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Reviewing, "The Curious Case of Patrick Bergy"

Tonight on the BERGY-BIT Sunday Special

On tonight’s BERGY-BIT I’m going to discuss Ross Elders recent published investigative investigation into ShadowGate – more specifically, PFC Bergy’s claims.

It was a great Christmas present, to be honest. I’ve spent over the last year being lied to, setup and betrayed by some of the most powerful and influential people in the headlines today, and yet this is the first time an investigative journalist has written about it that wasn’t connected as co-conspirators to defame and discredit me. 

Going to be a long show tonight that I suspect will be going pretty late and include a couple breaks on the hour. I want to go over the report and then review a rather long “review” done by two “comedian’s” just a week following the release of ShadowGate in August, 2020. 

What does this information mean and what will American’s decide to do? Will you continue to settle and just go along into this potential dystopian nightmare, or should we use this information to start a conversation?

Hope to see you tonight!

PFC Patrick Bergy

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BERGY-BIT Monday-Friday: 7PM EST!

The "Soup-Sandwich PSYOP" Continues... Lin Wood, "Q-Anon John," Patrick Byrne & A Failed Attempt To Kill Me... Continued...

Tonight on the BERGY-BIT I’m once again diving below the surface to expose all that LIES beneath what I’ve affectionately dubbed, “soup-sandwich PSYOP”.

Tonight I’m going to follow-up on some parts of last nights broadcast, as well as discussing suspected terrorist, Ali Abdul Akbar and what his real agenda is with Infowars. Is this a Military Industrial Complex coup d’etat? Looks like it to me…

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BERGY-BIT Monday-Friday: 7PM EST!

The "Soup-Sandwich PSYOP" Continues... Lin Wood, "Q-Anon John," Patrick Byrne & A Failed Attempt To Kill Me.

Tonight on the BERGY-BIT I’m once again diving below the surface to expose all that LIES beneath what I’ve affectionately dubbed, “soup-sandwich PSYOP”.

On tonight’s BERGY-BIT I’m going to discuss Lin Wood’s interview with John Here to Help after having spoken to him about both Tore and John Here to Help, whom I’ve verifiably been trying to warn Lin Wood since December, 2020, when the “credible whistle-blower” brought Lin information regarding Isaac Kappy’s purported, “dead-man” switch, reportedly  containing CIA blackmail files on such people as Chief Justice Roberts, who is also tied to my whistle-blower case.

Although Lin has previously told me he would consider coming on my show, and later responded he would, he doesn’t appear to want to honor that anymore after I sent him a text today asking why he did a 9-hour broadcast with John Here to Help, AFTER I had given him information informing him he had been setup by Tore and JHTH last December, 2020.

Like I said in the video clip (attached) from that Friday night when Tore and her assets lied to Lin and told him I was coming to harm him, and tried to get me setup by Lin Wood’s security to BE SHOT… what he does with this information is not my concern. I felt called by God to try and warn him for over a year. I had actually asked Pastor Rodney Howard-Brown that evening in a text, as I did Pastor Rodney last June with him standing in his parking lot; help me speak with Lin. I believe now even Pastor Rodney has betrayed me, so how’s that for new low’s.

Decide for yourself my intentions tonight. My position remains the same in the belief that Lin was and still is being setup by the same people I’ve been trying to warn him, and now I’ve done that. I’ve asked Lin to confirm with me if John was his credible whistle-blower, and if true, was Lin ever able to actually verify any claims he made forensically, or was it all just on his word? Legitimate question that I, as a journalist, am asking Lin. I will let you know if he responds, but doesn’t look like he will be. 

I will also be discussing Patrick Byrne’s interview with Pete Santilli, as well as Ali Akbar/Alex Jones interview and Santilli’s forthcoming interview with Akbar. What they are saying is literally just the “tip-of-the-bergy-bit,” as the old saying goes. Dive beneath the surface on this one to understand how it all connects to what is the largest tactical, coordinated, social media psychological warfare, Counter Insurgency (COIN) operation in the history of America, and possibly humanity.

You can listen to facts presented by verifiable whistle-blower’s turned journalists like me, as you can see below in this easily verifiable IG complaint filed below, or time travelers.

interestingly enough, in the same timeframe both Pete and Pat become somewhat fixated on, which is also why I’m including it in the pre-show post.

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Disturbing Chinese Intelligence Connection to Manafort, Davis and McCain’s 2008 Primary.

According to numerous reports, including this NYT article from October 2007, the McCain presidential campaign paid the social media company, 3EDC, more than a million dollars, which was about 1/10 of their entire campaign budget at the time when Rick Davis took over John McCain campaign in 2007. 3EDC was founded by a former partner of Rick Davis, Paul Manafort. As you can see in the New York Times article below, there were other concerning relationships with 3EDC, most of which flew in the face of McCain’s own politics. The new connection I have just made verifiably adds Chinese Intelligence/Influence to this mystery.

I would also add when you read further down below that you notice how crappy a website 3EDC was. For a company paid nearly $3 million for web services by McCain’s campaign and the RNC, 3EDC sure sucked at making their own website. I guess it’s just a case of, “the plumbers leaky pipes?”

