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Scott Bennett Interviews Bergy on Infowars Lawsuit


Scott Bennett Interview!

Scott sent me this audio file from our interview last week and said post away, so I did. I think you’ll enjoy it. A different perspective of what happened in DC post-election from two people that were there with Patrick Byrne, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn and a cast of MIC contractors, spies and journalists. Hard to tell them apart at times.

Your data privacy, election integrity, job… You have an opportunity to help expose this and stop it. I can’t do this alone. My information is fact-based/fact-witness and forensically verifiable. If you have any questions, I do my best to answer.

Thank-you ALL for your support!

PFC Patrick Bergy

For More Information...

Please follow the link below to view the demand letter, my sworn affidavit and how you can help support the most important trial in our nation.

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Infowars Lawsuit – Is America In A Psychological War of Psychopaths?

Steve Pieczenik & Alex Jones Discussing U.S. Coup D’etat?

One question former PFC Patrick Bergy has for Infowars and Alex Jones, “were you and Steve Pieczenik telling the truth when you literally both said you’re telling the truth in the attached video?”

There are several points connecting their comments to my case against Alex Jones.

1. “who were the USSOCOM Generals and staff officer’s you were talking about?” I worked at CENTCOM and supported SOCOM/JMISC! The potentially treasonous activities I was exposing in Shadow-Gate is plausibly someone connected and could have been the reason Alex Jones & Co. attacked Shadow-Gate? We’ll find this out in discovery!

2. “Did Trump really know about what you and Steve were doing?”

Evidence I have suggests no, and I have a lot; forensically verifiable. Mueller said Psy-Group had offered the same IIA services ShadowNet provided and Mueller stated Trump turned them down. My guess is they did ask Trump, he rejected, then these retired generals just told Jones & Co. Trump was on board and worked it into their PSYOP. Alex Jones would have been an easy target with his admitted substance abuse and claims of blackmail. Trump would have taken a hard pass on working with that crew. Seriously!

3. “Were you, Steve and others either active duty, prior service or private military contractors, running an influence operation feeding emails to Wikileaks (Julian Assange) as Steve said?”

This is important because as I’ve stated, I believe Wikistrat was Wikileaks. Wikistrat has on its board retired generals James Jones, Obama’s NSA & NATO SACEUR, and Obama’s former CIA Director, Gen. Michael Hayden, both subjects in my Qui Tam federal whistle-blower lawsuit filed in January, 2020. If true, this would be a stupid move tactically that demonstrates ZERO understanding of IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) Influence Operations, as Bergy was exposing in Shadow-Gate. You lost the moment you hijacked good Patriot movements and turned a cyber war into a virtual soup-sandwich between Antifa/Proud Boys in the world’s biggest LARP war. Seriously, people, you win an IIA war with FAITH – TRUTH – KNOWLEDGE! – NOT KINETICS! Does Assange’s attorney know about this?

If discovery and sworn testimony proves what Steve and Alex Jones said was true, that’s treason my friends. I say that with over a decade with the Department of Defense as an IASO (Information Assurance Security Officer) and know the regulations well. I help write some of them.

Hillary doesn’t get out of this conversation either. Their claims that Hillary’s people were also pulling the same IIA operation I’m pretty sure they used in Egypt during the Arab Spring, (to less that positive results I would add.) You should have used the The Sunni Awakening as your model, and brought people together, not LARP in the streets while you rake in millions in financial contributions of good American patriots.

If true, and it looks like it is, PFC Bergy will push for the highest penalties the law will allow and will recommend JAG and DoJ follow closely. He will provide them ANY assistance they request.

If it was some sort of counter-intel operation to prevent a coup d’etat, it was the dumbest one in the history of the world, not the first 😉

You can find out more and help support our lawsuit to take back America’s Independence, Election integrity, protect patriotic movements and data privacy here?

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Gavin and Bergy Take Call from Tore

Gavin and Bergy Take Call From Tore

Stereo Call with Gavin Wince

This was a great broadcast with Gavin Wince on Stereo. The whole episode is below, but I wanted to share with you this clip when Gavin takes a call from Tore about what she’d uncovered with AOC.

