell. Was Sandman potentially a PSYOP by Wood and Akbar to fund their little coup d’état? These are legitimate and serious questions we need answered. 

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I have broken down the broadcast leading up to Twitch terminating our broadcast mid-stream into 3 parts due to upload limits on my site.

In the coming days, I will be filing formal complaints with John Jay College/CUNY, the Ohio Attorney General, the Ohio Secretary of State, the Florida Department of Justice, The North Dakota Attorney General, and the FBI.

All MSM will also be notified of this tactical, coordinated attack by Tore Maras, who is a key figure in the dissemination of misinformation to Rudy Giuliani, President Trump, and others that contributed to the incitement of January 6th.

Even more concerning is Tore’s sister and her ties to the UN, U.S. State Department, commercial data analytics/predictive modeling AND she’s a professor and subject matter expert in social media psychological warfare/cyber-terrorism at one of the largest universities in the U.S.

There were NO copyright issues responsible for the termination of our Twitch platform, this was a coordinated, cyber-terrorism attack and I have evidence and belief to prove that. What we need now is to know if ANY staff member or their immediate family at John Jay College or CUNY, were aware of or participated in the silencing of an American journalist, author, and subject matter expert in cyber-terrorism with the Department of Defense for a decade.

I will fight this with everything I have, but I can’t do much without your financial support! Bottom line, if you can help, please do so by clicking the General Support Fund link at the top of this page, or with a one-time or recurring pledge of support at

Torean cult members were given orders/instructions by their supreme sociopath, Tore, to “report” me as a way to stifle my reporting. The result was for our Twitch.TV/PFC_Bergy platform to be terminated.


Tonight PFC Bergy is doing a reaction video with the persona known as Riley.

The video we are reacting to is by Maria-Helen Maras, the sister of Ohio Secretary of State candidate, Tore Maras.

The review is from a video done with the State Department and the other she discusses Cyber-Criminology, which is interesting based on her sisters claims and record, and begs many questions.

We are not attacking ANYONE or making any accusations. This is strictly a public discussion about publicly available information relating to public figures and those working with the government, which is something we all pay for as American’s and should be able to discuss. 

Prepare for some very surprising information tonight!

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In this shocking interview by David Pacman, Mike Lindell claims he purchased Hammer/Scorecard from know con-artist Dennis Montgomery.


These people truly believe what they say, so to them, they aren’t lying.

When a sociopath has a psychotic breakdown and loses touch with reality, they become more dangerous because when you believe what you’re saying, people tend to trust what you are saying more. 


I wanted to do a reaction review on Vice News’ reporting on propaganda.

It is interesting to me how Vice doesn’t acknowledge its role in propaganda, especially in light of their founder being Gavin McGinnis, the founder of Proud Boys.

I’ll do this while acknowledging legitimate issues they raise, in a way that provides more context than they seem willing to acknowledge.

Behind The Attacks On U.S. Elections | Breaking The Vote


It does U.S. no good to go from the Military Industrial Complex influencing elections to the Mentally Insane Complex.

I don’t know what the deal is with these attorneys, I’ve seen several recently, like Kellye Sorrell, that were just as bat-shit crazy as Tore. Most have now lost their law licenses, and the others are fighting to keep there’s. Again, don’t know who these guys are, but pretty sure this isn’t going to end well for them, in my humble opinion. 

That said, there’s no way this case can be considered without the court knowing all the facts. 

A fitting tribute to the oldest grifters in America, the Wringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Tore has released a new video she titled, “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Like so many trailers to movies promised by Tore that I’ve never seen, I’m pretty sure this “trailer” won’t ever make it to the big screen, but wasn’t meant to.

  • Tore dropped this to cause doubt in the election process while she submits her writ to the Ohio court demanding access to voting machines and data.
  • Allowing Tore access to Ohio voting machines, or any aspect of the administrative process presents a very real threat to our national security. 
  • Do not conflate my pointing out that Tore Maras is batshit crazy with legitimate issues that need to be addressed as new technologies are presented.
  • Since December, 21′ or January, 22′ Tore has been saying she’s preparing to drop a movie that exposes me. ROTFLMFAO!!!

Apparently, the star of this “Greatest Show on Earth” is now an alleged sex offender, which makes me wonder if it’s a biography and Tore was going to have him play the part of her husband, now serving 45 years as a pedo! LMFAO

In the days ahead, few people will be able to say, “I told you so” quite as well as me, Patrick Bergy, when it comes to the mental psychosis (breakdown) known as Tore Says, and how this unverified, unbelievable story was given a platform by some of the most influential people and platforms on the planet, such as Patrick Byrne, Rudy Giuliani and Infowars. 

