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On Monday, March 3rd, 2023, PFC Bergy received certified mail a request from Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, to preserve all records relating to Hunter Biden, going all the way back to January, 2008.

This letter was based on a letter I mailed to Director of National Security and Hunter Biden’s attorney offering my testimony and evidence to provide more context to the laptop data chain of custody, if you could call it that. Regardless of the authenticity of the data, which is what Rudy Giuliani asked me to verify, once Tore the “time-traveling” 212 MENSA got her chubby little nubs on it, NO RESPONSIBLE news outlet would have published anything they couldn’t verify independently of the data physically on the drive. Tore was a “poison pill” and all I did was force their hand early. I’m assuming they wanted to let some fabricated information into the congressional hearings as we’re getting further into the 2024 election season, and then exposing it and the “time-traveler” they got the data from, which would have been exposed in Hunter’s lawsuit, regardless of my actions. Just like Rudy held the data as an October surprise, democrats would do the same with Tore the Hutt at a time and location of their choosing. 

Tonight’s show features:

  • Hunter Biden Lawsuit (PFC Bergy Served)
  • Tore – Trimarco Interview
  • Lev Parnas Twitter Space With Millie Weaver & Tore


On or near February 28, 2023, PFC Bergy e-mailed and sent by USPS to one, a memorandum for record (MFR) in Re: Hunter Biden’s Request for Investigation of Various Individuals, to provide my statement of events I participated in that helped provide the Assistant Attorney General for National Security, Matthew G. Olsen, Esq., more context in the request for investigation of various individuals submitted by Mr. Lowell – a LOT more!

It is my understanding that from this document to DoJ and Lowell, a discrepancy with Garrett Ziegler’s time-line of receiving the laptop and my affidavit, and that Garrett has been notified of this. You’ll hear audio clips between Tore and Trimarco a bit later to support my claims of Tore Maras’ possession of the data, and who she gave it to, including, I was told, Don Trump Jr., whom Tore invited me to join her in meeting as an attempt to get me to stay in New York, but I declined her offer. I’m glad I did, but also want to know if Tore did in fact meet with Don Jr. right after her next meeting with Rudy about Hunter’s laptop.

I believe Tore is a “poison pill” time-traveler with a deliverable to get close to anyone they want to discredit or destroy, and there’s a long list of her victims than me. As you will see, Tore had her hands on Hunter’s junk since at least January, likely before. I believe, but don’t have evidence yet, that Millie, Tore, and Gavin were involved with Hunter’s laptop and Giuliani prior to Millie Weaver’s arrest while uploading ShadowGate on August 14, 2020, just 3 months before the 2020 Presidential election.

Bergy Leaving Tore at Marriott


PFC Bergy received a certified letter from Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, in Re: “Litigation Hold Notice for Records Relating to Robert Hunter Biden”

I’ve been asked to preserve all documents as stated in the letter on right, and EXHIBIT #1: Hunter’s poop! Yes, a picture Hunter took of his poop, which I posted on social media, unlike those posting him having sex. I’ve seen the sex video’s and I ain’t going to lie, Hunter is hung like a horse!

The way I see it, post pictures of Hunter having sex and he’s going to become the next Paris Hilton. Hell, Trump would lose a large percentage of his housewife vote. LoL

After frankly admiring some of his work in the sex video’s for a while privately, I decided it was best to only post the pictures Hunter took of his poo, and because children could be exposed, and in homage to South Park, I used an image of Mr. Hanky waiving and saying, “Hi di ho” overtop of Hunter’s actual loaf. I would like to just say on a personal note, wouldn’t it be freaking hilarious if South Park did a Mr. Hanky Christmas Special this year, featuring his cousin, Hunter Hanky! They can all hang out, Mr. Hanky, Hunter and Towelie walking around the West Wing saying, “getting high!”

I had to release something as credible evidence of my claims as a journalist, and however obtained, as an author, the public interest far outweighed any perceived privacy by Hunter based on the public claims of the Mac Shop owner, Mac Isaac. As in IASO [Information Assurance Security Officer] with the Department of Defense for a decade, I never considered releasing anything potentially classified or PII [Personally Identifiable Information] of Hunter or anyone he communicated. At least to the best of my knowledge as I sit here.

Why are they requesting documents related to Hunter Biden from me going back to January, 2008? Are they concerned about something related to Dynology, the company I was working for back in 2008, and something Hunter was involved with, like the ShadowNet?

It’s a legitimate question. Dynology was owned by Gen. James Jones, the National Security Advisor under President Obama and Vice President Biden. Perhaps something related to the ShadowNet and the Obama campaign emails? Election influence? Selling data?



On or near April 6, 2022, Tore Maras did in interview with Mike Trimarco on her Tore Says podcast. In this interview Tore made many claims publicly, she had previously not disclosed outside of my private conversations with her since ShadowGate.


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