"Soup-Sandwich" PSYOP's Are Ruining Election Integrity

There seems to be an internal war within respective members of law enforcement and out intelligence community, and someone needs to get control of the situation before we end up in a self-made Civil Cyber-War that tears us apart… which is ironically there plan, and they are winning battles.

This is a must see to believe report on a Army Major in Civil Affairs (Psychological Warfare) running for office in New York against Congressman Jerry Nadler. 

What I wanted to focus on was the Oct. 18th, 2022 publication of the story which helped in its initial dissemination, which undeniably had an impact on this New York Congressional seat by taking away votes for Nadler. Full disclosure I think Nadler is a corrupt, establishment politician and wouldn’t vote for him, but that doesn’t mean I’ll go along with a “cold coup” d’état on my country which I’ve sworn to defend and protect from all threats, foreign and domestic.

Is this a failure of out intelligence and law enforcement to see, willful blindness to keep their jobs, corruption or just a really big problem that has taken thousands of IC and DoJ years to map out and are now prepared to begin prosecuting? Of those four choices, I don’t see much evidence of the last one, in fact I see a lot of evidence against. I don’t believe this isn’t known, and have a lot of evidence of corruption from retired Generals, active duty and others, many of whom are key figures within mainstream media. 

Why Stop There?

This Republican candidate in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania, Col. Doug Mastriano, a BIRD COLONEL in the US Army Psychological Warfare Operations and closely aligned with Gen Flynn, as I understand…

Nothing to see here folks, nothing to see… Move along 🙂

Mega Rich Race To Influence Products & Elections

Kanye West (now called Ye?) Buying Epic Hosted Parler Social Media company?

Kanye West, now known by “Ye” is seen here being followed by death without its sickle, (aka Ali Akbar). Clearly targeted by Akbar and Tore as a “Bannon neurotic” to grift, Kanye has no idea what company he is truly keeping. 

Elon Musk Finalizing Purchase of Twitter

I wonder what Musk would think about the claims in my qui tam involving the partnership between Atlantic Council, Facebook and Twitch to “restore election integrity worldwide” which shut down and disappeared almost immediately following the 2020 presidential election?

Are Patrick Byrne & Lin Wood Blackmailed by Terpsewhore Maras?

Why Is Patrick Byrne & Lin Wood So Afraid Of Me?

Out of respect for Tore’s copyright claims, which are total bullshit, I’ve decided to show my respect by doing my best to refer to her from here forward by her proper name, TerpseWhore Maras, I believe based on phonetic spelling.

As TerpseWhore’s lies are quickly unraveling, pressure is being put on those like Patrick Byrne and Lin Wood, whom gave TerpseWhore Maras a platform and credibility she used to grift good patriots, Byrne and Lin Wood double down on misinformation/disinformation about me, such as the post here showing Lin isn’t sure he was even speaking to Patrick Bergy.

Put aside the fact the first time we did speak, he had called me at around 2am after trashing me on Telegram after Tore either fed him a bunch of bullshit about me doing a broadcast saying I had a PTSD break and was armed and coming to harm him, or they came up with the plan together, I have no way to know. The actual video of my broadcast paints a different picture, one where I ask everyone to say a Prayer that I’m able to get the information I have showing Lin was being setup by Tore, JHTH, CodeMonkey and others, and that he could do with the information what he wanted. That’s how sick Tore is and it is when I knew the true extent of what she was capable of. That said, as you can hear in the video I made as I was leaving Tore and Giuliani’s bullshit scam they had running, and that I was sick of Tore’s lies. This was recorded several months before Patrick Byrne responded to my list of interrogatories claiming how his investigators said she “lied all the time” and “couldn’t be trusted with anything.”

Which begs the question why Patrick Byrne would so blindly take the word of TerpseWhore over mine, someone he personally said he and his investigators found to be credible, and that I was “painted with the same brush as Tore.”

Forthcoming "TerpseWhore Maras" DCMA Lawsuit Moving Forward!

As you can see in Byrne’s response to interrogatories for my book, he know only said Tore was a bat-shit crazy liar (paraphrasing) and that my association with her is why nobody trusted me. Odd seeing that he is now begging TerpseWhore to be on her show as a regular that he wouldn’t be concerned about being painted with the same brush (mop) as TerpseWhore. 

Byrne also stated he would come on my show for an interview, but he never did. These people are such lying cowards, I don’t know why people but into their bullshit?

Byrne threatens to turn Lin Wood’s plantation into a pig farm, which I can only assume was code to TerpseWhore Maras moving in. LoL

Lin Wood asks Joe Flynn if he knows of a man named Patrick Bergy?

As far as I could see, the attacks from Byrne and Joe stopped after Lin Wood suggested he was going to have me on his show… and never did. To me, it looks a lot like Lin used my story as a DoD whistle-blower to protect his own ass.

I laugh watching Lin Wood call out the Flynn’s and Byrne, when he’s as dishonorable a shyster as those he’s calling out based on my interactions with Lin. 

I wonder though if it might have something to do with Lin Wood’s initial relationship with Ali Akbar (aka Ali Alexander for Lin and Akbar’s grifter Christian friends. LoL)

I find it very interesting knowing what Ali is capable and accused of that he had engaged Lin Wood going back to the Nick Sandman incident. To then see them on stage together, regardless of Lin’s claim to me while not sworn under oath and that he didn’t even remember Akbar from Sandman referral when he was onstage with Akbar and Sidney Powell. Was Sandman potentially a PSYOP by Wood and Akbar to fund their little coup d’état? These are legitimate and serious questions we need answered. 

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