In earlier conversations with Tore and Millie we had discussed AOC and how she was almost certainly an IIA asset, whether knowingly or unwittingly. In defense of my analysis, she did get the job answering to a casting call. My question was always, who funded the casting call? 

Tore apparently had figured that question out and I hadn’t been aware of what she’d discovered and published on her site earlier, so my surprise was very much real.

In her first message Tore points out a connection she had found with a Veteran non-profit that would make a direct connection to Gen. James Jones. I haven’t read what Tore has on it at the time of my posting this, but any connection to the AOC casting call and any of my former colleagues is not good, let alone the boss.

This is what our democratic republic has been reduced to, and it’s being played on both the Democrats and Republicans, and we’re funding the development of these social media psychological warfare applications as taxpayers.

There was a brief discussion about whether-or-not Tore, much like the Kim’s of North Korea, did in fact have a “bunghole?” Turns out she does, and confirmed that bit of breaking news when she called back leaving a message that she did have a bunghole, and that another prediction I had made just moments after Tore’s first call came true that there would be a connection to Lincoln Group. Surprise, there was. 

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Shadow-Gate Civil Lawsuit Fund

Shadow-Gate Civil Lawsuit Fund

Please help support the Shadow-Gate Civil Lawsuit Fund above.  We require approximately $50,000 to get our case into the discovery phase of a trial. We will need to do this quickly over the next few months. This case will change the course of American history and will be recorded in American history books, but we can’t do it without your help!

Texas Attorney Kellye Sorelle has sent a defamation demand letter to Alex Jones, Inforwars for $150 million dollars in damages to Mr. Bergy. He will be seeking a jury trial in Texas. This trial will be to prove if the information provided in Shadow-Gate was true, and if true, what was the reason for them to use fabricated stories, fake personas and other means exposed in Shadow-Gate to discredit the documentary? Maybe, in the process, we can get to the bottom of the arrest of Millie Weaver.

Please help by contributing what you can to this lawsuit. I put together the video below to help explain more.

Shadow-Gate Infowars Lawsuit

Bottom line is I can’t do this without your financial support.

Our nation is under attack, and the people we’re trusting to protect us, are betraying us. Please take a look at the video here and the affidavit listed below. That affidavit will be cleaned up and submitted as evidence, so I wanted to put it out there now.

Please visit our transparency site to see funds raised, who we are and how everything is being managed. 

The Case

Patrick Bergy’s case is based on the information he has provided in the demand letter / affidavit on the right. 

The information is all forensically verifiable and based off a DoD whistle-blower and fact-witness.

We are filing a civil defamation lawsuit against Alex Jones/Inforwars, but it will quickly call for discovery on USA Today, Politifact, Facebook, Twitter, Atlantic Council, Ali Alexander (aka Ali Akbar) and Kaitlyn Bennett, Roger Stone…. More may be added.

Millie, Gavin and Tore are not listed in this lawsuit. Mr. Bergy wanted to keep this strictly based on proving the claims Mr. Bergy made in Shadow-Gate were true, and that in discrediting and attacking Shadow-Gate, Mr. Bergy was defamed. It is of Mr. Bergy’s opinion that Tore, Millie and Gavin all have very serious and legitimate claims, and how their personal grievences are handled is up to them. 

Mr. Bergy intends to show that the above conspired to lie and defame Patrick Bergy, Tore, Millie Weaver and Gavin Wince immediately following the release of Shadow-Gate and the arrest of journalist Millie Weaver as she was uploading it. Mr. Bergy believes this was done to hide other crimes, potentially to include treason.

This was all done as part of a organized, tactical conspiracy that the release of Shadow-Gate threatened to expose, which may have prevented the violence in DC on January 6th had this tactical, coordinated attack not have occurred. This can be assumed based on the fact key assets that attacked Shadow-Gate with fabricated articles, personas and other sources, are now being investigated by the Department of Justice for the incitement of January 6th, and are being accused of the very same things Shadow-Gate was exposing. Evidence as such is presented in this affidavit as well as additional sources and witness testimony. 

Links to Shadow-Gate, Shadow-Gate 2 and PSYOP The Steal are included below. An American journalist was arrested here, and more are being arrested every day.

Please support the Shadow-Gate legal fund and help fix a problem that is threatening to destroy our country. 