As with most lies, they contain grains of truth that a skilled grifter will spin into lies they then use for their personal profit as part of their scam.  It’s no different than online PHISH’ing scams tricking people into thinking something is wrong, when it isn’t, but obviously could be. The fact a refund error could be made is very often used by scammers as a way to trick unsuspecting victims into providing the scammer access to their banking information. 

We need to work honestly, across all parties to assure the most accurate elections possible. Giving someone access that has publicly acknowledged they rigged elections, whether true or not, is the height of stupidity.


This game has gone on long enough and cannot be allowed to go unchallenged. To that end, I am putting together an amicus brief to file in Tore’s writ and warn the court not to entertain what is best a grift, and at worse, a psychotic break in the reality of a person with serious mental health issues, such as claims to her supporters that she is a lizard person, time-traveler and has all sorts of degrees that two North Dakota judges ruled were completely fabricated.

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TOGETHER - It's A Team Effort!

Your financial support doesn’t just magically make a website, write a book, document & expose key historical events shaping our nation, and our minds. I sometimes fall short of the idealistic goals I’ve set, and made many decisions, like my trip to the screening of Capitol Punishment, that, with few exceptions, turned out to be a waste of time and money.

Other decisions, like filing my qui tam in DC Federal Court, which led to ShadowGate and exposed what came to be the January 6th coup d’état which I documented in two OPERATION SHADOWGATE books,  “The Hacking of Mankind’s Shadow” and “The American Awakening”.

I haven’t been the most artful at what I’ve been trying to accomplish, but have never claimed to be anything more than the fallible man that I am. I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish, in spite of unprecedented attacks on my company, family and personal finances.

Putting aside the thousands of hours I spend researching and writing my books, storage, logistics, printers, computers, labels… the actual printing and mailing has cost, regardless of what those mindless Torean’s like to spread around, as if “buh muh book” used as a grifting slur suggesting I’m just racking in money for nothing. As if to compare everything that goes into a book, like for example, a $100,000 birthday Tesla?

At least 2/3 of sale cost is my printing and shipping. There are credit card processing fees, cost of maintaining the website, e-commerce application licenses… There’s actually a lot involved and I’ve put an unbelievable amount of time and effort into holding up my end of this moral and ethical “agreement” between my supporters and me.

It is my hope that what we’ve been able to accomplish, even with my mistakes, has shown you I’m doing my very best and that we’re making progress, even against the lies, attacks, and deception this evil we are fighting to expose have leveled against us.

You can help our efforts in getting out this message of fraud, waste, and abuse threatening to tear our nation and even humanity apart. Please visit  and show your support with a one-time or monthly pledge of support.

Or visit FreedomStream.TV and support us directly through our General Support Fund, or by purchasing our books, with links to Amazon and signed copies when available.

You can also shop our swag, which not only looks awesome but helps get our message out and start these important conversations.

HURRICANE IAN - Visiting Area Impacted!

I went to South Florida to help my friend Jay in collecting recycled aluminum from pool cages destroyed by hurricane Ian.

In doing so I went around to various homes letting the homeowners know Jay was going to be in the area picking up any pool cage aluminum they need taken away. It doesn’t cost the homeowner anything other than placing it by the road.

It was heartbreaking speaking with some of the homeowners. I didn’t put them on camera, but did share my thoughts about their reactions in some of the video I shot driving through some neighborhoods.

HUNTER BIDEN - Two Tiers of Justice & Journalism

It is hard not to deny the two-tiers of both journalism and our justice system after more than 4-years of the Hunter Biden story.

I’ve put together two recent reports on Hunter Biden, one from FOX and one from PBS, who was interviewing the Washington Post reporter that broke the story.

While FOX is boasting how they told you so, PBS is walking on eggshells and still protecting the institution.

  • No mention of Burisma’s name or Ukraine during PBS interview until the very end when it was added in the “credits”.
  • Although not mentioned in the Federal indictment, no mention of the weapon reportedly being thrown away in a dumpster was ever discussed.
  • WaPo reporter makes lying on Federal gun form is just an administrative thing.


2 Videos

JUDICIAL WATCH - Government Rus Social Media Influence Operation Exposed.

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, discusses correspondences showing an IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) operation on U.S. citizens. It is apparently operating COVERTLY, meaning they provide little if any providence to the governments role in using social media influencers to disseminate U.S. government propaganda.

What Tom is describing is EXACTLY what my qui tam exposes the Obama administration of doing to influence U.S. elections using technology derived from taxpayer funded psychological warfare weapons contracts. Only difference is what Fitton’s emails describe is IIA being used to influence American’s with COVID related immunization, which many American’s both favor and oppose, and which I have ZERO knowledge or information to the conversation about.

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Did Flynn Get 'Played' by Obama's NSA?

In a world of unverifiable BS being put out by these retired generals and their assets, I like to put out facts.  There are some pieces that need to be filled in, but that’s why I’m putting this out.

