Shawn Witzemann Legal Fund - $20k Goal!


UPDATE: We’re closing out Shawn’s fundraiser with a total raised of $2,667 from 45 donors. We’re having a 3-party CPA oversee the fund transfer and recording.

THE AMERICAN AWAKENING 04/05/21 – Discussing journalist Shawn Witzemann being called by the FBI to turn himself in for charges surrounding the events of 01/06. Shawn is a founding member, I believe, of the Armenian Council for Truth in Journalism and has a wife and two children. 

We’ve setup a fund here on FreedomStream.TV where you can help support Shawn and his family in this very difficult time.  All monies contributed will go directly to Shawn and his family to help with legal fees. 

We’re doing this here on FreedomStream.TV becuase GoFundMe and other sites are shutting down fundraising for these types of issues. They shut the Millie Weaver campaign we had in DC last January down immediately. There’s also several other very interesting factors surrounding Shawn’s pending arrest connected to our usual suspects like John Sullivan and Co.

Please keep Shawn and his family in your Prayers.