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Is The “Deep State” Blackmailing Our Justice Department?

Events Suggest The Deep State is Blackmailing Our Justice Department!

The “Deep State” is not some mystical, monolithic cabal that exists within our government and bent on world domination.  I would argue it is a handful of former senior intelligence officials which own privately held corporations that profit from government contracts.  Their power is derived from intelligence data they either obtained during their time as heads of intelligence agencies, and from the government contracts which allow them to collect the intelligence data.  It’s about greed, and nothing else.

As just one of many examples, the private military contracting company, ClearForce, is under the governance of a former National Security Advisor, his son, and former head of the CIA.  The sole purpose of the ClearForce application is to provide companies that have employees with clearances a predictive behavioral threat assessment.  This automated process combines data collected from employees both at work and off.  It uses data collected from social media posts, credit agencies, law enforcement and other “anonymized” sources according to ClearForce’s own website, whatever that means?  My background in intelligence collection suggests anonymized as generally relating to COVERT, or hidden surveillance.

Whether you believe them to be acting nefariously or not, I believe these people jeopardize the integrity of America’s laws, and do so for the purpose of profit.  What if they found out, whether from their previous positions as heads of America’s most powerful intelligence agencies, or through intelligence contracts with their companies, that a current or former Attorney General, Senator, or member of Congress had done something illegal, and used this information to keep them from ever being investigated?  Did they, I have no idea, but could they, absolutely yes they could if they so desired.

During Jeff Sessions recent testimony, he was asked if the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, could investigate himself, which should be a seemingly very simple answer for anyone, NO!  Instead, AG Sessions defended Rosenstein as being a good and honorable man, and left it up to him.

I don’t care how good and honorable you are, the integrity of our entire Justice Department is jeopardized if you allow the head of an intelligence agency to investigate themselves.

Look at the money now retired general Jones made in defense department contracts while he was the NATO Supreme Allied Commander, and as Obama’s National Security Advisor. His family owned defense contracting company made millions of dollars in defense contracts while in office.  Would someone that would do something like that use information he collected to blackmail a sitting Attorney General or head of the FBI to ensure questions were not asked about his business dealings?  I don’t know, but that is why they shouldn’t be allowed to do it, which is the only way you could be sure they wouldn’t.

Our nations only defense from foreign and domestic threats comes from America’s Department of Justice and FBI.  For the Deep State to exist, they must control these organizations from the top.  My case in point would be the testimony before the Senate of both former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

During the Senate testimony of  AG Lynch in the summer of 2016, she was repeatedly asked under oath if it was illegal to knowing divulge Top Secret classified information to someone without the appropriate clearance.  To anyone that holds a clearance, that answer is very simple, with the apparent exception of  then Attorney General Lynch, whom refused to acknowledge it would be illegal after being repeatedly asked under oath.  She was, of course, protecting Hillary Clinton from an email Hillary sent to a staffer that didn’t want to send a classified email on an unclassified network.   This staffer was instructed by Hillary in her email response to simply remove the SECRET classification header from the top of the classified email, and send it to her that way. In case you’re wondering, if something labeled as classified is no longer classified because you have removed the classified label at the top of the page, it is not, and that is TOTALLY illegal.

So when I ask myself why would such highly educated people – the top attorneys in our country – ignore or defend such obviously unethical or criminal behavior?  The only reason I can think of is that someone has information that could destroy their careers or land them in prison, and they’re being blackmailed.  Nothing else makes any sense, and is it so hard to believe?  Our intelligence agencies are out of control with the illegal collection of phone calls, emails and other data.

They justify the warrantless collection of this data to American’s saying it is all carefully controlled through FISA courts, but everyone knows that’s not true, and has witnessed countless times these protocols have been circumvented.   Even if you ignore the mountains of evidence release by Edward Snowden and how it has been abused by our intelligence agencies, the leaks following the election of President Trump is evidence of massive abuse.  Those of you on the left whom think this is all good, should think very carefully, because it will most likely happen to you next time…

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