OPERATION SHADOWGATE: The American Awakening

OPERATION SHADOWGATE: The American Awakening, is the second book of the OPERATION SHADOWGATE series. Written by ShadowGate documentary and Department of Defense whistle-blower,  Patrick Bergy, it is a prequel to his second book, The Hacking of Mankind’s Shadow, and a continuation of his 2017 release, Victim of the Swamp; How the Deep-State Destroyed the 40-Year-Old Private.

Patrick Bergy is an author, Afghanistan veteran, and subject matter expert in psychological and cyber warfare. He has over 20 years in cyber-security, a decade of which was with the U.S. Department of Defense with above Top-Secret clearance.

This book provides a shocking “fly-on-the-wall” telling from smoking weed with Patrick Byrne in his luxury suite at Trump Hotel in DC as he prepared his speech, to Rudy Giuliani’s New York home authenticating Hunter’s laptop. Other key figures featured as subjects in this book are Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn, Lin Wood, and others leading the 2020 post-presidential election investigation, and the events of January 6th, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol. Who is Patrick Bergy? Why have you never heard of him or the arrest of American Journalist, Millie Weaver, and why have they kept them so close, and what his story exposes covered-up?

OPERATION SHADOWGATE: The American Awakening, is an eye-opening look into the Military-Industrial Complex and the partnerships between social media and mainstream media being used right now as part of a global ‘COIN’ or Counter-Insurgency to control humanity, exploiting our fears to create the hate, division & wars by using your private data to build ’Minority Report’ like predictive behavioral models that are used to determine who gets a job at nearly every mainstream news organization; coming soon to your job!

OPERATION SHADOW GATE: Hacking Mankind’s Shadow, is the true story of Afghanistan veteran, Patrick Bergy, and the events surrounding the arrest of journalist Millie Weaver, while uploading Shadow Gate, a documentary esposing the treasonsous 2020 election influence between our government, journalists and the Military Industrial Complex. This edition of ‘OPERATION SHADOW GATE: The Hacking of Mankind’s Shadow’ is PART 1 and contains both documentaries, Shadow Gate and Shadow Gate 2, FULLY TRANSCRIBED!

‘Victim Of The Swamp: How The “Deep State” Destroyed The 40 Year Old Private’ Paperback – September 28, 2017

Victim of the Swamp is an autobiographical account of Patrick Bergy’s decade inside what has become known as the “Deep State.” It’s an amazing true story of his run for office in 2004, enlistment at the age of 40 in the United States Army, and as a private military contractor. Mr. Bergy was contracted as a subject matter expert to develop pioneering applications in social media psychological warfare for the Department of Defense. Basically, he pioneered social network “fake news” for the U.S. Department of Defense when social media was in its infancy. You get a first-hand, inside look at the “Tip of the Spear” of the DC Swamp at the highest levels, and the corruption between the U.S. government, military, and the military-industrial complex. 

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