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Dan Bongino Ties Ukrainian Influence Operation to Biden and The ShadowNet

Today Dan made the connection to like 5 different people John Solomon wrote about in the Hill, and a few others as well. The connection to all three of these folks and the ShadowNet is not tangential, it is direct and real. All connections Dan made today were to the Atlantic Council, including $25 million in donations to the Atlantic Council from a huge Clinton Foundation donor.

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Two-Year Retrospective on Prediction of Israeli Involvement in DNC Emails

Two-years ago this month Patrick Bergy and Kevin Holly discussed the unfolding scandal behind the DNC emails and Russian collusion. Since then the Mueller indictments have included an Israeli owned corporation, Wikistrat and its sister company, Psy-Group, for suspicion of social media influence operations in the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections.

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