As you can see in the article on Ryan Hartwig, Swift Aviation was mentioned throughout the Korean Air election PSYOP in 2020. I say PSYOP because Scott Bennett had the blue prints from AFL-CIO as to what Flynn & Co. were going to do (and did).

Any doubt I had when I saw the airline behind the PSYOP was Swift Air, which made me think about where I’d seen heard that name before, and it was Swift Air, and partner of Gryphon Air.

Back in 2008, Gryphon Air was the only commercial flight you could take into Baghdad, Kandahar and KIA (Kabul International Airport). I’ve flown Gryphon several times, which is why I knew their offices were located at the same address as my old company, Dynology, which was family owned by Gen. James Jones; Obama’s former National Security Advisor and NATO SACEUR. 

Unless Swift Aviation didn’t know about Swift Air, or it was somehow OK for two companies to use virtually the same name for the same service, Swift Air and Swift Aviation are the same.

If so, that would mean with all of the airlines on the planet, the one airline tied directly to the address of the family owned business of Obama’s National Security Advisor, and clearly OVERT/COVERT military operations, just happens to be the airline behind the PSYOP to make “Stop the Steal” Flynn look even dumber than he is.

In the end, the guy that worked for Swift said he worked for Swift, hated Trump and basically wanted to make them look stupid [paraphrasing].  Clearly, there was more than just this Swift employee, in my opinion, and my company had the same address. LoL

Jones Group International, ClearForce, Dynology Later Moved to 15th Floor

Tore Says Terms of Service Discovered?

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How would a Hunter Biden indictment impact the mid-term and 2024 Presidential elections? 

Will this “shat” heard round the world be enough to topple Hunter’s father, Joe Biden? Will Democrats go after Biden’s “poop pics” with the same vigor they went after Trump’s “pee tape”, or will it all just be flushed down the DC sewer, affectionately known as, “The Swamp”?

How long until another Biden poop drops?


Republican’s better wake up quick. Biden has called on Governor’s to take action, and DeSantis will soon cede that HUGE swath of political ground to his opponent, Charlie Crist, if he doesn’t act IMMEDIATELY and BOLDLY!


The Republican Party, of which I am a registered member, has really picked a few “winners” in the last few years like Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, but the grift behind their success is what truly keeps them from making a difference in the issues they claim to champion.

Apparently (although they tend to lie a lot to just grift money from supporters) Marjorie Taylor Greene is planning to sue Twitter (a private company not subject to her constitutionally protected “free speech”) for violating her free speech. This has been tried several times before and failed… because it should. Even if it sucks.

Although it is perfectly legal for a private company to decide their terms of service on their private platforms, it is NOT legal for them to do it under the instruction of the U.S. Government, which is tasked to protect your constitutionally protected speech. My qui tam whistle-blower lawsuit filed in DC Federal court January 17, 2020, just as Trumps first impeachment was underway, exposes that very coordination and collusion between our government and the major social media platforms for political purposes. This became the core basis for the documentary, ShadowGate, which ultimately tied to most every key figure now being investigated for their part in the attempted coup d’état on January 6th, 2021, at the Capitol in DC. It is for this reason, in my professional and personal opinion, Marjorie Taylor Greene will chose to place her political and financial interests ahead of national security. 

Her case is actually quite easy to win, but she’s under the thumb of Gen. Flynn and Matt Gaetz, both of who would be implicated in the cover-up of ShadowNet, ShadowGate and the arrest of an American Journalist that produced the ShadowGate documentary exposing the relationship between our elected officials, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and social media platforms to influence elections and political discourse.

Gen. Flynn, Matt Gaetz, Trump and others, chose to bury my qui tam to protect their friends in the MIC, whom provide them with many of the same social medial warfare capabilities my qui tam exposes so they can gain morally bankrupt political advantages against their opponents.

But their MIC friends turned on them, forcing their assets like Cambridge Analytica out of business and Trump onto his own private social media platform, “Truth” Social, which worked out good for Trump because now he gets to play being Mark Zuckerberg, using it for profit and to influence elections. These guys essentially “own” MTG and won’t allow her to use my qui tam as it would make them look like the morons they truly are for thinking they wouldn’t get screwed by these for-profit retired generals.


A gas station owner can’t dramatically raise prices after a hurricane in Florida, but according to some helping with the cleanup, recycling companies don’t seem to have the same ethical requirements post-hurricane when it comes to profiting from the cleanup.

Although aluminum futures were trading higher the last few days, local recycling centers have DROPPED the price per pound they’re paying for recycled aluminum from porches, awnings and such nearly 15% since hurricane Ian made landfall on Florida’s West Coast.

I’ve reached out to some journalists in hopes they will take this issue up, verify and ask about this at a future hurricane update from the Florida Governors office.

