McCain Connection to Multiple Illegal Psychological Warfare Operations

Once I started putting some of the pieces together post-2016 presidential Influence Operation, it didn’t take long for me to understand that my president was the victim of an IIA influence operation, and they used components of my ShadowNet, (anonymity, fake personas, fabricated dossier & intelligence collection on Influence Operation targets) to do it.

Patrick Bergy; DoD Cyber-Security Expert & Pioneer of Social Media Psychological Warfare.

John McCain was not a “victim” in any of the covert information operations he has been the subject of, he’s the architect. I’m calling on Meghan McCain to explain what she knew about her father’s involvement with several tactical, covert psychological warfare operations against American’s, and did he use one of his oldest friends that happens to own the ShadowNet I pioneered, Gen. James Jones? The short video below shows this connection.

In this video, Gen. James Jones talks about his relationship with John McCain going back 40-years to Vietnam. Gen. Jones’ son, Jim, was an unpaid staffer to McCain as one of his first jobs.

In this article I will show how the architects, John McCain and retired 4-star general James Jones, setup Trump in the same way I believe they ran a clandestine influence operation on a dozen senators visiting Afghanistan in 2010. This clandestine influence operation, carried out by a military psychological warfare unit stationed in Afghanistan, was reported in 2010 by a Buzzfeed journalist in Rolling Stone Magazine named Michael Hastings. Here is a link to his article in Rolling Stone:

PSYOP CONNECTION #1 – At the same time this influence operation was taking place by the U.S. military to build financial support from U.S. Senators for the war in Iraq, I had just flown into Kabul, Afghanistan. I was on a contract providing support for the IOTF (Information Operations Task Force.) I had just left my previous employer, Dynology, and was working for a company called Leonie as an Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO) on an IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) program. My Dynology connection to IIA will be explained in more detail later, and ties everything in.

In the chart below, you see the ShadowNet program I pioneered on a taxpayer appropriated Department of Defense contract for Dynology, which was owned by one of John McCain’s lifelong friends of over 40-years, Gen. James Jones.

PSYOP CONNECTION #2 – Can someone explain to me how Paul Manafort and Rick Davis, whom had at least a 16-year professional relationship with John McCain, would work for candidate Trump after the things Trump said to McCain for any reason other than setting up Trump? I asked that same question to myself on how Gen. Jones, being a life-long friend of McCain would be Obama’s National Security Advisor after literally working for the McCain campaign?

PSYOP CONNECTION #3 – That was until I saw Robert Mueller’s indictment of Psy-Group, and how they provided Rick Gates, Paul Manafort and Don Jr. with a proposal to use the same capabilities as the ShadowNet to influence the bitterly divided Republican delegates in 2016. Humm, whom else do I know that had bitterly divided delegates? Oh, that’s right; Obama v. Clinton in 2008 at the DNC convention. Psy-Groups quote, according to a copy of the quote published in the New York Times, was in the millions.

PSYOP CONNECTION #4 – Obama becomes president and taps Gen. James Jones as his National Security Advisor. Quid-pro quo? Perfect plan, really. No paper-trail and Gen. Jones’s company, Dynology, gets access to millions in DoD contracts to continue developing the ShadowNet’s Influence Operations capabilities; Obama gets the delegates to move away from Hillary. Crazy? It’s literally the exact same thing Robert Mueller’s indictments of Davis, Manafort, Zamel, Gates, Wikistrat and Psy-group (whew, that a lot in one breath) were 8-years later in 2016.

That said, until such time someone can show me how Davis & Manafort working for Trump, which would be the most personal slap-in-the-face you could do to McCain, I’ll continue to believe this indisputable evidence documenting nearly two decades of owning and pioneering the very tools and capabilities necessary to execute an IIA/IO on a Senatorial delegation to Afghanistan, or a 2016 presidential target, was orchestrated by Jones and McCain. Yes, I believe RNC allies for McCain inserted Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and Rick Davis into Trumps campaign. I believe this was done in part to help Israel insure Hillary was not president so they would have a friend in the U.N.

I know and believe this because of my personal knowledge from working 8-years for Dynology, much of which involved pioneering the same social media psychological warfare capabilities we indicted the Russian’s for in 2018. During my time with Dynology, I was answering to, and working directly with, Gen. Jones’ son; Jim.

This is what Interactive Internet Activities (IIA)/Influence Operation (IO) is in action. You create fake news, in this case the Senate hearing with Comey. Watch how McCain in the last minute slips in a question we now know he already knew the answer to. He asked Comey if there was anything the Russian’s had on President Trump that could be used to blackmail him, fully knowing that he gave the fake dossier created literally from Russian FSB agents and paid for by Hillary Clinton. Now, think about this as well when you watch this short video of McCain and Comey. Everyone says how Republican’s originally fund the opposition research; and Republican’s did. Well, how far do you think you would need to scratch below the surface to find the idea for original opposition research was John McCain or General James Jones’ idea? It’s what they do!

