Crowdsource The Truth Interview #2

I wanted to thank everyone for watching my interview with Jason and supporting my Patreon page. I’ve been working to get this message out since 2015, and what I’ve been doing has clearly not worked. 

I think my Patreon page might help by getting feedback and suggestions from all of you. As one example, Jason’s point about using military nomenclatures and other acronyms that are normal for me, but not for the people that can actually help to get this message out.

We have one week before Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress under oath, so that’s not enough time to raise money to get to DC next week. That said, this doesn’t end next week even if these questions are asked, they will only create more questions with even greater urgency. 

Here is the link to my interview with Jason. I’m still getting my feet wet with Patreon, so have a little patience with this nube 🙂

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