Obama Attorney, Greg Craig, Connected to Mueller Indictments of Black PSYOP Influence Operation; Thanks Bongino!

Thanks Dan! Listen to Dan’s comment in the short clip below. Hey, Dan. A former boss of mine didn’t believe a claim I made about SSL security in Microsoft Exchange, and said if I was right, he’d eat his shoe. His wife, ironically, was a cake maker, and made a beautiful cake shaped like a shoe; which he ate. Are you up for the same bet?

Patrick Bergy

On Dan Bongino’s March 20th podcast (linked below) he explains to all the “Twitter sleuths” thinking that Robert Mueller is some kind of good guy, or “white-hat,” just how wrong they are. Dan then gives an example of Greg Craig, the White House attorney for Obama that Mueller has tied to his indictment. Well, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and this little gem allowed me to add another direct connection to my ShadowNet chart.

Well, I’m not a “Twitter sleuth,” I’m the guy that built the ShadowNet for Obama’s National Security Advisor. What I noticed was Mr. Craig actually was the official lawyer for two people, President Obama and his National Security Advisor, General James L. Jones.

Ironically, pretty much every connection I’ve made to the ShadowNet and Mueller’s indictments have been scraps dismissed by Dan Bongino as irrelevant to his Russian collusion investigation, and he’s right. The problem is that Dan is focused on who are the low-level players. What he is missing is both whom had the ability to orchestrate the Russian collusion hoax, and manage the covert dissemination of fabricated content. Something like this takes someone at the highest levels of our government, with connection to dissemination tools (ShadowNet), intelligence collection, target analysis, analytics (iPsy) and a connection to Russian intelligence officials at the highest levels; say the Russian National Security Advisor?

In the list below you will see those highlighted in red are under indictment by special counsel Robert Mueller. The following individuals are currently under indictment or a person of interest. Paul Manafort, Rick Davis, Roger Stone, Joel Zamel, Rick Gates, George Nader and Greg Craig. Additionally, an Israeli owned social media firm, Wikistrat, along with it’s sister company, Psy-Group, are connected.

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