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Dan Bongino Ties Ukrainian Influence Operation to Biden and The ShadowNet

If I wasn’t already suffering from male-pattern baldness, I would have pulled every last hair out of my head listening to Dan Bongino today on his daily show. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bongino and have never spoken with him, but I’ve asked numerous people to get him this information, and have continually failed.

Patrick Bergy

Today Dan made the connection to like 5 different people that John Solomon wrote about in the Hill, and a few others as well. The connection to all of these folks and the ShadowNet is not tangential; it’s direct and real. All connections Dan made today were to the Atlantic Council, including $25 million in donations to the Atlantic Council from a huge Clinton Foundation donor.

Ironically, Dan pointed out everyone tied to the Atlantic Council were also tied to Paul Manafort and the Russian dossier, but he missed the most obvious factor, Gen. James Jones. He was the owner of Dynology where I worked building the ShadowNet from 2007-2010, and I answered directly to Jones’ son, Jim. I would be remiss if I failed to mention Paul Manafort was our #1 preferred partner at that time as well. Trust me, that’s just the tip of the Bergy bit, as they say 🙂

When you think about the Ukrainian connections to Biden, Obama, Jones (Obama’s National Security Adviser) and the ShadowNet, you should think about the fact that I recognized a “ShadowNet” like Ukrainian influence operation in 2014 DURING THE MICHAEL BROWN RIOTS! But I digress. See below for yourself, and if you have any way of passing this on to Dan Bongino, I promise you he would love to talk with me. I’ll put a link to his show today, along with some supporting documentation.

This kinda seems to significantly support my connection with the ShadowNet, Paul Manafort, Russian Dossier…
Watch and you will see what I mean…