Patreon Mission Update!

I’ve outline the mission of my Patreon page as follows:

 This is my plan, and I need your help to accomplish it.

I’m roughly half-way done with my next book, tentatively titled: “Archetypes of The ShadowNet: The Hacking of Mankind’s Shadow.” – The True Story of Facebook, Fake News & The Locust of the Logos.

With your help, I intend to publish my next book mid-December 19′ or the first part of January 2020. Any potential proceeds from the book will go directly towards a Veteran based nonprofit we intend to build, with the primary focus on homeless Veteran’s and family members. 

With the help from people like George Colella, one of the founding members of Biker’s for Trump, Boots on the Ground and Biker’s for 45, along with my Patreon Patrons and others, I’ll go as far across the country on my Harley Davidson following President Trump’s rally’s. I’ll be telling my story about what the future of our nation is facing and signing books. Ink, data and gas is all I need to change the narrative in 2020 from impeachment to The ShadowNet. It’s what I’m calling “The American Awakening.” 

We are a little more than a decade into a new technology with the power to influence the planet. Just look at what it’s done to the world in a decade, can we really believe politicians, corporations and governments are going to “do the right thing” and protect our Constitutionally protected rights? Everything I’ve witnessed says, NO! 

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