NYT October 2007 – “All told, 3eDC billed the campaign more than $1 million for Web services during the first half of the year. (The amount still owed the company accounts for about a third of the campaign’s debt.) News reports also noted that Davis Manafort, the business development and consulting practice from which Mr. Davis is on leave, had been giving campaign advice to the Ukrainian prime minister, Viktor F. Yanukovich, a favorite of the Kremlin, whose power Mr. McCain often warns against.”

The NYT article goes on to report the campaign was seemingly pulled from political ashes by a viral social media posting showing John McCain service videos. It was published by a group called Foxhole Productions.

NYT October 2007 – “And when high-priced media consultants left the financially struggling campaign, a group of loyalists working for little or no money made a searing television commercial showing footage of Mr. McCain as a prisoner of war. The group that made the advertisement called itself Foxhole Productions.”

I cannot prove it, but having spent years pioneering social media psychological warfare  for the Department of Defense, and Foxhole Productions sounds an awful lot like what in military psychological warfare nomenclature is know as IIA, or Interactive Internet Activities.

I developed IIA for a company called Dynology from October 2007- April 2010. Dynology was owned by a lifelong friend of John McCain; Gen. James Jones. Dynology was a very small, family owned business in which nearly 1/3 of the 15 employees when I started were immediate members of Gen. Jones’s family.

One of the products I helped pioneer for Dynology was known as the ShadowNet and its relational database, iPsy. In simplest terms, the ShadowNet and iPsy were marketed by Dynology commercially, and had the ability to alter the outcome of any size election. It was built to provide the exact same covert, social media psychological warfare capabilities we indicted the 13 Russians for last summer. Only difference is the ShadowNet was built and owned by the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander. Wow, that’s kinda awkward…

Here is a copy of the original Dynology “ShadowNet” commercial marketing slick.

Marketing Slick #2 – Are those examples of Middle Eastern and SOUTH AMERICAN Social Media Sites in the Examples on this Slick?

Prior to 3EDC taking over McCain’s IT services, Dynology was providing the McCain campaign IT security services. As you can see in the screenshot below of 3EDC’s website captured in 2007, Dynology was 3EDC’s #1 strategic partner. Click for link to Google’s WayBack capture of the screenshot below.

2019-02-28 (4).png

Now take a look at this Google WayBack Machine capture of 3EDC’s website on March 4th, 2007 below. It is from their “about” page and describes their tools, “…to affect results in the political, social, and commercial worlds.” I’m pretty sure anyone working with me developing IIA in Iraq at the same time 3EDC is selling these micro-targeted social media capabilities to John McCain’s presidential campaign would be EXTREMELY worried.

2019-02-28 (6).png

This is when I found something extremely disturbing, and I am calling on the FBI to investigate this further. Notice the public website Paul Manafort’s company 3EDC is using is at www.3edc.NET (I capitalized NET to highlight its significance.) Notice the email address is not, it is

2019-02-28 (3)

Ok, so let’s take a look at who owned on November 20th 2007 that is listed on 3EDC’s website contact information… Bohan IT – a state owned Chinese IT company.


This is an english translation of’s website several months after the email address was listed on the Manafort/Davis corporate site. I would like for ANYONE in U.S. Intelligence to tell me hosting or purchasing anything from that company used in a presidential campaign isn’t an IMMEDIATE red-flag!

From translation – As a Chinese joint venture company of Sakura Internet Co., Ltd. (TSE Mothers listing list 3778, Japan’s top backbone capacity No. 1), since May 2006, we have been conducting Internet hosting business by self-contract data center in Shanghai.

(C) Copyright 2007 BohanIT Shanghai Henan Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. Copyright ownership

2019-02-28 (1)

Why is a person like me with over a decade with the Department of Defense information security concerned when I see a presidential candidate with potential ties to Chinese influence and intelligence? Because this presidential candidate also had a nickname of “Songbird” McCain, and it has been long suspected that Chinese Intelligence had tapes of Songbird McCain singing like a bird to North Vietnamese Intelligence Officers, that’s why…

I am asking our law enforcement to look into this. I can think of a 1000 ways this relationship looks treasonous, and only about 1 way it could be coincidental. I’m hoping someone else might pick this up and peer-review it for accuracy. Please, tell me I made an obvious mistake here, but I just can’t see how.

Lastly, if you are a Republican, I’m saying with 99% certainty that technology from the ShadowNet and iPsy, which was owned by Gen. James Jones, a 40-year personal friend of John McCain, was used by Jones, Manafort and Davis to alter the outcome of the 2008 Republican Primary. Are you ok with not having this investigated? I would also add that I have connected the ShadowNet to several more of Mueller’s indictments.


I noticed that in 2013 it was reported that the Chinese had hacked both the Obama and McCain campaign servers. As previously mentioned, Dynology provided McCain’s IT security and I remember being told back in 2008 that the intrusion happened after 3EDC had replaced Dynology just after winning the primary. Jim Jones, the president of Dynology told me that with kind of a snicker, which is why I remember it.

Based on what I can see and know, it seems to me like Paul Manafort’s company, 3EDC, may have been the source of the data spillage/breach, but it seems more like there was a relationship between the Chinese Intelligence agency and 3EDC, and not a criminal/victim one you would expect to see.

That said, this new information forces me to change my odds on this being coincidental or not known to Manafort went from 1000 ways it looks treasonous, to two ways it could just be a coincidence. If 3EDC was a Chinese hosted and apparently owned domain, that could easily, and in fact be highly likely, a false-flag. Just thought I would add that little nugget in as well 🙂