Did Flynn Get 'Played' by Obama's NSA?

In a world of unverifiable BS being put out by these retired generals and their assets, I like to put out facts.  There are some pieces that need to be filled in, but that’s why I’m putting this out.

As you can see in the article on Ryan Hartwig, Swift Aviation was mentioned throughout the Korean Air election PSYOP in 2020. I say PSYOP because Scott Bennett had the blue prints from AFL-CIO as to what Flynn & Co. were going to do (and did).

Any doubt I had when I saw the airline behind the PSYOP was Swift Air, which made me think about where I’d seen heard that name before, and it was Swift Air, and partner of Gryphon Air.

Back in 2008, Gryphon Air was the only commercial flight you could take into Baghdad, Kandahar and KIA (Kabul International Airport). I’ve flown Gryphon several times, which is why I knew their offices were located at the same address as my old company, Dynology, which was family owned by Gen. James Jones; Obama’s former National Security Advisor and NATO SACEUR. 

Unless Swift Aviation didn’t know about Swift Air, or it was somehow OK for two companies to use virtually the same name for the same service, Swift Air and Swift Aviation are the same.

If so, that would mean with all of the airlines on the planet, the one airline tied directly to the address of the family owned business of Obama’s National Security Advisor, and clearly OVERT/COVERT military operations, just happens to be the airline behind the PSYOP to make “Stop the Steal” Flynn look even dumber than he is.

In the end, the guy that worked for Swift said he worked for Swift, hated Trump and basically wanted to make them look stupid [paraphrasing].  Clearly, there was more than just this Swift employee, in my opinion, and my company had the same address. LoL

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