Official Request for Classified Briefing on Critical Evidence with Mueller Investigation.

Yesterday, I submitted a formal request to both Robert Mueller’s Special Council and Rep. Adam Schiff with the Congressional Intelligence Committee. The request included indisputable evidence that directly ties the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander to the core of the Russian collusion Interactive Internet Activities, (IIA) influence operation.


The evidence I presented shows a direct, person-to-person relationship between Gen. James Jones, former Obama National Security Adviser and NATO Supreme Allied Commander, and at least 5 businesses and person’s now under indictment by Robert Mueller for social media influence operations.

The evidence I presented not only demonstrates more than a decade long relationship professionally with those directly under indictment, the relationship is also directly related to covert/clandestine social media (black) psychological warfare capabilities I developed for Gen. Jones from 2007-2010.

This “black” PSYOP capability was developed, along with other defense department contracts, at taxpayer expense under contracts in which Gen. Jones and his family made millions – while Jones was in uniform as Marine Corps Commandant, NATO Supreme Allied Commander, ISAF Commander (commonly know in Afghanistan as “I Suck At Fighting”) and when I, Patrick Bergy, personally worked for Gen. Jones while he was Obama’s NSA.

Irrespective of evidence directly connecting staff officers and un-elected political appointees to Russian collusion or conducting influence operations to alter the outcome of U.S. elections, do we want the guy tasked with war to be personally profiting from war?

As stated in the FAX I sent to the special council’s office, I had originally contacted Robert Mueller’s team back in November of 2017. At that time I only knew Paul Manafort was working with Dynology to, according to a Google WayBack image capture of Manafort’s website, 3EDC in 2007, “…affect results in the political, social and commercial worlds.”

Screenshot_20171030-013709 - Copy

The “ShadowNet” application and relational database I had pioneered for the 4th Psychological Operations Group (4th POG) had just been made commercially available during that same time as well. Gen. Jones had a relationship to John McCain going back over 40 years, and was forged in combat. I smelled a rat the moment I saw John McCain had his fingerprints on the fake, Russian influence operation dossier.

Now at the same time we are making the ShadowNet commercially available to the public, and many discussions throughout the ShadowNet’s development involved its potential to influence a U.S. election, Dynology was providing IT services to John McCain’s presidential campaign throughout the entire primary. Once McCain secured the nomination, the RNC brought in Paul Manafort’s company, 3EDC, to provide “micro-targeted social media services.” Between the RNC and McCain campaign, Manafort received nearly $3 million. The screenshot below is from Google WayBack of 3EDC at the time we made the ShadowNet commercially available for the public.


In the chart below you can clearly see the relationship between my ShadowNet and numerous people now under indictment for the exact same thing the ShadowNet was built for.


The slide below shows a copy of the ShadowNet flyer from Dynology. It was made in 2009 just as Gen. Jones was taking office as Obama’s National Security Adviser. Notice the screenshot’s used in the flyer appear to be from an actual engagement for an unknown client being used to influence South America. That is because at that time Orkut was Google’s version of Facebook for South America. Again, this is EXACTLY the same thing we indicted the Russian’s for. Only difference is it’s being sold commercially by Obama’s National Security Adviser. How is that OK?


The next slide below show’s when the ShadowNet and its relational database, “iPsy,” combined the social media collection and influence capabilities with American’s real-time criminal, financial and travel records to create the “ClearForce” artificial intelligence application. This deeply personal data is then used to create “predictive” behavioral profiles to determine of an employee is likely to steal or leak from their employer.

ClearForce was a direct result of Snowden’s leaking of classified documents, but the profiles can also be used to build profiles to target individuals for influence operations exactly like what Mueller’s indictments have accused WikiStrat and Psy-Group of doing to delegates during the RNC convention in 2016 for the Trump campaign. Gen. Jones being on the board of Wikistrat, which provides services identical to Dynology and ClearForce, would be like the CEO of Pepsi being on the board of Coke. It makes no sense.

Gen. Michael Hayden is also on the board as a founding member of ClearForce, and on the board of Wikistrat as well. Has this direct relationship gone unnoticed by Mueller’s investigation? Why hasn’t Mueller ever contacted Patrick Bergy and had him answer questions under oath? How can Mueller close out his investigation without speaking with me under oath first? Not to go “poking the bear,” but how can anyone see an investigation that leaves out the former NATO Supreme Allied Commanders direct connection to the Russian collusion hoax? How can any ignore this? Fox News has known about this for nearly 2 years. I literally spoke with Judge Jeannine Pirro on her cell phone last December 18th. She replied a few days later by text to me directly saying, “working on this now.”

Investigative journalist, Sara Carter, who’s also a regular on Fox news, has spoken with me on the phone directly for over an hour back in mid-January. She scheduled several follow-up phone calls in which I wasted hours for her to simply not call or even text. Two weeks ago I received a text from Sara that she had spoken with Judge Pirro and was going to be rolling my story out during the week, but just as information from Mueller came out that the investigation was going to be wrapping up, crickets from Sara or Judge Jeannine.

Using your position in journalism for politics over seeking the truth is literally destroying journalism. Ironically, Sean Hannity recognized this years ago as what would be the death of journalism. I will be writing more about this over the next few days.




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