Gavin and Bergy Take Call From Tore

Stereo Call with Gavin Wince

This was a great broadcast with Gavin Wince on Stereo. The whole episode is below, but I wanted to share with you this clip when Gavin takes a call from Tore about what she’d uncovered with AOC.

In earlier conversations with Tore and Millie we had discussed AOC and how she was almost certainly an IIA asset, whether knowingly or unwittingly. In defense of my analysis, she did get the job answering to a casting call. My question was always, who funded the casting call? 

Tore apparently had figured that question out and I hadn’t been aware of what she’d discovered and published on her site earlier, so my surprise was very much real.

In her first message Tore points out a connection she had found with a Veteran non-profit that would make a direct connection to Gen. James Jones. I haven’t read what Tore has on it at the time of my posting this, but any connection to the AOC casting call and any of my former colleagues is not good, let alone the boss.

This is what our democratic republic has been reduced to, and it’s being played on both the Democrats and Republicans, and we’re funding the development of these social media psychological warfare applications as taxpayers.

There was a brief discussion about whether-or-not Tore, much like the Kim’s of North Korea, did in fact have a “bunghole?” Turns out she does, and confirmed that bit of breaking news when she called back leaving a message that she did have a bunghole, and that another prediction I had made just moments after Tore’s first call came true that there would be a connection to Lincoln Group. Surprise, there was. 

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