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Reviewing, "The Curious Case of Patrick Bergy"

Tonight on the BERGY-BIT Sunday Special

On tonight’s BERGY-BIT I’m going to discuss Ross Elders recent published investigative investigation into ShadowGate – more specifically, PFC Bergy’s claims.

It was a great Christmas present, to be honest. I’ve spent over the last year being lied to, setup and betrayed by some of the most powerful and influential people in the headlines today, and yet this is the first time an investigative journalist has written about it that wasn’t connected as co-conspirators to defame and discredit me. 

Going to be a long show tonight that I suspect will be going pretty late and include a couple breaks on the hour. I want to go over the report and then review a rather long “review” done by two “comedian’s” just a week following the release of ShadowGate in August, 2020. 

What does this information mean and what will American’s decide to do? Will you continue to settle and just go along into this potential dystopian nightmare, or should we use this information to start a conversation?

Hope to see you tonight!

PFC Patrick Bergy

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