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BERGY-BIT 2021-12-20



BERGY-BIT 7PM TONIGHT! Breaking down Viva & Barnes comments on Bannon, Kolfage, Clinesmith & the Arrest of Millie Weaver.
Additional discussions relating to newly released DM by the BERGY-BIT between suspected J6 agent provocateurs, Jason Funes, Jonathan Lee Riches and Shawn Witzmann, where they discuss their job to “handicap” ShadowGate (me) while in DC immediately following January 6th event. 


Steve Bannon Congressional WITCH HUNT Continues – TRO to SEAL Documents? Viva & Barnes HIGHLIGHT

Ep. 20: Brian Kolfage, Build the Wall INDICTMENT; Spygate PLEA; Millie Weaver UPDATE – Viva & Barnes

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