Order Patrick Bergy’s true story of fraud, waste and abuse between our government, military, social media, MSM and the Military Industrial Complex, ‘Victim of the Swamp: How the Deep-State Destroyed the 40-Year-Old Private’ today!

Pre-Order his forthcoming book, OPERATION: SHADOW-GATE and get a behind the scene view of the DC swamp post-Shadow-Gate and 2020 Presidential elections, “Stop the Steal” efforts by Patrick Byrne, Sidney Powell, Gen. Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, Mayor Rudy Guiliani and a host of DC swamp creatures/social media influencers in a race to the bottom.

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Shawn Witzemann Legal Fund - $20k Goal!


UPDATE: We’re closing out Shawn’s fundraiser with a total raised of $2,667 from 45 donors. We’re having a 3-party CPA oversee the fund transfer and recording.

THE AMERICAN AWAKENING 04/05/21 – Discussing journalist Shawn Witzemann being called by the FBI to turn himself in for charges surrounding the events of 01/06. Shawn is a founding member, I believe, of the Armenian Council for Truth in Journalism and has a wife and two children. 

We’ve setup a fund here on FreedomStream.TV where you can help support Shawn and his family in this very difficult time.  All monies contributed will go directly to Shawn and his family to help with legal fees. 

We’re doing this here on FreedomStream.TV becuase GoFundMe and other sites are shutting down fundraising for these types of issues. They shut the Millie Weaver campaign we had in DC last January down immediately. There’s also several other very interesting factors surrounding Shawn’s pending arrest connected to our usual suspects like John Sullivan and Co.

Please keep Shawn and his family in your Prayers. 

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Patrick Bergy Amicus Brief Update

HUGE SOFT LAUNCH – Books Going Out!

I have completed a DRAFT of the amicus brief. It will still need to be properly formatted and edited for submitting to several different jurisditions currently involved with civil lawsuits agains President Trump, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Patrick Byrne, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Gen. Michael Flynn, Dominion, Smartmatic,  Alex Jones, Eric Swallwell and the U.S. Supreme Court. That last one is much harder than it looks.

I’m asking for your help with legal expenses, filing fees and such to get the below brief into our judicial system and expose the corruption, fraud, waste and abuse in our government.  You can contribute right here in our FreedomStream.TV shop by making a contribution to the Amicus fund!

We’re also setting up a legal where we’ll be able to provide updates and information shortly! 

There are a lot of people that don’t want this to be heard, just ask journalist Millie Weaver, who was arrested as she was uploading the Shadow-Gate documentary that would have exposed these serious threats to our democratic republic that we witnessed on January 6th in DC. 

I mailed two letters, certified mail thus far. One was to President Trump, and one was to Mayor Rudy Guiliani.

The letters were notification of my intent to submit an amicus brief to a lawsuit they are currently defendants of, in support of the defense. 

Official notice is required by the court, and any response will be included in the filing. 

In the letter I stated a copy of the full brief would be found here. That said, several new, highly significant pieces of evidence from Millie Weaver’s investigative report are highly relevant and must be included. I’m working on getting that done as expeditiously as possible. 

I have included a copy of the signed letter of intent I sent to Mayor Guiliani on the right. The one sent to president Trump, but doesn’t include the request to waive my NDA with the Mayor. I’ll honor whatever his request is, and there isn’t much, if anything, under the NDA would make a significant difference. 

Below are the letters of intent that were mailed. I have received a signed certified mail return receipt only from Mayor Giuliani. 

Below is the DRAFT version. It has not been properly formatted or edited for grammar errors. I put it up soon as I could get a working draft complete. Sorry for the delay. 

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Millie Weaver PSYOP The Steal Report

Please check out Millie Weaver’s report on the January 6th insurrection. While you’re there, please thank them with your support if you can with a Shadow-Gate T-Shirt, hat, poster…

Much of this was recorded while in DC supporting efforts for Mayor Rudy Guiliani to prove President Trump was not responsible for the events of January 6th.

I was there with them, helping as I could to understand who was behind the attack, but the real work here was all Millie, Gavin and myself. Tore was supporting from back home, and dealing with unimaginable personal issue.

The evidence is overwhelming, and at times shocking to learn the threats our country truly faces from both foreign and domestic enemies of America.

