‘Boots on the Ground, Bikers for Trump’ Social Experiment

Photo courtesy of George Colella

By Patrick Bergy

This past Saturday and Sunday I performed an unscientific, yet very interesting, experiment on racism and Trump Derangement Syndrome. I was at no time going to allow the experiment to get out of control, and NEVER had any intention of doing this to be mean or otherwise act without honor, and the result supported my efforts. Honestly, I was a little worried. I guess the closest thing I had in mind was a little like the guy that does the online video’s, “change my mind”. The main difference would have been more accurately titled, “I’m NOT a racist, change my mind”. No liberals were harmed in the making of this experiment.

Disclaimer: Although I am a member of Boots on the Ground, Bikers for Trump member, bought a shirt and like what George Colella and the rest of the folks are doing, I don’t work for the organization, and this is just me sharing a personal experience which I enjoyed. I like that their organization defends our president and those that support him, and share their absolute patriotism to our nation. Like any group, the members are diverse in their politics, social and personal opinions; I don’t speak for them, nor they for me. My politics are largely split down the middle between liberal and conservative, with just a little more to the conservative side, but I also have an electric bike parked next to my Harley. Guess which one upsets the neighbors more.

There is an active, organized information operation going on right now to make me, and anyone that looks or thinks like me, a racist. Well, I’ll be damned if I’m going to be painted with such BS, and this experiment was to determine if the racists trying to do this to us are succeeding. The results of this highly non-scientific experiment have surprised everyone I have told thus far.

If you go by what social media says, Trump supporting, race-haters are everywhere, worse than in the days of slavery, and our country is totally divided. Even more concerning, social media says that a Trump supporting, 52-year-old white male, raised on a farm in Michigan, likely wearing an Afghanistan war veteran hat backwards and riding a Harley, is almost certainly a racist. This is, however, the very definition of racism, and it is my sincere hope to show this hypocrisy because it pisses me off.

An incident on, I think, last Thursday or Friday, which I wrote about in a Facebook post this past weekend, resulted in me thinking maybe social media was right, when a dumb-ass white kid said something racist to me as he walked by, like I was some sort of “brother” of his, as I was getting onto my Harley. My response to him; “do I look like a fucking racist to you?’ I wasn’t wearing a Boots on the Ground shirt when this happened. I was just dressed as I usually am.

After meeting up with the Boots on the Ground, Biker’s for Trump group for a ride to a second amendment rally in Sarasota this past weekend, I decide (after making a wrong turn and ending up on the causeway to Tampa) to visit the most left-leaning Starbucks I know of in Florida, which is over on South Howard Ave., (SoHo) in Tampa. I was on my Harley, with my Harley boots and a big ole’ “Biker’s for Trump” logo on my back and front. If this wasn’t enough to trigger the left, nothing would. Again, triggering someone was my concern and something I wanted to avoid, not what I wanted to happen. What happened took me totally by surprise, but I’m guessing the other Boot’s on the Ground members likely already know.

When I first walked in several people looked at me in concern, but that’s not all that unusual. I generally like to keep an image that says “do not disturb” on his door, metaphorically speaking. I also have a good sense of humor and have always had the ability to talk with people I don’t agree with. I didn’t come there to start a problem or offend anyone of color, I just went there seeking the truth.

Within minutes of me sitting down, right out front and smack dab on the main thruway for pedestrian traffic, several people, black, white, Hispanic… didn’t matter, they stopped to compliment me on my Boot’s on the Ground, Biker’s for Trump shirt (it is pretty cool, George). A black kid hit me up to buy cookies for the organization he said he volunteered for helping to keep kids off drugs. I bought some and shared with all the people, liberal and conservative, stopping to talk. Best guess is it was a scam, and used my $5 cookie purchase to buy weed. I don’t say that to be racist or stereotype, on the contrary, I say it because it would have been something me and my friends would have done at his age. Several people that stopped to talk were not at all Trump supporters, but were totally cool, and I was respectful of their opinions. I can’t ever remember another time in my life when so many complete strangers just came up to me and started talking.

I think the strangest thing in SoHo was when this old black guy just comes up and sits down next to me, looks at me for a minute, then asks me for a cigarette. I gave it to him, he didn’t say anything. I said a few nice things like beautiful day out, and typical conversation starting stuff, but he just smoked the cigarette, got up and walked away. I think maybe he was hoping I would react differently, but I didn’t, and in doing so likely took any potential fuel away from that fire. Or, he could have just been coming down from liquor/crack/meth, which would have been more likely judging by his physical condition.

So, I washed my one-size-too-small shirt Sunday morning to see what more this day would hold by doing my homework at my usual local café haunts. It was largely uneventful until I got stranded at a bar from the rain on my way home from Tarpon Springs, and several people (Trump supporters) started talking to me about Trump. Then this black man comes out and starts talking to me, which I found out later was a setup by another guy I was talking to a few minutes earlier and was friends with the black guy. So, this black gentleman is talking to me, but notices my Afghanistan Veteran hat, not the Trump shield on the front of my shirt and hasn’t yet realized I was the Trump guy his friend sent him out to meet. He’s was very professional man that I will not insult by saying he was “well spoken”, which is often tagged as a “dog whistle” by many on the left… And because he had clearly been drinking. He’s an accountant and we were discussing my algebra struggles, when he noticed the Trump patch, and I could see in his eye’s things changed, which he totally acknowledged later, and we laughed about it.

So, an hour goes by and I’m talking to the black gentleman, whose name is Priest, and his republican friend that I had first spoken with that told him to come out and talk with me. At this time, having explained the ShadowNet I built for Obama and his National Security Advisor, and all the other stuff I have documented, which even ties the ShadowNet to the 2016 presidential election. They are both blown away about the knowledge they now have, and ask how it can be stopped, how can we fix it? I said the best idea I have to fix it, is the same way we brought the Sunni and Shia together for the first time in 1000 years to fight with us, and against AQI. We stop it by showing both democrats and republican’s a common enemy.

Priest already knew who the common enemy was, and already had his own theory of chaos and control, which I fully conspire with. And then I said to Priest that the very fact you and I are having this conversation proves what is being spread on social media was a lie. I told Priest how I first saw it during the Michael Brown riots when I saw signs of the social media psychological warfare applications I developed for the Department of Defense, being used to influence and incite more violence. This was knowledge which, irrespective of Priest’s feelings about Trump or the Michael Brown riots, upset him deeply, as he does not like being a pawn in other people’s games. He also agreed that even though he wants to beat Trump, he wants to do it ethically, and understands how the short-term gains Obama might make for democrats if he continues to use the ShadowNet, will eventually be lost by someone else using their version of a ShadowNet against them. It’s a cycle we need to stop now, or stop later after even more damage is done, but eventually it will need to be stopped, or it will threaten the very core of our democracy; the integrity of our elections.

Bottom line, after going out and really having a chance to speak with and listen to people and let them open up, I understand how we will defeat the people that are using our nation and democracy as a tool for their political benefit – on both sides of the isle. I’ll be speaking at the Tampa Bay Trump Club in October, and will be telling my story, in person, to a lot of people. If I get the same, or even a fraction of the response from speaking to people in public that I had tonight with Priest, then the deep state better start worrying!

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