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Time-Traveler Tore Maras Election Fraud Affidavit for Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell's "Time-Traveler" is Tore Maras!

This is the affidavit of Tore Maras that was submitted by Sidney Powell. Tore’s name has been redacted in the filing, which makes me wonder if Sidney Powell didn’t submit it under another name?

Sure reads like Sidney’s time-traveler…

Remember, Patrick Byrne had investigators interview Tore and found she lied all the time and couldn’t be trusted with anything.

Why was Tore’s affidavit submitted to a court knowing she “couldn’t be trusted with anything”?

Tore Maras, Scott Bennett, Patrick Bergy DC Election Fraud Affidavit for Byrne, Powell & Flynn

The following is the combined affidavit’s of Tore Maras, Scott Bennett and Patrick Bergy, submitted or or around late November, early December to Sidney Powell, Patrick Byrne, Joe & Michael Flynn. Millie Weaver and Gavin Wince also contributed to the document.

To the best of Mr. Bergy’s knowledge, only the affidavit of Tore Maras (the one listed above with case number) was submitted in a court filing by Sidney Powell. One way to find out would be to compare the contents of this to the recent Dominion filings, specifically as it relates to “flipping votes” and backdoors.

As you can see, this was basically everything used to falsely  claim the voter fraud used to draw patriots to DC, all put together in one nice package.

I’m not sure if I’d shared this before publicly or if I’d given a copy to Dominion already? 

Notice how Tore made sure Bergy’s affidavit wasn’t included in Sidney Powell’s court filing, and how she literally stole his whistle-blower claims related to Dynology, Cambridge Analytica… 

Nothing Tore included in her affidavit was even remotely verifiable. It was filled with bogus claims of meetings she had in the late 90’s? This woman is an absolute lying grifter that is one of the key people responsible for the abject destruction of Trump’s legacy, and the attempted coup d’état of the United States… by a self-proclaimed time-traveler.

Couldn’t make this stuff up my friends…