Infowars Lawsuit – Is America In A Psychological War of Psychopaths?

Steve Pieczenik & Alex Jones Discussing U.S. Coup D’etat?

One question former PFC Patrick Bergy has for Infowars and Alex Jones, “were you and Steve Pieczenik telling the truth when you literally both said you’re telling the truth in the attached video?”

There are several points connecting their comments to my case against Alex Jones.

1. “who were the USSOCOM Generals and staff officer’s you were talking about?” I worked at CENTCOM and supported SOCOM/JMISC! The potentially treasonous activities I was exposing in Shadow-Gate is plausibly someone connected and could have been the reason Alex Jones & Co. attacked Shadow-Gate? We’ll find this out in discovery!

2. “Did Trump really know about what you and Steve were doing?”

Evidence I have suggests no, and I have a lot; forensically verifiable. Mueller said Psy-Group had offered the same IIA services ShadowNet provided and Mueller stated Trump turned them down. My guess is they did ask Trump, he rejected, then these retired generals just told Jones & Co. Trump was on board and worked it into their PSYOP. Alex Jones would have been an easy target with his admitted substance abuse and claims of blackmail. Trump would have taken a hard pass on working with that crew. Seriously!

3. “Were you, Steve and others either active duty, prior service or private military contractors, running an influence operation feeding emails to Wikileaks (Julian Assange) as Steve said?”

This is important because as I’ve stated, I believe Wikistrat was Wikileaks. Wikistrat has on its board retired generals James Jones, Obama’s NSA & NATO SACEUR, and Obama’s former CIA Director, Gen. Michael Hayden, both subjects in my Qui Tam federal whistle-blower lawsuit filed in January, 2020. If true, this would be a stupid move tactically that demonstrates ZERO understanding of IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) Influence Operations, as Bergy was exposing in Shadow-Gate. You lost the moment you hijacked good Patriot movements and turned a cyber war into a virtual soup-sandwich between Antifa/Proud Boys in the world’s biggest LARP war. Seriously, people, you win an IIA war with FAITH – TRUTH – KNOWLEDGE! – NOT KINETICS! Does Assange’s attorney know about this?

If discovery and sworn testimony proves what Steve and Alex Jones said was true, that’s treason my friends. I say that with over a decade with the Department of Defense as an IASO (Information Assurance Security Officer) and know the regulations well. I help write some of them.

Hillary doesn’t get out of this conversation either. Their claims that Hillary’s people were also pulling the same IIA operation I’m pretty sure they used in Egypt during the Arab Spring, (to less that positive results I would add.) You should have used the The Sunni Awakening as your model, and brought people together, not LARP in the streets while you rake in millions in financial contributions of good American patriots.

If true, and it looks like it is, PFC Bergy will push for the highest penalties the law will allow and will recommend JAG and DoJ follow closely. He will provide them ANY assistance they request.

If it was some sort of counter-intel operation to prevent a coup d’etat, it was the dumbest one in the history of the world, not the first 😉

You can find out more and help support our lawsuit to take back America’s Independence, Election integrity, protect patriotic movements and data privacy here?

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