If anything, Florida should be helping to subsidize some of the cleanup efforts to help expedite the removal of storm debris, not disincentivize it.


BERGY-BIT exposes what LIES beneath the surface of Tore Maras campaign.

This bat-shit crazy adjudicated fraud & stolen valor recipient gives what can only be one of her first campaign speeches before Ohio voters.

After getting off to a rough start with the host rightfully thinking someone this bat-shit crazy was a write-in candidate, (which seems like a failure of Team Tore to get her message out, beginning with the fact she unbelievably made it on the ballot), Tore spewed about an hour and a half of complete, bat-shit crazy gibberish, only accidentally even using the word, “Secretary of State” when she wasn’t trying to explain her North Dakota fraud charges or pedo husband as being part of a deep-state conspiracy. 

Truth Doesn't Sell As Well As Lies For Grifters

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Hurricane Ian Cleanup

I’d like to give a huge shout-out to my friend, Jay Nall, for his initiative in helping with the cleanup in South Florida.

Jay rented a U-Haul truck and trailer and left for a week to help out with the cleanup by going around and picking up aluminum left out by the road.

Storms like this have initial devastating impacts to these communities, but over time, make everyone involved stronger.

He gets about $.80 per pound for his efforts, which easily covers his expenses, and will likely make him some extra in the process 🙂

Solid Start Bill for VA

My personal experience on why this Bill that helps inform Veteran’s of VA services available to them post-service is important.

EMERGING STORY - Election Data Stored In China?

Be careful with this one my friends and give it a few days to let more information come out.

As it stands, this doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the two “protagonists” of Stop the Steal, Dominion of Scytl Voting systems and has nothing to do with the actual voting machine security.

This was a small Michigan company that had a contract to handle knowledge management of poll worker data for LA County Elections Supervisor. Now that is something I find interesting and I point to it as “the system can work” when it comes to election integrity and protecting the process, which needs work.

To  me, it doesn’t meet the level of election fraud claimed by so many in the Stop the Steal movement, but was never proven, so don’t even try using this as some “Perry Mason moment” as Alex Jones rightfully described his situation during his trial. This is NOT that. LoL

From an IT Security/Cyber Warfare perspective, we need to understand where our data is being kept, and who has access to it. I’m sure there will be some already pushing this as data China is going to use to influence poll workers, and to be honest, that was my initial thought, but I see absolutely ZERO ways some type of influence like that, on even a local election level, would be a good idea or successful. There are just simply too many ways an operation like that would go south. I suspect, using Occam’s Razor as my guide, it has more to do with just the fact it’s data, and the more the better for those that use and trade in it on a daily basis like the stock market. 

Oath Keeper leader's Estranged Wife

A shocking but not surprising description of Stuart Rhodes and his ability to manipulate others.

“He has made a lifetime study of manipulating crowds.”

Protecting Their Political Dirty Trick's

Breaking down Tore’s April 22nd, 2020 Interview with Roger Stone. Was this when she first engaged Stone as a “target” or had they been working since Millie’s White House meeting with Trump a few months earlier?

Just as COVID-19 had begun spreading death across the planet, adjudicated fraud/grifter & stolen valor recipient, Tore Maras, was spreading her tale as a “Bond like” super-spy with a Forest Gump like ability (she claims time-machine) to have been involved in pretty much every major scandal since aliens arrived at Area 51.

Although exposed by North Dakota Attorney General as having lied about her service, rank, combat-related medals, forgery charges, Harvard education, being a doctor, defrauding a Veteran’s homeless shelter and a dozen different alias and multiple social security numbers, Tore was brought in by Patrick Byrne, Rudy Giuliani, Gen. Flynn, Roger Stone and others to help push the “greatest hits” of lies put on exhibit by the January 6 Select Committee as evidence of President Trump’s orchestrated coup d’état. 

Roger Stone Recap

What can we expect from forthcoming January 6th Committee hearing when it comes to Roger Stone?

Looking retrospectively over the last few years, knowing what we know now, it’s hard to ignore recent connections being made by the predictive analytics generated by the January 6th Select Committee, recently documented in a book by a former member of the Committee tasked with building the analytics and algorthym that appears to tie all of these key figures of “Stop the Steal” together in a calculated, coordinated attack on America’s democratic republic.

Stone’s connection to Wikileaks and Jerome Corsi – Legal Eagle review

Interview with Jerome Corsi about Roger Stone and Wikileaks

In the August 2020 video on right, Stone denies Bergy’s suggestion he could have been working with Paul Manafort.

Reviewing Legal Eagle on Roger Stone commutation. 

“Don’t be doing that Tore… You wouldn’t know if I was…”

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How a former Republican Congressman used his knowledge in data analytics to map out the digital forensic signature of January 6th.

