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The American Awakening on IRN for Wednesday, April 28th, 2021. 

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2021/04/14 – Below is audio for my IRN weekly podcast of The American Awakening. In this installment I played a clip from my Stereo broadcast with Gavin when Tore called in. Which leads me into some independent rappers making some very “woke” music.

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Short discussion about the arrest of Shawn, current attacks and signing a few books. 

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THE AMERICAN AWAKENING 04/05/21 – Discussing journalist Shawn Witzemann being called by the FBI to turn himself in for charges surrounding the events of 01/06. Shawn is a founding member, I believe, of the Armenian Council for Truth in Journalism and has a wife and two children. 

We’ll be setting up a fund here on FreedomStream.TV and all monies contributed will go directly to Shawn and his family to help with legal fees. We’re doing this here on FreedomStream.TV becuase GoFundMe and other sites are shutting down fundraising for these types of issues. They shut the Millie Weaver campaign we had in DC last January down immediately. There’s also several other very interesting factors surrounding Shawn’s pending arrest connected to our usual suspects like John Sullivan and Co.

Please keep Shawn and his family in your Prayers. 

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THE AMERICAN AWAKENING – Have masks become the new “straws” in the democrats new war on our enviroment? It what will most likely go down in worldwide histroy as the most politically weaponized scam ever, the unfunded mandate of masks will likely equal an enviromental disaster on par with Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska I remember from my youth. 

This content is restricted to members of The American Awakening.
This content is restricted to members of The American Awakening.