Hurricane Ian Cleanup

I’d like to give a huge shout-out to my friend, Jay Nall, for his initiative in helping with the cleanup in South Florida.

Jay rented a U-Haul truck and trailer and left for a week to help out with the cleanup by going around and picking up aluminum left out by the road.

Storms like this have initial devastating impacts to these communities, but over time, make everyone involved stronger.

He gets about $.80 per pound for his efforts, which easily covers his expenses, and will likely make him some extra in the process 🙂

Solid Start Bill for VA

My personal experience on why this Bill that helps inform Veteran’s of VA services available to them post-service is important.

EMERGING STORY - Election Data Stored In China?

Be careful with this one my friends and give it a few days to let more information come out.

As it stands, this doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the two “protagonists” of Stop the Steal, Dominion of Scytl Voting systems and has nothing to do with the actual voting machine security.

This was a small Michigan company that had a contract to handle knowledge management of poll worker data for LA County Elections Supervisor. Now that is something I find interesting and I point to it as “the system can work” when it comes to election integrity and protecting the process, which needs work.

To  me, it doesn’t meet the level of election fraud claimed by so many in the Stop the Steal movement, but was never proven, so don’t even try using this as some “Perry Mason moment” as Alex Jones rightfully described his situation during his trial. This is NOT that. LoL

From an IT Security/Cyber Warfare perspective, we need to understand where our data is being kept, and who has access to it. I’m sure there will be some already pushing this as data China is going to use to influence poll workers, and to be honest, that was my initial thought, but I see absolutely ZERO ways some type of influence like that, on even a local election level, would be a good idea or successful. There are just simply too many ways an operation like that would go south. I suspect, using Occam’s Razor as my guide, it has more to do with just the fact it’s data, and the more the better for those that use and trade in it on a daily basis like the stock market. 

Oath Keeper leader's Estranged Wife

A shocking but not surprising description of Stuart Rhodes and his ability to manipulate others.

“He has made a lifetime study of manipulating crowds.”

Protecting Their Political Dirty Trick's

Breaking down Tore’s April 22nd, 2020 Interview with Roger Stone. Was this when she first engaged Stone as a “target” or had they been working since Millie’s White House meeting with Trump a few months earlier?

Just as COVID-19 had begun spreading death across the planet, adjudicated fraud/grifter & stolen valor recipient, Tore Maras, was spreading her tale as a “Bond like” super-spy with a Forest Gump like ability (she claims time-machine) to have been involved in pretty much every major scandal since aliens arrived at Area 51.

Although exposed by North Dakota Attorney General as having lied about her service, rank, combat-related medals, forgery charges, Harvard education, being a doctor, defrauding a Veteran’s homeless shelter and a dozen different alias and multiple social security numbers, Tore was brought in by Patrick Byrne, Rudy Giuliani, Gen. Flynn, Roger Stone and others to help push the “greatest hits” of lies put on exhibit by the January 6 Select Committee as evidence of President Trump’s orchestrated coup d’état. 

Roger Stone Recap

What can we expect from forthcoming January 6th Committee hearing when it comes to Roger Stone?

Looking retrospectively over the last few years, knowing what we know now, it’s hard to ignore recent connections being made by the predictive analytics generated by the January 6th Select Committee, recently documented in a book by a former member of the Committee tasked with building the analytics and algorthym that appears to tie all of these key figures of “Stop the Steal” together in a calculated, coordinated attack on America’s democratic republic.

Stone’s connection to Wikileaks and Jerome Corsi – Legal Eagle review

Interview with Jerome Corsi about Roger Stone and Wikileaks

In the August 2020 video on right, Stone denies Bergy’s suggestion he could have been working with Paul Manafort.

Reviewing Legal Eagle on Roger Stone commutation. 

“Don’t be doing that Tore… You wouldn’t know if I was…”

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