To anyone that knows me, this is EXACTLY what I was saying needed to be done in order to understand “the wedding” as Gen. Mike Flynn was once quoted as calling a network of terrorists.

What Applications Did He Likely Use?


Our favorite narcissistic sociopath and January 6th coup d’stoner, Patrick Byrne, has done a review on his recent interview on Vice News. 

I took the liberty to add some humorous treats throughout my review of bat-shit Byrne’s mental decline to help deaden the pain of watching so much potential simply flush down a toilet. Medicinal marijuana will also be helpful for nausea, and so Byrne isn’t clearly the only one high as a freaking cloud.


Will Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence be brought up during the new J6 Committee hearings? Seems likely and would not help Bannon in his current legal predicament in New York court. 


VICE NEWS Report shows Q was being banned from Trump events. Have they kissed and made up? Was Tore behind the pressure for Trump to pull Q back into his good graces?


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Bookmark this page as I will update with more affidavits as they become available.


Will Patrick Byrne’s testimony be used during the upcoming J6 Committee hearing and how much “weight” will Tore Maras’ connection give Byrne’s credibility? (not just gravitationally)

Was Byrne’s testimony connected to Mar A Lago sealed indictment? What does Patrick Byrne think?

Watch how Bob Cremer, a Democrat political operative exposed for using assets to pose as MAGA supporters to stir up problems for Republicans, goes after Republican political operative, James O’Keefe, for using his operative to pose as Democrats and secretly recording people at Cremer’s organization.

It’s a race to the political bottom, my friends, and the Democrats have just taken the lead, which will likely destroy huge swaths of constitutional protections once enjoyed and protected by journalists.

Meanwhile, O’Keefe isn’t going down without trying to rip apart the 1st amendment freedom of the press to fit what I can only assume based on my personal interactions with Project Veritas assets like Ann Vandersteel, are Gen. Flynn’s political deliverables, by appealing the verdict.

"Non-Political" "Journalist" James O'Keefe




Is AJ too stupid to understand what he’s doing, being manipulated or smart like a fox?





Tore Maras Thrown of Lies

Did Tore Originate Scytl & Dominion Grift Spread By Patrick Byrne?

Let’s take that scenario one step further and ask ourselves if Patrick Byrne was working with Tore since the 2019 Kentucky Election disinformation grift began, or did she fool him mid-November 2020 when our team arrived in DC at the invite of Patrick Byrne?

There are over 150 affidavits included in the North Dakota lawsuit against Tore, but I have collected some of those here for your review. 

  • Exhibit 3-2 WaPo I find very interesting as it is an article from Washington Post that exposed Tore as a fraud and the anonymous source used in Sidney Powell’s motions filed in actual courts.
  • The WaPo article was from December 24th, 2020, just a couple of days after Powell, Byrne, Giuliani, and Flynn met at the White House with President Donald Trump on December 18th.

I will be adding more affidavit’s as they become available. 

This WaPo article exposes Tore Maras fraud and ties to Sidney Powell & Dominion/Scytl grift

Tore “unmasked” her military records in a post. LMFAO

North Dakota Attorney General request for Tore’s LinkedIn data.

Indigogo campaign to raise money for family that lost their home in a fire.

Magic City Christmas Grift

Magic City Christmas Grift – Defense Fund! LoL

Gate City Bank Documents

Actual DoD Status Report on Tore’s Actual Service

Capitol One Account Information on Dr. Tore Lindeman. (FUN FACT: She’s not a Dr.) This includes a copy of checks signed by Tore as “Dr. Tore…”

Stolen Valor Grifting off Homeless Veteran’s is really about a low as you can get.

Hackett & Tore Transcribed Telephone Call

Tore’s 1996 Arrest Warrant for Forgery

A Magic Christmas Pay Pal Information

Tore’s frivolous AT&T Lawsuit

The infamous EXHIBIT #55 Filed in Dominion Lawsuit Against Sidney Powell. This exhibit is essentially Tore’s entire North Dakota fraud lawsuit.

Tore’s bat-shit crazy Dominion lawsuit after her anonymous affidavit was somehow defamed??? Can’t make this shit up my friends!

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  1. Katie Harbath’s Facebook profile shows she worked for Karl Rove while he was under Bush, as well as for the RNSC social media services. Do you believe assigning Facebook employee Katie Harbath to head up your election integrity partnership with The Atlantic Council, which was Chaired by President Obama’s former National Security Advisor, Gen. James Jones, provides the transparency and integrity any such goal would require?
  2. Compel discovery on Atlantic Council, Spirit of America, ClearForce, Gen. James Jones, Jim Jones, Dynology, Katie Harbath, DCI Group, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Gillian Turner, Call of Duty Endowment, Jon Huntsman, Gen. Michael Flynn, Gen. Charles Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, VA National Guard 91st Cyber Brigade ShadowNet Enterprise Program, Lara Logan, Sarah Carter, Dan Bongino, Judge Pirro and other subjects not known or named here connected.
  3. How does Facebook explain its ignorance when they literally did a test to see if they could, and they not only did alter the outcome of a US election, they published their findings in Nature!

