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FreedomStream.TV went down yesterday for like four hours and I was totally freaking out because it happened just before I was to go live with Kerry Cassidy’s interview and I couldn’t focus on both. I figured out the problem, the whole billion-dollar data center went down, and no, it wasn’t from orders of my awesome new mouse pad, available ONLY at FreedomStream.TV!  Personal biases acknowledged, it looks AWESOME!

I want to thank Kerry Cassidy for allowing me on her show last night. A link to the interview can be found below. Having heard my interview with Nino, she knew some things I have issues with you don’t agree with. IMO, that takes honor and guts.

It’s difficult knowing what I know goes against the very people I trusted, as well as many you trusted. I get I was just a PFC, but you can’t look at anything in my life professionally as anything other than honorable. I ran for office in 04′ and enlisted in 05′ as the 1st 40-year-old to complete basic at Benning like I said (easily verifiable). Mike Jaco did a remote view of me and saw only good, although I’m still just exploring that stuff.

The stuff I said to Kerry, like the Germany servers, Scytl… was all stuff Tore, Millie & Gavin (a 33rd degree Mason, I put his Masonic group picture of him in uniform he sent me in my book) put into ShadowGate. I had never met them before; they came to me saying they wanted to help me tell my story, but so much of what I personally witnessed and documented led me to be 100% confident they’re just con artists. Nobody even knows who Tore is. She claims to have worked doing “things” for people like Brennan but provides no evidence. 

You can literally go to my Facebook page in 07′ and see what I was doing, and I even posted a video of my IIA team in Iraq. In ShadowGate, they showed the copies of my Line of Authority, passport stamps, orders, videos I took… Who I am, what I did, and who I work for is 100% documented and verifiable.

In my interview with Kerry, she questioned my bona fides in SATCOM (Satellite Communications) even though I wrote about it in my first book, Victim of the Swamp, and my employment was well documented. I was actually one of the first 10 soldiers assigned to the 4th JCSE-ARE and helped in standing up our SC2IP (Small Command & Control over Internet Protocols), which utilized a suitcase size portable satellite dish capable of securing any classification of data to above Top Secret. 


I showed on my show during my interview with Pete Santilli a couple days ago of the TAC (The Analysis Corporation owned by Brennan) website address shown in ShadowGate, but the site was literally created at the same time ShadowGate was release, within a few weeks according to whois NS lookup. All the stuff about Scytl & Germany was put into ShadowGate by the same people.

Pete Part 1 (Audio Sucks)
Pete Part 2 (TAC)

What I said on Kerry’s show wasn’t just stuff I’ve read online or heard 2nd hand, it’s as a fact witness. People should really think about that before dismissing my understanding and knowledge.

Did you read Michael Hastings book on them, ‘The Operators’? He was embedded with them. Said they were all Council on Foreign Relations and were trying to achieve what they called “G-COIN” for Global Counter Insurgency. I supported their IIA PSYOP mission for 3-years.

I personally believe the goal of Flynn, Byrne, and Tore, has been to destroy the MAGA movement and distract everyone from the true threat I was exposing with indisputable facts and evidence. That doesn’t mean I fully understand what’s going on, but the fact Phil Waldron, as I was told by Millie Weaver and Gavin Wince replaced the outgoing IIA chief in Afghanistan just after I left the program, which was under the operational authority of Gen. Mike Flynn, his brother Charlie Gen. McChrystal, should tell you I’m more knowledgeable about this than you likely think.

I believe we’re all being played, and I get hearing that sucks, but you can’t dismiss my 8-years of service overseas, away from my family in support of DoD, as being some liberal never-Trumper. I put 10k miles on my Harley with Biker’s for Trump in 18′ and literally wore my cut on Infowars.

I don’t believe a woman that would have me on her show would simply dismiss irrefutable evidence because it didn’t fit her narrative, and I’m grateful to Kerry for that.

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