Origins of an Awakening

We Need Everyone!

I put this together pretty quick today between setting up a new video production server. It’s my hope to begin having a daily conversation to keep people engaged in these critical issues from tech giants and the deep-state cabal’s running them.

Russell Brand touched on how this all happened and what the core of the problem really is; security versus privacy.

And what would be an Awakening if it didn’t include everyone… even aliens?


Thank-you very much for watching and your support!

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2 thoughts on “Bergy-Bit-2021-07-11

  1. With our tax dollars paying for all this… Since we are having an electoral legislation education ie Josh Barnett and Dave Jose, who are we to turn to to educate us on reclaiming/legally denying federal tax collections? If you stayed active on telegram more your status would grow immensely. Twitter isnt enough because your message, redemption soars more importantly than anything right now. This divide, brainwashing and no method of rectifying it..other than to psyop the psyop.

    1. I will be spending more time on Telegram and putting out more content. Thank-you for your support and feedback!

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