In this shocking interview by David Pacman, Mike Lindell claims he purchased Hammer/Scorecard from know con-artist Dennis Montgomery.


These people truly believe what they say, so to them, they aren’t lying.

When a sociopath has a psychotic breakdown and loses touch with reality, they become more dangerous because when you believe what you’re saying, people tend to trust what you are saying more. 


I wanted to do a reaction review on Vice News’ reporting on propaganda.

It is interesting to me how Vice doesn’t acknowledge its role in propaganda, especially in light of their founder being Gavin McGinnis, the founder of Proud Boys.

I’ll do this while acknowledging legitimate issues they raise, in a way that provides more context than they seem willing to acknowledge.

Behind The Attacks On U.S. Elections | Breaking The Vote


It does U.S. no good to go from the Military Industrial Complex influencing elections to the Mentally Insane Complex.

I don’t know what the deal is with these attorneys, I’ve seen several recently, like Kellye Sorrell, that were just as bat-shit crazy as Tore. Most have now lost their law licenses, and the others are fighting to keep there’s. Again, don’t know who these guys are, but pretty sure this isn’t going to end well for them, in my humble opinion. 

That said, there’s no way this case can be considered without the court knowing all the facts. 

A fitting tribute to the oldest grifters in America, the Wringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Tore has released a new video she titled, “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Like so many trailers to movies promised by Tore that I’ve never seen, I’m pretty sure this “trailer” won’t ever make it to the big screen, but wasn’t meant to.

  • Tore dropped this to cause doubt in the election process while she submits her writ to the Ohio court demanding access to voting machines and data.
  • Allowing Tore access to Ohio voting machines, or any aspect of the administrative process presents a very real threat to our national security. 
  • Do not conflate my pointing out that Tore Maras is batshit crazy with legitimate issues that need to be addressed as new technologies are presented.
  • Since December, 21′ or January, 22′ Tore has been saying she’s preparing to drop a movie that exposes me. ROTFLMFAO!!!

Apparently, the star of this “Greatest Show on Earth” is now an alleged sex offender, which makes me wonder if it’s a biography and Tore was going to have him play the part of her husband, now serving 45 years as a pedo! LMFAO

In the days ahead, few people will be able to say, “I told you so” quite as well as me, Patrick Bergy, when it comes to the mental psychosis (breakdown) known as Tore Says, and how this unverified, unbelievable story was given a platform by some of the most influential people and platforms on the planet, such as Patrick Byrne, Rudy Giuliani and Infowars. 

As with most lies, they contain grains of truth that a skilled grifter will spin into lies they then use for their personal profit as part of their scam.  It’s no different than online PHISH’ing scams tricking people into thinking something is wrong, when it isn’t, but obviously could be. The fact a refund error could be made is very often used by scammers as a way to trick unsuspecting victims into providing the scammer access to their banking information. 

We need to work honestly, across all parties to assure the most accurate elections possible. Giving someone access that has publicly acknowledged they rigged elections, whether true or not, is the height of stupidity.


This game has gone on long enough and cannot be allowed to go unchallenged. To that end, I am putting together an amicus brief to file in Tore’s writ and warn the court not to entertain what is best a grift, and at worse, a psychotic break in the reality of a person with serious mental health issues, such as claims to her supporters that she is a lizard person, time-traveler and has all sorts of degrees that two North Dakota judges ruled were completely fabricated.

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