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The Ministry Industrial Complex

There are several, “Industrial Complexes” like, The Military Industrial Complex, Social Media Industrial Complex, MSM Industrial Complex… all of them, as a core mission, is in furthering a tactical, coordinated attack on humanity. To fundamentally build a new world Technocracy from data they steal from us under the guise, “greater good,” whatever that actually means? The greater good always seems to be determined by the direction the gun is pointed. ‘Minority Report’ like predictive algorithms use that data to disseminate whatever lie is required to complete the mission or deliverable. 

The lies spread out across our planet at the speed of light like a neural network of our own consciousness, effectively turning earth into a conscious lifeform of its own; a God like power to control…

But I don’t think the real God like’s the “hacking of humankind’s, ‘shadows’,” so to speak and is defending itself. One of the most troubling things I’ve seen in the weaponizing of man, is doing it in His name. Seem’s Biblically to be a big no-no to even the most Biblically illiterate like me, but yet, that’s exactly what I’ve been a witness to and is the worst possible betrayal.

What limits are there on either mankind or our government that would set out to deceive us? I don’t know as though there are any based on what I’ve seen. Journalists are being corrupted and used as a tool by law enforcement with seemingly no concern as to what this does to the integrity of press freedom’s, which are literally protected in our Constitution.

So how far off am I to question if, much like the MSM & Social Media Industrial complex, the Military Industrial Complex are their puppet-masters as well? Or the FBI, would they be prohibited from impersonating a Minister, Pastor or Priest? 

Understanding what your adversary is capable of is the basis of ethical hacking. The best way to prevent someone from hacking your network, is understanding the tools and techniques they use to do it, and this conversation tonight should hopefully help you understand what those moral and ethical boundaries are.