As a content creation platform, FreedomStream.TV will be revealing what we (OK, “I” LoL) believe is going to revolutionize our content. 

Beginning January, 2023, and continuing through to the 24′ Presidential election, the BERGY-BIT will be taking the show to the people, with the help of a “BERGY-BOT”! You’re going to love this!

Our focus thru the election will be on election influence, IIA PSYOP (Social Media Psychological Warfare) & its use in elections by campaigns, Social Media, MSM and the Military Industrial Complex. BERGY-BIT and the BERGY-BOT will be hitting the road, visiting campaigns throughout the months ahead, and reaching out locally here in the Tampa Bay Area, which is also known as the front lines in America’s civil-cyber war.

The fraud, waste & abuse we are exposing helps everyone equally, so please help however you can – IF YOU CAN! If things are too tight and you want to help, copy, share and like what we’re putting out there with others.

We aren’t grifters, we’re trying to expose them and we’ll do the best we can with what we’re given, and I’ll keep doing what I can to expose the attempted coup d’état I witnessed in DC, as well as the MIC and DC lobby firms stealing and selling your data to influence EVERY aspect of your life, which is why I believe so strongly in what I’m doing, and willing to put so much of myself on the line to expose it. 

I was, after all, paid by taxpayers to protect our national security, and my debt to that is not paid in full until this is in the hands of the Department of Justice, and America has a chance to be a voice in this process that you are currently being left out of, but paying for.  


Every month we have $800 bare minimum expenses to keep our doors open and PFC Bergy hasn’t taken a salary in the 2-years we’ve been open!

Your IMMEDIATE financial support is needed NOW & this is the quickest, most effective way you can help.


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