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Your financial support doesn’t just magically make a website, write a book, document & expose key historical events shaping our nation, and our minds. I sometimes fall short of the idealistic goals I’ve set, and made many decisions, like my trip to the screening of Capitol Punishment, that, with few exceptions, turned out to be a waste of time and money.

Other decisions, like filing my qui tam in DC Federal Court, which led to ShadowGate and exposed what came to be the January 6th coup d’état which I documented in two OPERATION SHADOWGATE books,  “The Hacking of Mankind’s Shadow” and “The American Awakening”.

I haven’t been the most artful at what I’ve been trying to accomplish, but have never claimed to be anything more than the fallible man that I am. I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish, in spite of unprecedented attacks on my company, family and personal finances.

Putting aside the thousands of hours I spend researching and writing my books, storage, logistics, printers, computers, labels… the actual printing and mailing has cost, regardless of what those mindless Torean’s like to spread around, as if “buh muh book” used as a grifting slur suggesting I’m just racking in money for nothing. As if to compare everything that goes into a book, like for example, a $100,000 birthday Tesla?

At least 2/3 of sale cost is my printing and shipping. There are credit card processing fees, cost of maintaining the website, e-commerce application licenses… There’s actually a lot involved and I’ve put an unbelievable amount of time and effort into holding up my end of this moral and ethical “agreement” between my supporters and me.

It is my hope that what we’ve been able to accomplish, even with my mistakes, has shown you I’m doing my very best and that we’re making progress, even against the lies, attacks, and deception this evil we are fighting to expose have leveled against us.

You can help our efforts in getting out this message of fraud, waste, and abuse threatening to tear our nation and even humanity apart. Please visit  and show your support with a one-time or monthly pledge of support.

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HURRICANE IAN - Visiting Area Impacted!

I went to South Florida to help my friend Jay in collecting recycled aluminum from pool cages destroyed by hurricane Ian.

In doing so I went around to various homes letting the homeowners know Jay was going to be in the area picking up any pool cage aluminum they need taken away. It doesn’t cost the homeowner anything other than placing it by the road.

It was heartbreaking speaking with some of the homeowners. I didn’t put them on camera, but did share my thoughts about their reactions in some of the video I shot driving through some neighborhoods.

HUNTER BIDEN - Two Tiers of Justice & Journalism

It is hard not to deny the two-tiers of both journalism and our justice system after more than 4-years of the Hunter Biden story.

I’ve put together two recent reports on Hunter Biden, one from FOX and one from PBS, who was interviewing the Washington Post reporter that broke the story.

While FOX is boasting how they told you so, PBS is walking on eggshells and still protecting the institution.

  • No mention of Burisma’s name or Ukraine during PBS interview until the very end when it was added in the “credits”.
  • Although not mentioned in the Federal indictment, no mention of the weapon reportedly being thrown away in a dumpster was ever discussed.
  • WaPo reporter makes lying on Federal gun form is just an administrative thing.


2 Videos

JUDICIAL WATCH - Government Rus Social Media Influence Operation Exposed.

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, discusses correspondences showing an IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) operation on U.S. citizens. It is apparently operating COVERTLY, meaning they provide little if any providence to the governments role in using social media influencers to disseminate U.S. government propaganda.

What Tom is describing is EXACTLY what my qui tam exposes the Obama administration of doing to influence U.S. elections using technology derived from taxpayer funded psychological warfare weapons contracts. Only difference is what Fitton’s emails describe is IIA being used to influence American’s with COVID related immunization, which many American’s both favor and oppose, and which I have ZERO knowledge or information to the conversation about.

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