FreedomStream.TV Transparency: Where Does Your Support Go?

FreedomStream.TV is a for profit corporation founded by Patrick Bergy in back in 2016 and is currently operating under Bergy Bros Media. Why the strange name? Well, I grew up in a small farming community in Alto, MI. where we had our family-owned grain elevator, Bergy Brother’s, but was abbreviated Bergy Bros. I registered this as a corporation in the state of Florida the day before the COVID-19 lockdowns began in March 2020. 

With the help of an incredibly special Patreon supporter, I was able to open our office in New Port Richey, FL just before leaving for my interview with Millie Weaver for Shadow-Gate. I spent the last year building out FreedomStream.TV to the point where it is now.  I can livestream and have a membership platform to help support our mission of exposing corruption between the Military Industrial Complex, our government, social media platforms, influencers and MSM.

The difference between myself, (PFC Patrick Bergy), and others reporting news, is that I am a verifiable, Department of Defense whistle-blower, not a journalist. My mission, which I’ve only been able to achieve thus far with your generous support, is to expose the command-and-control structure a small group of very powerful retired generals and billionaires have over our social media and MSM narrative, the worlds for that matter.

I have listed below the projects we are currently supporting, our monthly expenses and operational debt. 


Shadow-Gate Civil Lawsuit Fund
$50k 5%

ShadowNet/Shadow-Gate Civil Lawsuit Fund is designated to hiring attorney’s, paralegals, filing fees and other expenses related to Patrick Bergy’s affidavit and civil actions surrounding the libelous actions by USA Today, PolitiFact, Facebook, Twitter, Ali Akbar (aka Ali Alexander) and others post-Shadow-Gate. Our current estimates are roughly $50,000 to get us to the discovery phase of a trial, which will be critical. A portion of book sales also goes into funding operational and per-diem travel expenses.

Amicus Fund Currently Raised

‘Victim of the Swamp’ Signed/Unsigned Book Sales and contributions from OPERATION: SHADOW-GATE pre-sales.



Journalist Shawn Witzemann Legal Fund
RAISED $2,151.56 7%

Shawn is a journalist caught up in the events at the U.S. Capitol when he began reporting on the peaceful event he was attending as it turned violent. He is currently being served by a public defendant and needs to have the support of very specialized legal counsel. Perhaps such council could submit PFC Bergy’s affidavit on social media influence operations being behind the 01/06 violence? Interesting how these things are all tied together… In way more ways that just this example, that I can assure you. Shawn’s legal fees just to retain a private firm is $15,000 and is estimated to cost about $30,000 when all is said and done. Remarkably similar numbers to what Millie, her brother and husband, Gavin, were hit with. Thankfully, the unplanned release of Shadow-Gate  (literally as Millie was getting arrested), resulted in a huge outcry of support before IIA terrorists, (the same now being sought for inciting the 01/06 violence by the FBI,) could attack us and the documentary with their lies. It was nothing short of a miracle from God, my friends. So many things I have seen happen around this leave me saying that.

Shawn, his wife, and two-children are essentially in the same boat as Millie Weaver was with her arrest on U.S. soil as she was uploading Shadow-Gate. Most likely orchestrated by the same archetypal figures behind journalist Millie Weaver’s fabricated arrest. Please help if you can. Everything after the merchant processing fees will go directly to Shawn Witzemann!

Shawn Witzemann Legal Fund Goal: $30,000



When I set out on building FreedomStream.TV I promised a very special Patreon supporter that believed in me that if BB Media is successful, I’d repay her for the time and money she put into this project. Our current focus with all profits after expenses is on promotion, website and civil actions.


Our monthly rent is currently only $400 per month. We have a company car that we paid cash for so there are no montly payments, but insurance is roughly $500 per month. On 04/01/2021 Patrick Bergy began accepting a weekly salary of $500 after taxes and hired part time help to assist with social media and other essentials. 

Monthly Office Rent, Utilities and Operational Expenses

Monthly Payroll (2x employees)




Investor Operational Loan will begin being paid back as a portion of the companies overall profits, most likely once we’ve had a solid quarter of growth.

Total Operational Loans