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Response to Sidney Powell on Ali Akbar Staged Event

I went to DC shortly after the November 3rd election to provide my sworn affidavit on election interference. For over 2 months I watched is dismay as hundreds of MIC contractors picked the bones of Trumps presidency like vultures with fresh carrion. Multi-million dollar contracts were being used to investigate election tampering by the same people President Trump was trying to eliminate – the Military Industrial Complex. What could possibly have gone wrong with that plan? LoL

I attended numerous meetings with Patrick Byrne, co-founder of, met with Joe Flynn, investigators working for Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and many others at the “tip of the election scandal spear”.

It didn’t take long for me to see that my affidavit, although verified by these same people, was being covered-up. When I asked Patrick Byrne directly to his face to “tell me straight, is my affidavit going to President Trump with the rest of the whistle-blowers affidavit’s,” Patrick was at least honest with me and said, “no.” He told me it was briefed to Flynn and his team and everyone freaked out (I’m paraphrasing) and his impression to me was that it was going to be used for something later.

Smelling bullshit (not from Patrick, I liked him. He was actually honest, but Flynn, Powell, Lin… not so much) I moved out of the room I was being provided by Patrick Byrne and reached out to my supporters to help me cover my own expenses so I would be subject to their BS. You will see that stated as such in my e-mail to Sidney Powell and Lin Wood following the Ali Akbar staged PSYOP event (see video and affidavit I posted at that same time below Powell email).

I gave Sidney Powell the opportunity for herself and Lin Wood to explain why my affidavit exposing Obama/Biden’s ShadowNet, which was HEAVILY VETTED & VERIFIED by multiple teams of investigators, was covered-up and they chose not to answer. After seeing reports of Gen. Flynn’s brother being in the room when the request for help to the National Guard was rejected, I’m now even more concerned that my affidavit was covered-up because they had another plan of their own on January 6th involving the attack on the capital.

To my knowledge, and I have a lot of evidence to support this from my meeting with Mayor Guiliani, whom it was clearly also kept from, my affidavit was kept from President Trump by Flynn, Powell and Wood. I’m seeing that a lot of things that could have proven President Biden rigged and stole the election was kept from President Trump, which I believe was not only criminal, it was potentially part of a sedicious conspirary and likely illegal. It is because of this I’ll be taking this email, my affidavit and other evidence to the FBI investigating the January 6th attacks. 

This evidence will exonerate President Trump in the upcoming impeachment trial, and I fully intend to have it included into the record. It is my hope that Mayor Guliani will help me to expose this in his testimony as well. If not, then I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Thus far he’s been straight with me. This must be heard if we are ever going to get a handle on such treasonous attacks in the future. I’d also argue there may have been more involved with the election investigation than just counting the votes; stealing the voter data acquired by court orders is just one of many possible things we need to investigate. They were up to something, and none of it to me looks good. We need to find out what. 

Whatever their intentions, these people were lying to me, you and all American’s for a very long time and jeopardizing our national security in the process. I believe had my affidavit been given to President Trump as required by law, much of what happened on January 6th, if not all, would have been avoided. That includes the current impeachment of President Trump that’s based on the pre-planned attack on our nations capital by many of the same people that were attacking me, covering up my affidavit and the social media influence operation that lead to the attack – many of whom were literally former PSYOP colleagues of mine that are still active in the military.

We are a nation of laws, not anarchists, retired General’s, corrupt journalists, paid social media assest and military PSYOP teams using fake news and social networks to generate the anger and hate that lead to the events of January 6th by largly well meaning, patriotic American’s that were used as pawns to cause the chaos we witnessed. I consider many of the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and others as my friends, and using them for your stupid little PSYOP games has pissed me off even more than I had been before! 

If you knew about Obama/Biden’s ShadowNet and covered it up, you won’t get a pass with me. The blood of all those that died on January 6th and the impeachment of President Trump (both impeachments) is on YOUR hands!

I’m currently updating my affidavit to include many other suspected threat-actors that came onto my radar since I updated it back in November. I’ll be sending the updated copy certified mail to the Senate Judiciary, House Intel Committee and FBI when complete. They can all add it to the existing one’s they had but covered-up for the last several years, which I’ll be testifying to for misprision of treason.



