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Patrick Bergy Amicus Brief Update

HUGE SOFT LAUNCH – Books Going Out!

I have completed a DRAFT of the amicus brief. It will still need to be properly formatted and edited for submitting to several different jurisditions currently involved with civil lawsuits agains President Trump, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Patrick Byrne, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Gen. Michael Flynn, Dominion, Smartmatic,  Alex Jones, Eric Swallwell and the U.S. Supreme Court. That last one is much harder than it looks.

I’m asking for your help with legal expenses, filing fees and such to get the below brief into our judicial system and expose the corruption, fraud, waste and abuse in our government.  You can contribute right here in our FreedomStream.TV shop by making a contribution to the Amicus fund!

We’re also setting up a legal where we’ll be able to provide updates and information shortly! 

There are a lot of people that don’t want this to be heard, just ask journalist Millie Weaver, who was arrested as she was uploading the Shadow-Gate documentary that would have exposed these serious threats to our democratic republic that we witnessed on January 6th in DC. 

I mailed two letters, certified mail thus far. One was to President Trump, and one was to Mayor Rudy Guiliani.

The letters were notification of my intent to submit an amicus brief to a lawsuit they are currently defendants of, in support of the defense. 

Official notice is required by the court, and any response will be included in the filing. 

In the letter I stated a copy of the full brief would be found here. That said, several new, highly significant pieces of evidence from Millie Weaver’s investigative report are highly relevant and must be included. I’m working on getting that done as expeditiously as possible. 

I have included a copy of the signed letter of intent I sent to Mayor Guiliani on the right. The one sent to president Trump, but doesn’t include the request to waive my NDA with the Mayor. I’ll honor whatever his request is, and there isn’t much, if anything, under the NDA would make a significant difference. 

Below are the letters of intent that were mailed. I have received a signed certified mail return receipt only from Mayor Giuliani. 

Below is the DRAFT version. It has not been properly formatted or edited for grammar errors. I put it up soon as I could get a working draft complete. Sorry for the delay. 

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Millie Weaver PSYOP The Steal Report

Please check out Millie Weaver’s report on the January 6th insurrection. While you’re there, please thank them with your support if you can with a Shadow-Gate T-Shirt, hat, poster…

Much of this was recorded while in DC supporting efforts for Mayor Rudy Guiliani to prove President Trump was not responsible for the events of January 6th.

I was there with them, helping as I could to understand who was behind the attack, but the real work here was all Millie, Gavin and myself. Tore was supporting from back home, and dealing with unimaginable personal issue.

The evidence is overwhelming, and at times shocking to learn the threats our country truly faces from both foreign and domestic enemies of America.