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In this report Patrick Bergy discusses the corruption in journalism and some names you may know. This episode touches on some very, very tragic issues, but if not addressed and exposed, it will continue and happen to the next person.


This is a re-broadast of both Shadow-Gate and Shadow-Gate 2

BERGY-BIT 2021-07-23

In this episode I discuss Flynn, Khashoggi and Project Pegasus.

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BERGY-BIT 2021-07-21

In this episode I discuss Jonathan Lee Riches, a convicted felon that served over a decade in federal prison, over half in solitary confinement, that now serves as Sgt. in Arms for General Flynn/Roger Stone events.

We need to expose these sick, criminal elements infiltrating MAGA patriot movements.

BERGY'S-BIT'S 2021-07-21

BERGY-BIT 2021-07-19

Interesting first Monday episode. Was going over revelations from Press Secretary Psaki about government collusion with social media platforms and how everyone is now all surprised how this could have happened, even though they knew and buried it. 

I then played a video of Ted Cruz interview and saw an interesting person behind Cruz, convicted felon and mental inmate, Jonathan Lee Riches. Riches was there sporting his “Born to Ride for 45” cut, but he doesn’t even have a bike, to my knowledge. Jonathan attacked me with horrible, fabricated lies that I had somehow molested my daughter when she was 10. A claim easily debunked being my passport shows I was in both Afghanistan and South Korea the entire time she was 10.

These are sick people my friends and they are going to take our amazing country down the tubes if we don’t do something. 

I wanted to discuss the recent launch of the “Freedom Phone” and how so many connected to it are also connected to the attack and discrediting of Shadow-Gate and the arrest of a American journalist, Millie Weaver, and her family while she was uploading it. In this episode I also discuss journalist Emerald Robinson blocking people commenting on the Freedom Phone tweet she made that supported QUX, an actual solution to 90% of the problems with the world wide web. Additionally, I’ve seen strong evidence the same people behind the Freedom Phone were setting Millie and Gavin, the creators of QUX, to damage and discredit the launch of QUX, just like they did with the release of Shadow-Gate, which literally exposed the Obama Phone as a government sponsored influence operation on American’s.

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This was just a quick audio test before Monday’s soft launch of the Bergy-Bit. Kinda went off on Bongino a bit, but few are more deserving. 

BERGY-BIT 2021-07-16

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In this episode I discuss the recent Joe Rogan broadcast where he was  warning about the potential constitutional implications of weaponizing social media, MSM and using it to circumvent our democratic republic.

I then played of clip of his friend, Alex Jones, confessing to those very crimes. 

It is important to understand this is bigger than any of us can really fully understand, even me. We’re playing with weapons and technology we don’t even understand. American, as a Christian nation, is truly under attack by evil, and the threat is both foreign and domestic.

This evil is attempting to weaponize humanities “shadow” and whatever or whomever that connects to doesn’t seem to like what we’re doing. That just my prediction on the last part, but there’s more than ample evidence to support everything else. 

BERGY-BIT 2021-07-14

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