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To Protect America Against All Threats Foreign and Domestic

I’m a DoD whistle-blower. I spent nearly 2-yrs between Iraq/Afghanistan. I carry w/me every sleeping and waking moment the guilt, sorrow & sadness of 150+ souls you never even knew existed, and that I can’t erase from my memory. Only to return home after nearly 8-years with the Department of Defense overseas and see what you let happen while I was gone. Keep reading and you’ll see👇

After my deployment to Afghanistan in the Army Reserves in uniform, and with the honorable completion of my required time of service, I thought I could still serve my country as a private contractor.

I spent from 2007-2008 in Iraq on a contract for a company owned by a man that later became Obama/Biden’s National Security Advisor; 4-Star Gen. James Jones; oftentimes with incoming mortar rounds landing multiple times a day, with my family thousands of miles away.

While in Iraq and over the next several years, I helped build a taxpayer funded social media psychological warfare weapon for my country to defend us from our adversaries from a novel, never before known threat; social networks. My work and claims are well documented with forensically, easily verifiable evidence, DoD memorandums, witness testimony… Then I noticed around 2014 during the Michael Brown riots it was being used by people I trusted to influence Americans to cause division for political gain and profit.

– When I went to my chain of command, I (and thus you) were betrayed.

– When I went to my elected officials in both parties, I (and thus you) were betrayed.

– When I went to the press, whom I and so many others fought to protect constitutionally, I was betrayed by nearly everyone I (and thus you) thought we could trust.

Those that didn’t betray me, like Millie Weaver and Tore, were either arrested, or their families dragged through the mud with lies. Why, so a handful of retired generals could circumvent our pesky little democratic process of elections to dictate our foreign and domestic policies we’re not apparently capableof doing ourselves; making millions in profits from destroying our country with the very technologies American taxpayers paid them to build to protect us in the process?

These same retired generals even partnered with Facebook, Twitter and others to, as God is my witness, “restore election integrity worldwide.” How did they do that? Censoring a duty elected President’s tweets and posts is just one simple example. This literally destroys the integrity of our elections by influencing people to think he’s actually the one we need to be protected from. Now that I think about it, maybe they’re right and we are too stupid? LoL

They must really laugh their asses off some nights at how gullible humanity truly is, and because they’ve placed journalists as assets throughout all mainstream media, they will remain protected.

Their mass collection of data and hiring of human garbage posing as “YouTube influencers” willing to do anything for a few bucks, has allowed them to collect blackmail on anyone left in our government or law enforcement that could actually help. Just look at the video I posted of Mike Cernovitch recently as merely one example👇

Cernovitch Confesses to Blackmailing Journalists, Trump & POTUS Staff

Now, factor in everything I’ve said above, then times (x) that by ten with the shit I haven’t even mentioned here for the sake of time.

People are so blind with hate for president Trump, yet only 5 years ago Trump had the number #1 watched show on television for 15-years in a row? Yet people say to me they can’t be influenced; LMFAO.

Trump ran his entire campaign based on “draining the swamp,” The very same swamp that betrayed me, an Afghanistan veteran that voted for Obama/Biden… and then Trump. Democrats had hoped for years to have a president like Trump, even with all of his personal flaws and imperfections. Hell, it was because he wasn’t perfect, like those establishment politicians reading from the same script they’ve used for the last half century in office.

Now Joe Biden, whom sat in an office just down the hall from Gen. Jones, and whom himself has never answered if he knew anything about Obama/Biden’s ShadowNet, is about to become President. Someone please show me an average Democrat that would have thought that was OK 5-years ago.

What a sad day for our country. Both Democrats and Republicans betrayed you and me, and if you think you won by forcing out the one man I’ve seen with the courage to stand up to them, you deserve everything you’re about to get when these retired Generals are done with you, and by my watch, that will begin about the day after tomorrow. If I thought for a moment Trump was guilty of the same, I’d have him on my affidavit as well, but I don’t and he isn’t.

It’s all just part of a multi-billion, social media Psychological warfare operation by both foreign and domestic threat-actors, which is becoming more and more clearer every day as we see the tactical, military trained teams behind the attack on our nations capital January 6th., but that starts encroaching on my NDA, so you’ll need to stay tuned.