Pentagon demands audit of fake social media accounts used in psychological operations

Other Important Links!


This is the documentary, “The King of Stolen Valor.”

The level this con artist was able to fabricate a story that fooled mainstream media and our military, was just astounding.

I was taken aback by how much this guy’s Modus Operandi mirrored Tore Maras. It’s next-level grifting, I’ll give them that.

Tore has an endgame here, and I think it is pulling off her grift to Congress, which would be an impressive, yet morally and ethically bankrupt.

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Join us while we explore the amazing wonders we are afforded at the expense of our personal data. Patrick will be taking a look at the accuracy of Google’s predictive modeling to his personal profile, and build  “predictive models” on current events.

Sworn Declaration of Patrick Bruce Bergy

Amicus Brief Submitted to Louisiana Social Media Lawsuit!

Tonight I’ll be discussing a lawsuit filed by Louisiana Attorney General against Joseph R. Biden, Jr., In his official capacity as President of the United States.

They are already into the discovery phase and documents from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others coordinating with not just law enforcement, but the White House, is shocking!

The attached .PDF is the affidavit I’m submitting to the court, as this post is being written. I’ll discuss why this is possibly the most important case in our lifetime!

Links to Lawsuit

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This video was put together from an interview I did on or around December 14th, 2020. It was three weeks prior to the attempted coup d’etat on January 6!





My interview with Mike Jaco, Shawn Taylor, Derek Johnson, and Scott Bennett on Sept. 11th.


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Remembering September 11th, 2001

With the events of January 6, 2021, so fresh in our minds, it is sometimes easy to let memories now two decades +plus old memories slip to the background in the fog of current events. We must not allow that to happen, because remembering our past helps keeps us from repeating it in the future, and the events of 9/11 are more tied today than they were on 9/12.

I had the honor today to participate in an interview held by Mike Jako. Also participating in the 9/11 tribute was my ShadowGate friend, Scott Bennett, veteran and country singer Derek Johnson, Veteran Alpha Warrior,  Shawn Taylor, Scott Bennett & Patrick Bergy

I’ve taken the liberty of segmenting each of our interviews below for my Patreon supporters. A link to the full video from Michael Jaco’s site in on the right. 

Full Interview from Jaco's Channel





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BERGY-BIT 20220909


I’d like to address a few points in this recent article. Although I think the article was written fairly, in it the author claims the claim I made about Scytl being in ShadowGate wasn’t true, and as you can clearly see in this clip I put together several months ago, it actually was. To be fair, he merely claims he looked and didn’t see it, so I just wanted to point him and his followers to the actual clip, which is towards the end of the video I have embedded to the right. 


My meeting and dinner with Couy Griffin in LA for the premier of Capitol Punishment


What role will the apparent testimony given by Dustin Stockton and his wife, Jennifer Lawrence, play in Bannon’s trial? Did Trump’s “diss” of Stockton and Lawrence in giving Bannon a pardon for the Wall and leaving Dustin and others involved out to dry play a role?


Will the indictment of Tina Peters expose the grift behind the “Stop The Steal” movement?


Sorrell prosecutor ties to FOX NEWS & judge’s ties to Bergy’s qui tam!


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BERGY-BIT 20220907

FreedomStream.TV went down yesterday for like four hours and I was totally freaking out because it happened just before I was to go live with Kerry Cassidy’s interview and I couldn’t focus on both. I figured out the problem, the whole billion-dollar data center went down, and no, it wasn’t from orders of my awesome new mouse pad, available ONLY at FreedomStream.TV!  Personal biases acknowledged, it looks AWESOME!

I want to thank Kerry Cassidy for allowing me on her show last night. A link to the interview can be found below. Having heard my interview with Nino, she knew some things I have issues with you don’t agree with. IMO, that takes honor and guts.

It’s difficult knowing what I know goes against the very people I trusted, as well as many you trusted. I get I was just a PFC, but you can’t look at anything in my life professionally as anything other than honorable. I ran for office in 04′ and enlisted in 05′ as the 1st 40-year-old to complete basic at Benning like I said (easily verifiable). Mike Jaco did a remote view of me and saw only good, although I’m still just exploring that stuff.

The stuff I said to Kerry, like the Germany servers, Scytl… was all stuff Tore, Millie & Gavin (a 33rd degree Mason, I put his Masonic group picture of him in uniform he sent me in my book) put into ShadowGate. I had never met them before; they came to me saying they wanted to help me tell my story, but so much of what I personally witnessed and documented led me to be 100% confident they’re just con artists. Nobody even knows who Tore is. She claims to have worked doing “things” for people like Brennan but provides no evidence. 

