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Scott Bennett Interviews Bergy on Infowars Lawsuit


Scott Bennett Interview!

Scott sent me this audio file from our interview last week and said post away, so I did. I think you’ll enjoy it. A different perspective of what happened in DC post-election from two people that were there with Patrick Byrne, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn and a cast of MIC contractors, spies and journalists. Hard to tell them apart at times.

Your data privacy, election integrity, job… You have an opportunity to help expose this and stop it. I can’t do this alone. My information is fact-based/fact-witness and forensically verifiable. If you have any questions, I do my best to answer.

Thank-you ALL for your support!

PFC Patrick Bergy

For More Information...

Please follow the link below to view the demand letter, my sworn affidavit and how you can help support the most important trial in our nation.