But there’s a problem. You see, even though it was likely the hardest shit I’ve ever gone through these last 5-years to expose all of this corruption (and based on my nightmares, that’s not an easy thing to accomplish), I’ve documented every journalist, YouTube influencer, social media company, politician and law enforcement agent that knew of this treason, and did nothing; which is illegal 👇

“18 U.S. Code § 2382 – Misprision of treason; Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.”

Now if you’re a journalist or, oh… an attorney, and did nothing but think you’re ok, you may want to think again👇

“18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony: Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

So while these asshole were gleefully screwing an Afghanistan veteran whistle-blower, and as their followers and supports cheered on, (I mean WFT, America? Seriously?) I was documenting every one of them that knew and did nothing, or even worse, actively participated in the cover-up. Effectively, I’ve been tying this around everyone one of their necks for them to hang themselves with (figuratively speaking.) My best guess is about 40+ Democrats and Republicans in both House and Senate, a dozens more in law enforcement and a Supreme Court Justice thrown in for bad measure 🙂

As an Information Assurance Security Officer for the Department of Defense, I was hired by American taxpayers at between $120,000-$240,000 per year to defend our national security from all threats, foreign and domestic.

My title as an IASO ended when several domestic threat-actors chose to place their company, contract or job, before their country. But my oath to protect national security didn’t end then, it merely got more complicated, which is putting it mildly. If you think my methods were jacked-up, walk a mile in my shoes and give me that answer again.

As of last week I entered into an NDA with Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and thus I can’t speak to what will happen next or what was discussed after I signed. That’s assuming anything more than the same betrayal I’ve witnessed these last 5+ years actually transpires; yet hope springs eternal. The NDA doesn’t prevent me from telling you the story above, as that is all public knowledge, just most of you had simply ignored or dismissed it.

I ain’t gonna lie, more times than I care to remember, I felt as though my fellow Americans had betrayed me as well. But now you know, just like those that you likely also trusted knew. So choose wisely what you do with that knowledge America, and the world for that matter, regardless of your political beliefs. If they did it to me, they’ll do it to you! It’s not something that’s coming, it’s here and goes far beyond social media influence now.

Think about that as you’re home tonight thinking either you’re glad President Trump will be gone tomorrow, or sad because you think you were cheated (you were), but far worse than you even know.

Ask yourself, is this really what you should be focused on right now knowing this? If you’re answer is yes, then don’t worry, you’ll get what you’ve got coming soon enough. Seems pretty short-sighted to me…


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Cernovitch Confesses to Blackmailing Journalists, Trump & POTUS Staff

In 2017 I saw this live and knew I had to make a recording quickly before it was taken offline.

If you’re helping Cernovitch or any of these others to actively suppress my qui tam whistle-blower lawsuit filed in DC federal court, you need to STOP NOW and contact me. I will ask prosecution to take it into consideration.

Patrick Bergy

The levels of criminal behavior will likely take investigators a long time to sort out, but think about just a few key facts that go towards making this treasonous act even worse.

To begin with if DC journalists have blackmail material on them, it sure would explain the levels of corruption by journalists in DC. Even worse was his direct threat to a sitting American President, and he was referring also at the time to Trumps staff, which I argued at the time likely had high level clearances. If this dumbass has it, actual intelligent, tactical foreign threat-actors have it also. I would argue their actions constitute treason, and I’ll do everything in my power to see they’re tried for their crimes against America and our constitution for their personal profit.

Cernovitch is 100% connected to Ali Akbar, the purported terrorist behind the tactical military PSYOP attack on congress this past January 6th. ALL evidence suggests they used the blackmail of POTUS staff and journalists to help execute this offensive.

Ali Akbar, Cernovitch, Alex Jones and many others are either in hiding or suspects behind the DC IIA/PSYOP attack (at least on the domestic terrorist front) Most if not ALL were also behind the vicious attack on myself and the rest involved with the ShadowGate documentary. American journalist, Millie Weaver, her brother and husband were ALL arrested WHILE uploading the ShadowGate documentary.

They’re all just “sock-puppets” to coin a phrase by Alex Jones. We know who their puppet-masters are 🙂 All has been updated in my qui tam whistle-blower lawsuit along with several others that actively covered up the treason being exposed in the ShadowGate documentary.