You can literally go to my Facebook page in 07′ and see what I was doing, and I even posted a video of my IIA team in Iraq. In ShadowGate, they showed the copies of my Line of Authority, passport stamps, orders, videos I took… Who I am, what I did, and who I work for is 100% documented and verifiable.

In my interview with Kerry, she questioned my bona fides in SATCOM (Satellite Communications) even though I wrote about it in my first book, Victim of the Swamp, and my employment was well documented. I was actually one of the first 10 soldiers assigned to the 4th JCSE-ARE and helped in standing up our SC2IP (Small Command & Control over Internet Protocols), which utilized a suitcase size portable satellite dish capable of securing any classification of data to above Top Secret. 


I showed on my show during my interview with Pete Santilli a couple days ago of the TAC (The Analysis Corporation owned by Brennan) website address shown in ShadowGate, but the site was literally created at the same time ShadowGate was release, within a few weeks according to whois NS lookup. All the stuff about Scytl & Germany was put into ShadowGate by the same people.

Pete Part 1 (Audio Sucks)
Pete Part 2 (TAC)

What I said on Kerry’s show wasn’t just stuff I’ve read online or heard 2nd hand, it’s as a fact witness. People should really think about that before dismissing my understanding and knowledge.

Did you read Michael Hastings book on them, ‘The Operators’? He was embedded with them. Said they were all Council on Foreign Relations and were trying to achieve what they called “G-COIN” for Global Counter Insurgency. I supported their IIA PSYOP mission for 3-years.

I personally believe the goal of Flynn, Byrne, and Tore, has been to destroy the MAGA movement and distract everyone from the true threat I was exposing with indisputable facts and evidence. That doesn’t mean I fully understand what’s going on, but the fact Phil Waldron, as I was told by Millie Weaver and Gavin Wince replaced the outgoing IIA chief in Afghanistan just after I left the program, which was under the operational authority of Gen. Mike Flynn, his brother Charlie Gen. McChrystal, should tell you I’m more knowledgeable about this than you likely think.

I believe we’re all being played, and I get hearing that sucks, but you can’t dismiss my 8-years of service overseas, away from my family in support of DoD, as being some liberal never-Trumper. I put 10k miles on my Harley with Biker’s for Trump in 18′ and literally wore my cut on Infowars.

I don’t believe a woman that would have me on her show would simply dismiss irrefutable evidence because it didn’t fit her narrative, and I’m grateful to Kerry for that.

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I'll be playing both episodes this coming Wednesday, September 8th, 2022 on the BERGY-BIT. Until then access is reserved for Patreon/AmericanAwakening supporters. Without them I wouldn't be able to keep you informed with some of the most connected, breaking news issues of our time and expose the fraud and abuse...
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Patrick Byrne Response To Patrick Bergy


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Why America Needs an “NPR” for the Internet

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America needs to decide who'll control their personal information on the Internet of Things. Will it be our government, with the likes of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar? Or commercially, with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg? Or should we take the same approach we did with Television and...
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Disturbing Chinese Intelligence Connection to Manafort, Davis and McCain’s 2008 Primary.

According to numerous reports, including this NYT article from October 2007, the McCain presidential campaign paid the social media company, 3EDC, more than a million dollars, which was about 1/10 of their entire campaign budget at the time when Rick Davis took over John McCain campaign in 2007. 3EDC was founded by a former partner of Rick Davis, Paul Manafort. As you can see in the New York Times article below, there were other concerning relationships with 3EDC, most of which flew in the face of McCain’s own politics. The new connection I have just made verifiably adds Chinese Intelligence/Influence to this mystery.

I would also add when you read further down below that you notice how crappy a website 3EDC was. For a company paid nearly $3 million for web services by McCain’s campaign and the RNC, 3EDC sure sucked at making their own website. I guess it’s just a case of, “the plumbers leaky pipes?”

NYT October 2007 – “All told, 3eDC billed the campaign more than $1 million for Web services during the first half of the year. (The amount still owed the company accounts for about a third of the campaign’s debt.) News reports also noted that Davis Manafort, the business development and consulting practice from which Mr. Davis is on leave, had been giving campaign advice to the Ukrainian prime minister, Viktor F. Yanukovich, a favorite of the Kremlin, whose power Mr. McCain often warns against.”

The NYT article goes on to report the campaign was seemingly pulled from political ashes by a viral social media posting showing John McCain service videos. It was published by a group called Foxhole Productions.

NYT October 2007 – “And when high-priced media consultants left the financially struggling campaign, a group of loyalists working for little or no money made a searing television commercial showing footage of Mr. McCain as a prisoner of war. The group that made the advertisement called itself Foxhole Productions.”

