Bari Weiss Refuses to Report on Arrest of American Journalist Tied to Twitter 8 Files

What's The Difference Between a Journalist Paid to Control Narratives and a Government Spy?

A journalist has the right to report on whatever stories they chose, but when they refuse to report or answer questions directly involving stories like the “Twitter Files” she’s reported on for Matt Taibbi and its connections to the arrest of an American journalist, it makes me question their motives. You should as well.

After Lee Fang, an asset of Greg Greenwald, responded to me after his release of Twitter #8 and how it completely exonerated my claims in ShadowGate & qui tam ghosted me, I find Bari Weiss’ refusal to discuss with me further or to report on this to be extremely suspicious at best, and at worst an outright betrayal of journalism. 

The behavior of Bari Weiss and these other so called “independent journalists” seems to be much more in line with my claims of journalists being on the take for DC Lobby firms and the military industrial complex, than simply not finding this story worthy of her time.

I’ve put the email I sent to her, along with her response here so you can read and decide for yourself if what I was exposing to her was not directly related to the release of the Twitter #8 files and the arrest of another so called “American journalist” that worked for Infowars and is connected to many of the IIA assets like Tim Pool, Viva Frei, Gen. Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Lara Logan and others that are so directly connected to Millie Weaver, the “journalist” arrested WHILE she was uploading ShadowGate and livestreamed her arrest to boot.

I’m not a journalist, I’m a whistle-blower wonder what the hell is going on with this Mockingbird Indy media? These questions WILL someday be answered. I will speak before The Congress and there WILL be an investigation into the arrest of the journalist while she was uploading a documentary based on my claims as a DoD whistle-blower.

When that day comes, so called “journalists” like Fang, Weiss, Greenwald and Taibbi will answer for why they buried this story, and the optics publicly won’t be good. 

Is This Why Fang, Taibbi, Greenwald and Weiss are Covering Up ShadowGate & Arrest of an American Journalist?

"Help me! Prove to me they haven’t corrupted every one of you in independent journalism too… or become another corrupt statistic for me to add to a very large list of corrupt journalist. I’m NOT going away and will fight to expose this in testimony before congress, and when that day does come, all of you that could have done something and chose another path, can explain it to your subscribers"

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