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The American Awakening - 06-23-2021

In this episode of The American Awakening I discuss Father’s Day at The River Church, Tampa, and the Re-Open America event held there last week. I get a little “salty” with Gen. Flynn, but he’s a big boy and has some answers he seems afraid to answer. 

BERGY-BIT 06-10-2021

ClearForce Exposed!

For several years I’ve been warning that, which is owned by Obama’s National Security Advisor and CIA Director, are providing their “Minority Report” like predictive analytics to what appears to be a large portion of the Mainstream Media Industrial Complex.

Why should that concern you? Because their algorithms control who is hired and fired. They state right on their website they monitor emails, social media – inside and outside the workplace – to create their predictive reports. 

The potential for abuse cannot be understated. This, along with their partnerships between Atlantic Council, Facebook, Twitter… provides a handful of retired generals with virtually complete control over all the major social media and news mediums. 

This is a coup d’état!

ClearForce Exposed

The American Awakening 06-01-2021

In this weeks episode of the American Awakening IRN podcast, I run a 48 minute conversation between Hunter Biden and what is likely another prosititue, but it’s hard to tell them apart. I’ve not edited anything, and from what I’m told, this full version of the recording hasn’t been released publicly.

In this Hunter discusses his relationship with the Mexican drug cartel, The Chinese Ho gone missing, and the Edipus complex and why he hates his mother and wants to kill his father. Seriously people, you should be so pissed this was kept from you. NOT just by MSM, but by DoJ as well. 

The American Awakening 05-26-2021

In tonight’s American Awakening I discuss the emails between Tucker Carlson and Hunter Biden. I also discuss the Project Veritas Facebook memos just released discussing the ‘VH” (Vaccine Hesitancy) algorithms as part of a tactical, coordinated, social engineering operation – DIRECTLY tied to the ShadowNet!
Here is a link the review I showed of Struggle Jennings:
Shut Up N React TV

This one got me MAD!!! Struggle Jennings & Caitlynne Curtis-God We Need You Now(INTENSE REACTION)

Extended Bergy-Bit 20210521 'Dreams & Lies; The Collective Unconscious Will Protect The Righteous.'

In this, “extended” Bergy-Bit edition I discuss the importance of ethical choice and how they can come back to haunt us if we don’t fix the broken ones.

I read page 100 of ‘Victim of the Swamp’ and discuss the post-video release of the John Robert’s, Gillian Turner, FOX News email scandal and corruption in the White House. I also address the issue of why it’s happening, and what we can do about it with some advice I found in a Jordan Peterson interview.

Your support is how I’m able to get this information out. If you haven’t already, please consider contributing to the legal fund or purchase a book, shirt of coffee mug. I was reminded by someone in the chat the other day that Father’s Day is just around the corner.

The American Awakening - Ethics
John Roberts Emails!

In this episode of the American Awakening we discuss ethics “czars” and others whose titles are oxymorons. We also go over the John Roberts emails helping Jones Group International, a DC lobby owned by former Obama National Security Advisor, Gen. James Jones, to get a White House meeting with Gen. Kellogg. Nothing to see here being John’s colleague, Gillian Turner and White House correspondent herself, was the Vice President of Jones Group International. Episode begins about one minute into playback. 

The American Awakening on IRN for Wednesday, April 28th, 2021. 

You can listen to the podcast on every Wednesday at 7pm. 

2021/04/14 – Below is audio for my IRN weekly podcast of The American Awakening. In this installment I played a clip from my Stereo broadcast with Gavin when Tore called in. Which leads me into some independent rappers making some very “woke” music.

The broadcast airs tonight at


Bergy-Bit 20210406

Short discussion about the arrest of Shawn, current attacks and signing a few books. 

THE AMERICAN AWAKENING 04/05/21 – Discussing journalist Shawn Witzemann being called by the FBI to turn himself in for charges surrounding the events of 01/06. Shawn is a founding member, I believe, of the Armenian Council for Truth in Journalism and has a wife and two children. 

We’ll be setting up a fund here on FreedomStream.TV and all monies contributed will go directly to Shawn and his family to help with legal fees. We’re doing this here on FreedomStream.TV becuase GoFundMe and other sites are shutting down fundraising for these types of issues. They shut the Millie Weaver campaign we had in DC last January down immediately. There’s also several other very interesting factors surrounding Shawn’s pending arrest connected to our usual suspects like John Sullivan and Co.

Please keep Shawn and his family in your Prayers. 

THE AMERICAN AWAKENING – Have masks become the new “straws” in the democrats new war on our enviroment? It what will most likely go down in worldwide histroy as the most politically weaponized scam ever, the unfunded mandate of masks will likely equal an enviromental disaster on par with Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska I remember from my youth. 

Cernovitch Blackmail Video
Ali Akbar IIA Confessions

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