I cannot prove it, but having spent years pioneering social media psychological warfare  for the Department of Defense, and Foxhole Productions sounds an awful lot like what in military psychological warfare nomenclature is know as IIA, or Interactive Internet Activities.

I developed IIA for a company called Dynology from October 2007- April 2010. Dynology was owned by a lifelong friend of John McCain; Gen. James Jones. Dynology was a very small, family owned business in which nearly 1/3 of the 15 employees when I started were immediate members of Gen. Jones’s family.

One of the products I helped pioneer for Dynology was known as the ShadowNet and its relational database, iPsy. In simplest terms, the ShadowNet and iPsy were marketed by Dynology commercially, and had the ability to alter the outcome of any size election. It was built to provide the exact same covert, social media psychological warfare capabilities we indicted the 13 Russians for last summer. Only difference is the ShadowNet was built and owned by the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander. Wow, that’s kinda awkward…

Here is a copy of the original Dynology “ShadowNet” commercial marketing slick.

Marketing Slick #2 – Are those examples of Middle Eastern and SOUTH AMERICAN Social Media Sites in the Examples on this Slick?

Prior to 3EDC taking over McCain’s IT services, Dynology was providing the McCain campaign IT security services. As you can see in the screenshot below of 3EDC’s website captured in 2007, Dynology was 3EDC’s #1 strategic partner. Click for link to Google’s WayBack capture of the screenshot below.

2019-02-28 (4).png

Now take a look at this Google WayBack Machine capture of 3EDC’s website on March 4th, 2007 below. It is from their “about” page and describes their tools, “…to affect results in the political, social, and commercial worlds.” I’m pretty sure anyone working with me developing IIA in Iraq at the same time 3EDC is selling these micro-targeted social media capabilities to John McCain’s presidential campaign would be EXTREMELY worried.

2019-02-28 (6).png

This is when I found something extremely disturbing, and I am calling on the FBI to investigate this further. Notice the public website Paul Manafort’s company 3EDC is using is at www.3edc.NET (I capitalized NET to highlight its significance.) Notice the email address is not, it is

2019-02-28 (3)

Ok, so let’s take a look at who owned on November 20th 2007 that is listed on 3EDC’s website contact information… Bohan IT – a state owned Chinese IT company.


This is an english translation of’s website several months after the email address was listed on the Manafort/Davis corporate site. I would like for ANYONE in U.S. Intelligence to tell me hosting or purchasing anything from that company used in a presidential campaign isn’t an IMMEDIATE red-flag!

From translation – As a Chinese joint venture company of Sakura Internet Co., Ltd. (TSE Mothers listing list 3778, Japan’s top backbone capacity No. 1), since May 2006, we have been conducting Internet hosting business by self-contract data center in Shanghai.

(C) Copyright 2007 BohanIT Shanghai Henan Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. Copyright ownership

2019-02-28 (1)

Why is a person like me with over a decade with the Department of Defense information security concerned when I see a presidential candidate with potential ties to Chinese influence and intelligence? Because this presidential candidate also had a nickname of “Songbird” McCain, and it has been long suspected that Chinese Intelligence had tapes of Songbird McCain singing like a bird to North Vietnamese Intelligence Officers, that’s why…

I am asking our law enforcement to look into this. I can think of a 1000 ways this relationship looks treasonous, and only about 1 way it could be coincidental. I’m hoping someone else might pick this up and peer-review it for accuracy. Please, tell me I made an obvious mistake here, but I just can’t see how.

Lastly, if you are a Republican, I’m saying with 99% certainty that technology from the ShadowNet and iPsy, which was owned by Gen. James Jones, a 40-year personal friend of John McCain, was used by Jones, Manafort and Davis to alter the outcome of the 2008 Republican Primary. Are you ok with not having this investigated? I would also add that I have connected the ShadowNet to several more of Mueller’s indictments.


I noticed that in 2013 it was reported that the Chinese had hacked both the Obama and McCain campaign servers. As previously mentioned, Dynology provided McCain’s IT security and I remember being told back in 2008 that the intrusion happened after 3EDC had replaced Dynology just after winning the primary. Jim Jones, the president of Dynology told me that with kind of a snicker, which is why I remember it.

Based on what I can see and know, it seems to me like Paul Manafort’s company, 3EDC, may have been the source of the data spillage/breach, but it seems more like there was a relationship between the Chinese Intelligence agency and 3EDC, and not a criminal/victim one you would expect to see.

That said, this new information forces me to change my odds on this being coincidental or not known to Manafort went from 1000 ways it looks treasonous, to two ways it could just be a coincidence. If 3EDC was a Chinese hosted and apparently owned domain, that could easily, and in fact be highly likely, a false-flag. Just thought I would add that little nugget in as well 🙂