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BERGY-BIT Monday-Friday: 7PM EST!

The "Soup-Sandwich PSYOP" Continues... Lin Wood, "Q-Anon John," Patrick Byrne & A Failed Attempt To Kill Me.

Tonight on the BERGY-BIT I’m once again diving below the surface to expose all that LIES beneath what I’ve affectionately dubbed, “soup-sandwich PSYOP”.

On tonight’s BERGY-BIT I’m going to discuss Lin Wood’s interview with John Here to Help after having spoken to him about both Tore and John Here to Help, whom I’ve verifiably been trying to warn Lin Wood since December, 2020, when the “credible whistle-blower” brought Lin information regarding Isaac Kappy’s purported, “dead-man” switch, reportedly  containing CIA blackmail files on such people as Chief Justice Roberts, who is also tied to my whistle-blower case.

Although Lin has previously told me he would consider coming on my show, and later responded he would, he doesn’t appear to want to honor that anymore after I sent him a text today asking why he did a 9-hour broadcast with John Here to Help, AFTER I had given him information informing him he had been setup by Tore and JHTH last December, 2020.

Like I said in the video clip (attached) from that Friday night when Tore and her assets lied to Lin and told him I was coming to harm him, and tried to get me setup by Lin Wood’s security to BE SHOT… what he does with this information is not my concern. I felt called by God to try and warn him for over a year. I had actually asked Pastor Rodney Howard-Brown that evening in a text, as I did Pastor Rodney last June with him standing in his parking lot; help me speak with Lin. I believe now even Pastor Rodney has betrayed me, so how’s that for new low’s.

Decide for yourself my intentions tonight. My position remains the same in the belief that Lin was and still is being setup by the same people I’ve been trying to warn him, and now I’ve done that. I’ve asked Lin to confirm with me if John was his credible whistle-blower, and if true, was Lin ever able to actually verify any claims he made forensically, or was it all just on his word? Legitimate question that I, as a journalist, am asking Lin. I will let you know if he responds, but doesn’t look like he will be. 

I will also be discussing Patrick Byrne’s interview with Pete Santilli, as well as Ali Akbar/Alex Jones interview and Santilli’s forthcoming interview with Akbar. What they are saying is literally just the “tip-of-the-bergy-bit,” as the old saying goes. Dive beneath the surface on this one to understand how it all connects to what is the largest tactical, coordinated, social media psychological warfare, Counter Insurgency (COIN) operation in the history of America, and possibly humanity.

You can listen to facts presented by verifiable whistle-blower’s turned journalists like me, as you can see below in this easily verifiable IG complaint filed below, or time travelers.

interestingly enough, in the same timeframe both Pete and Pat become somewhat fixated on, which is also why I’m including it in the pre-show post.

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