Official Complaint Filed with Inspector General Office Against Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Update – March 18, 2019:

I submitted a new complaint to the DoJ OIG against Robert Mueller. I did this because I have a new address, but most importantly, they haven’t contacted me in the 3 weeks since I submitted it. This time I took a screenshot of exactly what I submitted, which is shown below. I clicked “SUBMIT” in front of my friend, Jay, to have someone witness what I was submitting under felony of law if knowingly false. At some point, someone with the DoJ or Intelligence Committee needs to interview me.

Below is a copy of the new complaint.

I do not have a death wish and have no desire to be “poking the bear,” so to speak, in filing an official complaint with the Department of Justice Inspector General.

This is about an Afghanistan veteran turned military contractor that is claiming he has evidence in the Russian social media influence investigation. The evidence, which was originally reported to Robert Mueller’s office November 8th 2017, directly ties a DoD social media warfare contract to; Paul Manafort, John McCain, Gen. Michael Hayden (former CIA director,) Gen. James Jones (former NATO Supreme Allied Commander/Obama’s National Security Adviser) and many more.

Since originally calling Robert Mueller’s office to report this information, “see something, say something,” I have never been contacted back. What has happened is in addition to the social media influence capability I pioneered for the Department of Defense for a small company, literally owned by Obama’s National Security Adviser at that time, but are also directly tied now to several other Mueller indictments in a way that cannot be ignored. Wikistrat and Psy-Group now under indictment by Mueller for the specific reason of social media influence operations has Jones, Hayden and the rest of them on their board.

2019-02-25 (1)

I followed-up the official IG report with a fax today to Rep. Devin Nunes. Congressman Gus Bilirakis’ chief of staff, Elizabeth Hittos, called and faxed this information to Rep. Nunes in December 2018. Congressman Charlie Crist had faxed updated information to Rep. Nunes in early January. That is two separate congressmen and myself, all reaching out to Rep. Devin Nunes for nearly 3 months and not a single response.

Now, I doubt it had anything to do with my fax to Adam Schiff and Robert Mueller last week, but the Mueller report was delayed just a few hours after I sent it, and is what I was asking for, so I will take a win anyway it comes. That said, the report is very close to coming out, and I cannot see how this can be done without speaking to someone (me)  that built the same social media psychological warfare capabilities we indicted the Russians for, but I built it for the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander and his partner at that time, Paul Manafort. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? These are sworn statements I have made under penalty of law, and this report to the IG was no different. When you submit your complaint, you acknowledge under penalty of law that your statement is both true and accurate.

Somehow, for some reason, Mueller, Nunes, Schiff and pretty much everyone at Fox News doesn’t want to make this public beyond my pathetic little website, and they have a pretty good plan that has been working thus far, but I am not finished! The Inspector General is required by law, if memory serves me correctly, to provide a completed answer within 120 days or so. Let’s see what happens there. In the meantime…

Stay tuned…

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