In this video, John McCain is asking Comey if there was anything the FBI was aware of that might allow President Trump to be blackmailed or otherwise influenced. It has since come out that John McCain not only hand delivered the fake dossier to the FBI, McCains close friend, Kramer, disseminated it to all major news outlets.

Once I started putting some of the pieces together post-2016 presidential Influence Operation, it didn’t take long for me to understand that my president was the victim of an IIA influence operation, and they used components of my ShadowNet, (anonymity, fake personas, fabricated dossier & intelligence collection on Influence Operation targets) to do it. This is a service specifically listed in Dynology’s ShadowNet marketing slick from 2008 as seen below. The ShadowNet disseminates the fake news, but who do we know that’s friends with the Russian National Security Advisor connected to the fake dossier’s content? Watch this short video…

In this video, Gen. Jones explains how a president having relationships, even with those we have serious political and ideological differences with, are important. He then goes on to say how he developed a very close, personal relationship with the Russian National Security Advisor.

Before looking at the ShadowNet, which I helped in pioneering for Dynology – while Paul Manafort’s company, 3EDC, was our #1 preferred partner – take a look at Psy-Groups’ proposal. It was easy for me to see what Psy-Group was right away, because I built it. This makes it very simple and clear for everyone. The following is a screenshot from the New York Times article.

From NYT Article about Rick Gates.

Compare the proposal above from ‘Psy-Group’ to the description of Dynology’s, ‘iPsy’. Additionally, Rick Gates said this is the first time he had heard of Psy-Group, yet what they do is exactly the same as Dynology’s iPsy. What is even more interesting is how Gen. James Jones, the founder of Dynology and ClearFoce, which utilizes many components of iPsy and the ShadowNet, is on the board of Psy-Groups sister company, Wikistrat (also under indictment by Mueller.) This would be no different than the owner of Coke on the board of Pepsi. See for yourself!

“Developed in coordination with the DoD IO community, iPsy is a web-based solution with an intuitive user interface that allows for easy and accurate collection of data during online and social network surveillance and influence operation. Users can create online personas to interact with electronic targets (online forums, blogs, and chat services etc.), collect information for target audience analysis, and influence persons of interest through online interaction.”

2009 Dynology Marketing Slick (owned by Gen. James Jones; then Obama’s National Security Advisor and lifelong friend of John McCain.)
Marketing Slick #2 – Are those active engagements of Middle Eastern and SOUTH AMERICAN Social Media Sites in the Examples on this Slick?

PSYOP CONNECTION #5 – In 2008 Dynology made the ShadowNet commercially available to both the public and private sector. My discussions with Gen. Jones’ son, Jim Jones, during that time was the ShadowNet’s potential use in influencing U.S. elections. The description of what the ShadowNet and iPsy provide in Dynology’s marketing slick below, is exactly what was described in the 2010 Rolling Stone article by BuzzFeed investigative journalist, Michael Hastings.

“Information Operations in the Internet Age – Information Operations and PSYOP in particular are a vital part of the broad range of diplomatic, information, military, and economic (DIME) activities. Influencing the behavior of foreign target audiences (TAs) in today’s globally-connected community demands a full spectrum of media approaches that augment traditional print and broadcast capabilities.”

2009 Dynology Marketing Slick (owned by Gen. James Jones; then Obama’s National Security Advisor and lifelong friend of John McCain.)
Dynology ShadowNet Marketing Slick from 2008 when it was first made available to the public and private sector consumer.

Now compare the above ShadowNet marketing slick to Psy-Groups proposal below. I would love for someone to explain to me the difference between The ShadowNet/iPsy and Wikistrat/Psy-Group. In fact, I would suggest Psy-Group/Wikistrat get some of their social media profile data analytics thru ClearForce, which is owned by the Jones’s and former CIA Director, Gen. Michael Hayden. Collectively, these are truly the most powerful people on the planet. If you’re looking for suspects, it seems here would be a good place to start.

Look at how iPsy divided targets into categories, audience and appeal. Persona’s are also built into the application, which allows the analyst to be anyone they want. ShadowNet allows this to happen in an unattributable manner, appearing like you are coming from nearly anywhere on the planet you need to appear to be coming from. Below is an actual screenshot of the application which was commercially available and marketed by Obama’s National Security Advisor, while he was Obama’s National Security Advisor, complete with Dynology 2009 copyright.

