Nepotism Running Thick At FOX News Between White House Correspondents & DC Lobby Firm Seeking 5G & Visa For Albanian Government Official.

In Patrick Bergy’s first book, ‘Victim of the Swamp‘ he warned about the relationships between the Military Industrial Complex and Main Stream Media, SPECIFICALLY as it related to Jones Group International and General James Jones, Obama’s former National Security Advisor and former NATO SACEUR. This is the smoking gun!

In the first email Gen. Jones thanked John Roberts for, “connecting us.” Roberts, and FOX News White House correspondent works daily with his FOX White House correspondent, Gillian Turner, whom was previously the Vice President of Jones Group International, a DC Lobby owned and founded by Gen. Jones. 

I don’t have the resources to investigate this, but several colleagues I’ve shown this to, including an attorney, felt there could be potential nepotism and even FARA violations for failing to register as soliciting on behalf of a foreign agent.

In December 2018, I spoke with Judge Jeanine Pirro and Sara Carter about my work for General Jones in pioneering the ShadowNet. I posted the threads to our conversation and other details in my post, “Hannity is Right, Journalism is Dead.”

In January 2019, President Trump posted a tweet about Gillian Turner and John Roberts. In it he was wondering how his poll numbers were way up while Turner and Roberts were attacking his border wall policy. 

In the second email you will see Gen. Jones, at the coordination of John Roberts (I am sure Gillian had no idea her colleague was trying to get her former boss into the White House) was seeking to solicit a Visa for a member of the Albanian Parliament, in direct opposition of the Albanian government, it would appear.

This whole thing is wrought with conflicts of interest and the appearance of impropriety, which can be illegal. It’s this very sort of nepotism we have ethics laws, and it doesn’t seem like Obama’s former staff seem to be concerned about it. How do we know that member of Parliament does not have a financial agreement with Jones Group International or one of Jones’ other MIC corporations? We don’t, which is why even the appearance can be illegal. 

Both John Roberts and Gillian Turner are senior White House correspondents that appear to be using that position to favor old colleagues and cover-up stories like ShadowNet. It exists in all News organizations in DC and must be called out wherever found as unacceptable.

Perhaps Trump was right when he made this post just a few days after receiving the request from Gen. Jones and there was a COUP! I will try to update more soon as new information emerges. 

ALL White House journalists should call for the removal of both John Roberts and Gillian Turner as White House correspondents. I also believe Department of Justice should take a very close look. 

The American Awakening FOX News John Roberts Ethics 20210519 YouTube Premier!

Please join me as I discuss the White House emails I received showing “journalist” John Roberts providing a DC Lobby firm owned by Obama’s National Security Advisor ACCESS TO THE WHITE HOUSE!

These emails were EXEMPT from FOIA and had they not been provided to me; you’d have NEVER seen them. Now you have, so what are you going to do? You going to take the “greater good” argument and ignore this blatant nepotism, or are you going to help stop it?

I don’t think the video will play here as a Premier, but posted the link just the same. Just click, “watch on YouTube.”


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