Perino – Zuckerberg Interview Response.

White-hat “hackers” understand hacking as a means by which to defend your network from hackers, not for malice. I consider the ShadowNet and weapons like it as black-hat hacking tools, with only limited white-hat uses and even those are up for debate. 

As a subject matter expert in Interactive Internet Activities & Social Media Influence Operations, I see things other won’t see because I understand the “tools of the trade” so to speak. I see harmless benefits in a grocery store understanding its customer purchasing habits to keep milk from getting old on the shelf. I don’t see any moral or ethical value in using any “black” influence operations to influence our government or to lobby for the benefit of your cause; whatever that may be.

I have many questions left unanswered after Dana Perino interview with Mark Zuckerberg, as it relates to Facebook’s partnership with partisan organizations with highly such questionable moral and ethical leadership. The fact Gen. Jones and Gen. Hayden were on the board of Wikistrat & Psy-Group, companies directly tied to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, would have been a good question. Does Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook have any professional relationship beyond their obvious partnership with Gen. Jones would have been another good question. 

I’ve clearly demonstrated indisputable links right from Facebook’s own press releases that show this, but nobody wants to ask that question; why? Same goes with simply going to and looking for yourself. These are absolutely legitimate questions that deserve answers, if for no other reason than there appearance of impropriety, as you’re asking us to believe you. 

I’ll be doing a short “Bergy-Bit” on this shortly, but my editing is somewhat time consuming due to limited processing resources, and I want to include some video from Perino’s interview. This stuff comes out faster than my current systems can handle, which in itself is troubling. These are questions ALL AMERICAN’S should want to have answered.

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