PSYOP CONNECTION #6 – I was not aware at the time we were discussing this that Paul Manafort’s company, 3EDC, was Dynology’s #1 preferred partner. Nor did I know that Dynology was John McCain’s IT provider during his campaign’s 2008 primary, either.

Google WayBack screenshot of Paul Manafort/Rick Davis 3EDC website at the same time we were making the ShadowNet commercially available for influencing elections.

PSYOP CONNECTION #6 – McCain was indisputably connected to the fake Russian dossier, this fact is not in question as he handed it directly to his friends in the FBI. However, McCain categorically denied responsibility for the fabricated dossier being disseminated to BuzzFeed and other media outlets, but now know McCain was totally full of bologna on that statement.

Now that we have established John McCain is 100% capable of lying, and has been physically connected to the coordinated dissemination of an active IIA TA, I don’t think it would take much effort by a good investigative journalist to find a connection to the PSYOP of multiple U.S. Senators in 2010. Unfortunately, Michael Hastings, the BuzzFeed journalist that broke the story in 2010, was killed at the age of 33 in a car crash back in 2013.

LA Times image of Michael Hastings’ car accident which killed him in March 2013

His death occurred just months after his reporting of Obama’s “modernization” the Smith-Mundt Act, which allowed our government to use propaganda on American citizens. Hastings’ original report in 2010 noted how the PSYOP of sitting U.S. Senator’s was in direct violation of the Smith-Mundt Act.

The Smith-Mundt Act was a constant source of frustration for our IIA team in Iraq, but we ALWAYS complied with the law. The below video was from a going away party of our IIA director. Several members of our team made a Photoshop imaged of our team that feature a large, golden ‘key to the kingdom’ around the directors neck. As reported in Hastings’ article in 2010, a PSYOP analyst was quoted saying it was something you learned on day one in the PSYOP community. I couldn’t agree more, as our government has no business using “black” social media psychological warfare influence operations on Americans.

(Patrick Bergy – left) Our IIA team in Baghdad, Iraq discussing our dream for the “Keys to the Kingdom.” This was due to frustrations we had with complying to the Smith-Mundt Act from the 1940’s that made it illegal for the American government to run active influence operations engagements on American’s. As you can imagine, an online, clandestine influence operation using social media obviously has the potential to influence American’s – irrespective of the actual target being foreign.

Then in 2013 the Obama administration repealed the Smith-Mundt Act, effectively giving him, ‘The Keys to the Kingdom.’

PSYOP CONNECTION #7 – I would note that in 2014 during the Michael Brown riots, I documented what I believed was indications of an IIA influence operation to spread dissention. At the time I determined the likely source of the IIA/IO was being operationally performed out of the Ukraine. Testimony by Facebook during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing confirmed this. McCain’s influence in that region, along with Paul Manafort’s known social media influence operations in the region, suggests to me McCain had the means, motive and opportunity to have orchestrated this. On that same note, Obama’s relationship with his former National Security Advisor, Gen. James Jones, also provided Obama and Hillary Clinton with the means, motive and opportunity.

Irrespective of whom was behind the Michael Brown influence operation, the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act provided these folks with legal protections of the law to actually fund it using taxpayer dollars, and there would be virtually no possible way anyone would ever know, as it would have been sub-contracted by a privately owned company like Dynology, which was a very small, family owned business that will not hesitate to place company before country. I can say this without fear of being sued, as I literally have an email from them telling me this, so bring it on!

In this last video, Gen. Jones discusses his feelings about Edward Snowden and whistleblowers in general. I agree with him and I’ve actually done everything he said by following the chain of command. When I exhausted all options with my government, I didn’t run to Russia and use classified information as currency to stay and live. I wrote a book, made a website; heck, I literally joined a biker gang, (I know, George Colella, Biker’s for Trump; Boot’s on the Ground isn’t a gang 🙂 I don’t know what Gen. Jones knew, but he had the biggest office at Dynolog’s Corporate HQ. If General Jones does read this, I would love for him to explain to me what he did and didn’t know. He cannot deny the obvious ethical problems with profiting from defense contracts for the last two-decades with his family owned and operated defense contracting company, but I would like to know if he was behind the fake Russian dossier or had any part in it? I would also like to know if he knew of John McCain’s involvement or that of his son, Jim? Perhaps Meghan McCain can help with that.

In this video Gen. Jones is asked about Snowden. His answer was gibberish at best.

So, I ask this of Meghan McCain whom attacked President Trump for pointing out her father’s dubious connections, what did you know about your fathers relationship with Gen. James Jones, the ShadowNet and his direct connection to these 7 IIA/IO PSYOP key points of interest I’ve listed in this article?

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